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    Free recipes to increase sperm production

    What are the best free recipes to increase sperm production

    By On 09/10/2020

    Free recipes to increase sperm production

    How to treat increase the production of sperm naturally by plants? Oligospermia  is a disease that reduces the chances of conceiving in a man. In this article AFRICANDOCTOR offers you free recipes to increase your sperm naturally.


    Our treatment  to increase sperm production

    Free recipes to increase sperm production

    Our treatment is a natural solution that has proven to be effective in many cases. Please be assured that we will provide you with the best treatment based on your case (eg if your oligospermia is due to varicocele ). The duration of your treatment will depend on your case, from 3 months to 6 months. 

    Oligospermia is a disease characterized by a reduced number of sperm released during ejaculation. This condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Provirals and vitamin E are sometimes prescribed by specialists to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everyone. Our natural treatment is safe and very effective. No longer let your couple be devastated by oligospermia. Our remedy is the solution to help you regain your fertility. It is a herbal treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and allow more sperm in the ejaculate.

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    To increase male fertility, eat tomatoes

    Tomato - Bösch Boden Spies

    Tomatoes boost male fertility, according to a new American scientific study. Their main ingredient, lycopene, doesn't just give them a beautiful red color. It also increases the number of sperm by 70%.

    Tomatoes  rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, are said to be a super food for increasing sperm count and improving male fertility, according to the results of a study published in the British online daily Daily Mail.

    Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States analyzed twelve global scientific studies on the health effects of lycopene, the main antioxidant in tomatoes.

    The synthesis of their research reveals that this essential nutrient which gives the color red to the tomato would increase by 70% the number of sperm, improve their mobility and reduce the number of abnormalities.


    The best free recipes to increase sperm production



    spinach increase sperm production

    Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of folic acid. Low levels of folate can be responsible for the production of deformed sperm, for example with two heads and two tails, as well as sperm with chromosomal abnormalities. This means, on the one hand, that the sperm will probably not reach the egg and, on the other hand, that even if it did, it would have a hard time fertilizing it. In addition, although able to fertilize, the risk of birth defects would be high. So this herb to help increased sperm production.



      Ail: best free recipe to increase sperm production

    Garlic is an extremely effective food, used for centuries in the treatment of many ailments, from heart problems to respiratory infections. What many do not know is that it is an excellent aphrodisiac, also useful for increasing semen volume. Garlic contains a compound called allicin, which helps blood flow to the reproductive organs, increases sperm production and increases semen volume.



    planter une noix de muscade​​​​​​​ 

    Another essential element in the production of sperm is omega-3 fatty acids, which nuts are rich in. These are believed to be helpful in increasing sperm count and improving blood circulation.


    Pumpkin seeds

     planter une noix de muscade​​​​​​​

    Pumpkin seeds contain phytosterols, which are known to increase testosterone, as well as fatty acids that improve blood flow to the male genitals. The properties of these seeds thus promote both the number of spermatozoa and the volume of sperm.

     To access our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia click here!
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    To get this treatment, you can either pay directly on the site's herbal supplement (PayPal) for early menopause or contact / WhatsApp our experts @ + 22990431725 for more information.

    We ship worldwide !! Thanks to our partner DHL EXPRESS. In addition, delivery is free and your treatment will be delivered to you within 72 hours. We also have representatives in Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Congo, Central Africa, Niger, Togo and Benin. We give the greatest satisfaction to our patients and support them throughout their treatment period with good health advice.

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    By On 01/09/2020


    Did you know? The average length of a testis or testicle is between 1.8 inches to 2 inches. Like any other body part, the size of testicles, a pair of oval-shaped organs producing sperm, varies from person to person. However, the size of your testicles tells a lot about you. Read on to discover what the size of your testicles says about you and how to increase  them naturally. Clinically, this is called testicular atrophy.


     Just like I wrote earlier on, the average length of a testis or testicle is between 1.8 inches to 2 inches. So, if your testicle size is less than 1.4 inches it is worth the worry. Fortunately, africandoctor's expert have discovered the best natural herb to increase the size of your testicles naturally and without side effect. 


    Image result for traitement naturel plantes drepanocytose

    Our natural remedy to increase the size of the testicles is a herbal tea. This herbal tea contains the best plants in the world to increase the size of your testicles naturally, boost your libido, your manhood and your testosterone. This herbal tea will also improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. Unlike testicular surgery, which can cause a major inflammatory reaction, which leads to loss of the testicle, our herbal tea has no side effects. This will allow you to safely increase your testicle size naturally without side effects. I assure you that as a male sexual health researcher, that our herbal tea to make the testes bigger will work for 95% of men with small testicles. It is indeed very simple to boost your testosterone level, and the benefits are numerous. Increasing your hormones, no matter the age, is doable for everyone.

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    Testicular cancer: Six early signs and symptoms that could indicate you  have the disease |

    Testicles lesser than 1.4 inches can be considered as small, and they indicate low production of the male sex hormone testosterone.

    Oversized testes, on the other hand, hint at over production of this hormone.​

    Clinically speaking, when your testicles do not develop completely or shrink later in life due to various medical reasons including low or no production of male sex hormone, you suffer from hypogonadism. Also, if due to the over-production of testosterone hormone, your testicles become too big, you may be suffering from hypergonadism​.

    READ ALSO: Natural remedy to cure  testicular hydrocele with herbs


    Check Your Balls - Klinefelter Syndrome Test

    Click here for the remedy to increase the size of your testicles naturally.

    According to healthsite "Oversized testicles, which come with symptoms like increased sex drive, early baldness, excessive muscle mass, and persisting acne, may hint at underlying conditions that affect your sexual health significantly".

    Hence, if your testicles are too big, here is what it says:

    • You have high testosterone level which leads to early puberty. This may occur with symptoms like rapid onset of changes in the body related to sexual maturity. Or if it happens after puberty it shows you may suffer heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and high blood pressure.
    • Having oversized testicles shows that you might suffer tumor later. Watch out for symptoms like heaviness in the scrotum and dull ache. A tumor may require surgical removal.

    If your testicles are too small, here is what it says:

    • Your small testicles signify low production of testosterone.
    • It shows you may suffer infertility, absence of secondary sex characteristics(e.g. muscular body, broad shoulders, growth of testicles and pubic hair, broader chest, and chest hair) and other abnormalities.
    • You may also be suffering from mumps orchitis. This is an inflammation of the testicles either cause by a bacteria or virus. This can affect the testosterone production and usually manifests through tenderness in the scrotum, painful urination, blood in semen, etc.

    Click here for the remedy to increase the size of your testicles naturally.

    5 remedies to increase testicle size naturally

    You are already aware from your reading that small testicles means low production of testosterone. Hence, these remedies will help boost your testosterone which will automatically aid in the increase of your testicles. 


    Ginger Png - Ginger Clipart Png - Free Transparent PNG Download - PNGkey

    Ginger may help increase testosterone levels and improve male fertility.  People have used ginger for medicinal and culinary purposes for centuries. Modern research indicates that this root may improve fertility in men.

    According to the findings of a 2012 study, taking a daily ginger supplement for 3 months increased testosterone levels by 17.7 percent in a group of 75 adult male participants with fertility issues. The authors suggested that ginger may also improve sperm health in other ways. Authors of a study from 2013 report that ginger increased testosterone and antioxidant levels in a diabetic rat model in just 30 days.

    Fortified plant milks

    Should you drink soy or cow's milk? Here's what the evidence says. - Vox

    Fortified plant milk is a healthy source of vitamin D. vitamin D is an essential nutrient, and results of a study from 2011 suggest that it may increase testosterone levels in men.It is important to note that the dosage in this study was 3,332 international units (IU) of the vitamin per day, which far exceeds the 400 IU recommended daily for healthy people.

    While sun exposure is one of the best ways to get vitamin D, not everyone can spend enough time outdoors in sunny weather. In the average American diet, fortified foods provide the majority of the vitamin D. Many plant milks, such as those made from almonds, soy, hemp, and flax, contain 25 percent of a person’s vitamin D requirement per serving. However, it is always best to verify nutritional contents by checking labeling.

    Research has put to rest the concern that soy lowers testosterone levels — the bulk of the evidence shows that soy does not have this effect.


    Maca Root Or Peruvian Ginseng With Powder And Mortar Organic Vegetable  Superfood Watercolor Hand Drawn Illustration Isolated On White Background  Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStock

    Maca has an extraordinary result in the testicles, it increases sperm count and prevents testicular and spermatogenic disturbances as a result of exposure to certain compounds or from high altitudes. It also increases testicle weight. The best variety of maca to use in this case is the black variety. 


    The health benefits of onions - BBC Good Food

    Onions may provide many health benefits, from supporting the heart to slimming the waistline. They are also good sources of several nutrients and antioxidants.

    In addition, onions may increase low levels of testosterone. In a 2012 study with a rat model, researchers found that a daily intake of fresh onion juice for 4 weeks significantly increased serum total testosterone levels. However, determining the effects in humans will require further research.

    Avoid Alcohol

    Avoid drinking with non-doctors, Indian Medical Association tells its  members - india news - Hindustan Times

    Moderate amounts of alcohol — such as the occasional glass of red wine — may provide some health benefits. However, drinking too much can reduce fertility in men and women. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism in the U.S. cautions that alcohol use is linked to low testosterone levels and changes in the amounts of other reproductive hormones.

    Are small testes a pointer to male infertility?

    Male infertility symptoms

    Click here for the remedy to increase the size of your testicles naturally.

    Male infertility is described as the inability to effect conception despite one year of regular unprotected intercourse. Fertility in men is a very complex issue and can be caused by very many factors.

    The main broad factors can be genetic abnormalities, hormone abnormalities, abnormalities of the testes and reproductive organs, lifestyle issues such as smoking, cannabis and alcohol, underlying diseases and medications, previous surgery radiotherapy and chemotherapy among others.

    It is vital to note that a lot of times we are not able to pinpoint the actual cause of infertility in a man.

    In conclusion, small testes can also cause infertility due to  low sperm count, poor quality of sperm and low testosterone. 

    Use this natural treatment to increase testicle size naturally to your benefit with just one click!!
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    Penis 1

    Herbal Treatment For Increasing The Size Of The Penis

    By On 20/07/2020

    How can I increase penis size at home?

    Measures to increase the number of male genitals have become increasingly popular every year. However, not every young man can afford an expensive procedure, so you need to look for ways to enlarge your penis online and from other sources. The most common reasons for increasing the size of the penis at home or in the clinic - dissatisfaction with a partner, psychological reasons. 


    Is it possible to increase?

    We will discuss whether to increase the house member. First, you need to decide your size, if the penis is 14-18 centimeters long and 3-4 centimeters in diameter, then the problem is psychological and should not be worried.

    We will learn how to enlarge the penis at home if it was decided to firmly add a few centimeters:

    1. Surgical intervention (quite risky and also quite expensive), so it is better to choose one of the non-surgical methods).
    2. Extender (a special device for enlarging the penis).
    3. Pump (vacuum stretches the fabric).
    4. To enlarge the penis at home, spray or exfoliate (temporarily enlarge the penis).
    5. Massage and masturbation (very similar to each other's methods and based on heating and stretching the tissue structure).





    Penis enlargement

    The herbal treatment will enlarge your penis naturally, sustainably and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). Then trust us! This natural treatment is therefore the secret of many men to naturally enlarge their magic wand. It doesn't matter if you have a tiny penis, our natural treatment will make it grow and grow to your desired size.

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    Do you know how to grow your penis at home?

    Many men are very skeptical that it is possible to get members using the resources available at home. To refute this idea, it is necessary to study in more detail each way to grow a penis at home.

    And then every young man, choosing the right ways to grow his penis at home, acts independently, following the recommendations.



    This is a special ancient technique used in the Middle East. The most famous name is milking technology.

    This means that it is a common massage technique that warms the tissues and makes them stretchy. The effect of manual masculinity, when properly performed, yields significant results and knows how to increase members with home appliances at home. To perform the manipulation, you must first buy a lubricant (preferably with a warming effect) and only then act.

    There are several methods to increase penis size at home. The initiation of labeling should not have the male reproductive organ fully erected. For example, an erection should not exceed 60%. After a few months of intense exercise, the penis enlarges significantly during an erection.


    Exercise to stretch the tissue of the penis

    1. Before enlarging the genitals at home, you need to warm up the member. This is done to increase the elasticity of the tissue. To do this, warm the salt a little and pour it into a woven bag, then add it to the genitals.
    2. After warming up, it is necessary to induce an erection, but it is not necessary to give full force but to excite about half. Be sure to use a special lubricant.
    3. Then you need to squeeze the base of the penis into your fingers and stretch it with your head as if stretching.
    4. It is not worth touching directly on the member's manager. In the first stage, you can start with forty stretches and increase their number to two hundred.



    A very popular method of enlarging the penis at home that does not require any financial costs (probably used by most men). The main advantage of this method is not only to increase the size, but also to increase the potential.

    Before you get your dick big at home, starting with the massage movements, you should warm up your penis. To do this, you need warm herbs and a soft towel.

    Massage techniques for genital enlargement at home are divided into two areas - the effect on the body in an erogenous state and the effect on the relaxed member. All techniques are based on stretching.

    To start the procedure, you need to irritate your body a little and then start to affect it. After reaching the palm of your hand, pull the penis away from you, then pull it in the opposite direction.

    Such activities can be repeated in different directions. You can also stretch your body by turning them counterclockwise.


    Ointments and gels to enhance masculinity

    How else could you increase your cock at home? The pharmaceutical industry does not stand still and gives men more and more opportunities to become members.

    The use of external means makes it possible to achieve a temporary result. The question immediately arises as to why the temporary effect? This is very easy, because after applying the gel to the penis, the blood heats up so that the blood radiates into the organ.

    In addition, the active ingredients are combined to increase activity (most commonly glycine, arginine, ginseng and ginger). Therefore, it is recommended to use this home-based method of increasing membership just before sexual intercourse.

    The duration of the measure is about three hours. As a result, a man achieves an incredible erection, increases to almost half a centimeter in size and increases sensitivity to orgasm.

    For these purposes, Peruvian Maca or Thor hammer drops are perfect. Other equally effective tools include:

    • Lovelace Forte tops popularity;
    • M-16 spray is known to everyone;
    • well-behaved (but no less effective) Tongkat Ali Platinum;
    • as well as just the momentum of Erogan and Sil Maral.



    As it turned out, you still get pleasure. Masturbation is very similar to massage techniques and wrapping. After all, it is also based on heating and stretching the tissue.

    Before enlarging the penis at home, it is recommended to apply lubricant to the body and start masturbating. Then, when a complete erection comes, exercise from the bottom up, close the penis slightly and tighten. You can also lightly squeeze the area near your head, which will increase blood flow.


    Pumps for adding centimeters 

    This is a special device that puts pressure around the penis, thereby increasing blood flow. Consequently, the body becomes stronger due to better blood flow.

    Regular application of this method can enlarge the penis at home by 2-3 centimeters in a few months and make the penis thicker.

    Extension of a house member: video, use of a pump.


    Herbs to increase the size of the penis 

    1. Thyme It improves the condition of the body as a whole and the genitourinary system separately. Inflorescence leaves and stems are used to make healing substances, the roots are not suitable for this purpose. The basic recipe recommends pouring 100 g of thyme into a glass of boiling water. I apply it, cool and drain the liquid in half a glass twice a day.​

         2.  Wormwood. The component composition of the plant inhibits the development of inflammation and has a stimulating effect on the functionality of the circulatory               system, which contributes to its increase. To make the broth, take 5 g of wormwood and pour 1 l of cold water. Boil for 10 minutes, cool, decant and take a glass                     daily. This treatment emphasizes the blood vessels, which results in the penis being stretched and filled with blood.

        3.  Garlic It is considered a recognized aphrodisiac product that is able to increase male libido. In addition, it can be used to effectively grow members at home. The                     product is best used  in the form of a tincture - chopped garlic (10 cloves), pour 0.5 liters of alcohol and mix thoroughly. The mixture is infused for 10 days and 20               drops per month are taken daily4

        4.   Aloe juice A powerful stimulant with a biological process that has a beneficial effect on the body's systems. Enlarging tinctures to enlarge the penis is not too                           complicated. In a suitable container, it is necessary to pour 0.5 liters of high-quality vodka and add a few tablespoons of honey and crushed aloe leaves (500 g). The              tincture is sent to a cool place  for weeks. The finished product is used one hour before a meal 3-4 times a day.




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    Weak 1


    By On 16/07/2020

    Do you have problems with libido or erection? There are natural ways to do this


    According to research, 15 million to 30 million men  have erection problems. That's every third man over 35. Unfortunately, the number of people increases from year to year, and the situation is made worse by the fact that this is a very embarrassing problem and many men are unable to deal with it. Below are natural ways that can improve your sex life.


    Change of diet, giving up addictions, introduction of regular physical activity, Kegel muscle exercises, relaxation - home remedies for potency are many. They will be helpful provided that the man decides to use them systematically.





    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 




    How to improve your erection?

    Erekcja - zaburzenie erekcji. Jak ją wzmocnić?

    More and more men suffer from erection problems which, if neglected, can lead to even a long-term lack of potency. Moderate and regular physical activity significantly increases self-esteem and self-confidence. It also positively affects the human cardiovascular system, improving blood circulation in the pelvic area and facilitating the achievement of an erection. There are many natural ways to improve your erection, which don't require prescription drugs or surgery.  Homemade ways of potency are a good solution for men whose troubles result from an unhealthy lifestyle or psychological stress, and not systemic diseases or changes associated with the aging of the body.



    Homemade ways to potency - herbs


    Natural home remedies for potency are also a wide range of herbal remedies. Herbal medicine uses herbal raw material obtained from such plants as:

    • guarana, 
    • Siberian ginseng roots, 
    • licorice root, 
    • maca,
    • sum, 
    • Brazilian juniper berry, 
    • Damian leaf, 
    • ginkgo, 
    • fireweed, 
    • ground mace, 
    • pumpkin,
    • nut. 


    Some foods are even referred to as "sexual fuel. " Among them we find, among others:

    • oysters,
    • green vegetables (spinach, broccoli etc.),
    • fat fish
    • various types of nuts,
    • strawberries,
    • a glass of red wine.




    Focus Stress Reduction Doctor Palatine, IL - Lotus Wellness Center

    Erection problems also often result from excess stress during the day. Sometimes they are also associated with fears and traumas that we have experienced in the past. In more complex cases it is necessary to undergo psychotherapy. In these less complicated, sometimes home methods are sufficient. The first step should be a change in lifestyle, followed by the fight against fatigue and the reduction of daily stress. If this does not give any results, it is worth consulting a specialist.




    एक्यूप्रेशर थेरेपी..शरीर के इन ...

    You can try to stimulate libido and strengthen potency also by other means at home. It is worth reaching for old techniques, e.g. acupressure, during which the receptors corresponding to particular parts of the body are pressed. Receptors that support potency and improve the work of male genitalia are found on the feet and ears. They need to be pressed for 5 minutes. Water whips directed towards the lower abdomen also cause sex drive. The stream of water that has a stimulating effect should be alternately once warm, once cold. A gentler and cooler spray can be directed to the testicles, especially after a full day of tight pants, in a sitting position. 



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    Sperm morphology

    Food to treat sperm morphology

    By On 14/07/2020

    What is sperm morphology?

    Men do not like to admit that they may have infertility in marriage. But the statistics are cruel - about 40% of infertile couples who have tried unsuccessfully for three or more years to become pregnant deal with male infertility.

    Therefore, if you go to the doctor with complaints that your child is not working, a full and detailed examination is recommended not only of the woman but also of her partner. The main diagnostic method for the stronger sex is the spermogram. This study assesses the number of male heart species, their motility, structural properties and other parameters important for successful fertilization.

    Morphological examination of sperm is one of the important components of a complete diagnosis. Without it, the picture of sperm processes is inaccurate and incomplete. Sperm morphology is performed microscopically. Thanks to modern precision equipment, the doctor distributes all living and theoretically able sperm to become normal and pathological. There are several methods for assessing the morphological characteristics of Zinger. The most common is a study of the so-called Kruger strict criteria.



    How do you test the sperm?

    According to Kruger, sperm are tested for fitness. Breastfeeding, as you know, requires only one healthy and normal sperm, which can penetrate the egg. But when there are more such healthy cells, the chances of having a child increase.

    The Krueger scoring system involves selecting cells according to the following parameters:

    • head width and shape;
    • sperm neck width;
    • tail shape and length;
    • tail, middle and head ratio;
    • germ cell cytoplasmic membrane condition;
    • other structural properties.

    In summary, the Kruger fertility index is always shown. It is expressed as a percentage, and decoding is not even difficult for people who are far from drugs.

    If the cryogenic activity index is shown to be 22%, this means that 22% of the morphologically perfect sperm cathodes were found in the semen sample submitted for analysis. These were the ones who were strictly selected by existing standards and ready for fertilization.

    In these cases, the morphology of a single sperm is not sufficient to determine the true causes of male infertility. Survey indicators may be normal and the concept cannot yet be achieved.

    In order to make the picture more complete, the man may also recommend a so-called mar test.

    This is an immunological study that shows whether these morphologically ideal sperm are exposed to antibodies.

    There are other experiments:

    • The EMIS test makes it possible to assess the functional capacity of male heart meat;
    • sperm biochemistry identifies and corrects errors in male metabolism;
    • DNA fragmentation allows you to genetically evaluate sperm.



    African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

    Oligospermia remedy

    Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamin E are sometimes prescribed by a specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow having more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

    To get access to our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia click here!
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    Normal indicators of sperm morphology

    In general, a man is considered to be naturally capable in its natural state without the intervention of reproductive techniques if:

    • its spermagram contains approximately 20-40 million individuals;
    • the total amount of semen is at least 2 milliliters;
    • sperm which are motile and active, in an amount of at least 25%;
    • if the number of sperm that is not "torn" but moves directly to the target is at least 50% in the straight path.

    This is considered a good sign if at least 15% of healthy, morphologically correct sperm are found in the spermogram.

    The morphological evaluation includes analysis of the structure of germ cells. The criteria for strict Krüger even take into account boundary parameters, which several other methods call normal variants, such as pathology. Even the smallest discrepancy between sperm and the standard immediately leads to the rejection of that cell.

    The ideal sperm must meet several important criteria. Here they are:

    • Head Sperm with normal head morphology always have one head, not two or more. The shape of the head is strictly oval. At least half of the main area should be an acrosome - a small space, an organoid. The normal width of the head is 2.5-3.5 μm, the normal length is considered to be in the range of 4-5.5 μm.
    • Kael. This part of male reproductive cells must not exceed 1 micron in width. The length of the neck should ideally be equal to a value not exceeding the length of one and a half heads. The neck should be at a 90-degree angle to the head, correctly, without visible curves. The neck should be flat.
    • Tail This part of the germ cell should occupy 90% of the total sperm size. The tail should be flat, not convex, not twisted, without tubercles, nodules. It decreases slightly and sharp at the end. In the case of the head, the tail should be 9-10 times larger. The tail of healthy sperm is only one, not two, not three.



    What affects sperm quality?

    Many factors can affect the functioning of the male reproductive system. The main thing is stress. It is noted that by monitoring the daily regimen, increasing physical activity and minimizing the impact of harmful factors on the body, the quality of semen gradually improves. Doctors associate this with the ability of the human body to heal. To this end, they recommend:

    • Choose a living environment with a normal environmental situation.
    • Keep track of the day mode. 
    • Give up any bad habits.
    • Pay attention to the quality of the food.
    • Active lifestyle and regular exercise.

    Following these rules will help to restore sperm indicators in a short period of time, which may include some abnormalities during decoding. If the negative change in sperm was caused by a change in the man's hormonal background, the doctor will order him to take certain medicines that can restore the situation quickly.




    Food that helps to shrink sperm morphology 

    Fruits and vegetables

    How to rid fruits and vegetables of coronavirus? - The Week

    Fruits and vegetables have a profound effect on the health of sperm. Eating omega-3 polyunsaturated fats can improve sperm quality. Parenting is something that not only must the mother prepare for, fathers have an equally important role to play. Infertility is on the rise in modern India. According to statistics, infertility has increased by almost 20 to 30% in the past five years. In men, the quality of the sperm is the main reason for the failure of the impregnation of the partner. Common reasons for male infertility are low sperm count (oligospermia), low sperm motility (asthenospermia), and abnormal sperm morphology (teratospermia). The exact reason for the decline in sperm quality is unclear, but the environmental, nutritional, socio-economic and other factors to appear with recent research.


    Stock up on fruits and vegetables

    15 Long-Lasting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables You Can Stock Up On
    A study by Harvard University found that eating yellow and orange fruits and vegetables had a profound effect on the health of sperm. The yellow and orange color of fruits and vegetables is due to "carotenoids", including beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Sweet potatoes and melons improve both the quantity and quality of sperm, while red vegetables, especially tomatoes, which contain lycopene, improve the amount of abnormally shaped sperm by 8-10%. The hero here was the carrot which increased the motility of the sperm, thereby improving his chances of reaching the egg.


    Control cholesterol

    3 diet changes to help lower cholesterol levels - Harvard Health
    Couples with high cholesterol levels take longer to conceive. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism concluded that couples or one of the partners with high cholesterol had difficulty conceiving compared to other couples. Another longitudinal study on fertility and the environment (LIFE) found that possibly high levels of total cholesterol and free cholesterol are associated with a significantly lower percentage of sperm. So, incorporate these whole grain fibers, whole fruits, and lean vegetable proteins into your daily diet and monitor your lipid profile. Whole grain fibers control your lipid profile. 


    Cut saturated fat

    Eating Right: Cut the saturated fats - Chicago Sun-Times
    Saturated fats not only have a detrimental effect on your heart and waist but are also major contributing factors to low sperm counts. A Harvard study linked saturated fat intake to sperm count, suggesting that even a 5% increase in saturated fat intake could lead to a decrease in sperm count. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School have found that while eating large amounts of saturated fat decreases sperm count and concentration, eating omega-3 polyunsaturated fats improves actually the quality of the sperm. So, savor salmon, almonds, nuts, and chia seeds.



    Protect yourself against oxidative stress (OS):

    OS is directly linked to cell damage caused by free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS). Small amounts of ROS are necessary for the functioning of sperm, but when their number increases and our antioxidant defenses are exceeded, the quality of sperm can be seriously affected. Sperm are unable to repair damage from the bone because they lack the necessary repair systems. Vitamins E, C and carotenoids (vitamin A) are known to neutralize ROS, protecting sperm. Although supplements under the guidance of the doctor can be used when needed, prevention of ROS buildup can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle, including quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The World Health Organization and all health advisories recommend five servings of seasonal fruits and vegetables daily.



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    5 Natural Juices To Treat Testicular Hydrocele

    By On 14/07/2020

    Does Hydrocele change the quality of sperm?


    On the norm, the answer is NO. A hydrocele typically isn't dangerous and usually doesn't affect fertility. But a hydrocele might be associated with an underlying testicular condition that can cause serious complications, including Infection or tumor. Either might reduce sperm production or function.

    Hydrocele, an accumulation of fluid in the scrotum that causes it to swell, is one of the chronic manifestations of LF among men and there are about 27 million men with hydrocele worldwide.



    1. Brief description of the disease
    2. Treatment of testicular hydrocele
    3. Herbal tea for hydrocele
    4. Hydrocele treatment with decoctions and infusions
    5. Juices for the treatment of dropsy of the testicle
    6. Testicular dropsy massage


    The Dropsy of the testicle is a pathological formation. A hydrocele is a disease in which the cavity between the membranes inside the testicle is filled with fluid. If this problem is found, you must consult a doctor who will prescribe treatment. In the early stages, it is recommended to supplement the treatment of dropsy of the testicle in men with folk remedies.


    Brief description of the disease

    Most often, dropsy of the testis is diagnosed in boys during the neonatal period, because the abdominal lumen is not overgrown, by which the testicle is lowered into the scrotum, through which fluid enters the testicle.

    In this case, dropsy passes on its own and does not require treatment. In men, the occurrence of testicular dropsy is a consequence of inflammatory diseases of the scrotum, hormonal disruptions, and trauma to the testicles.

    Sometimes hydrocele leads to a cyst of the spermatic cord - the accumulation of fluid above the testicle in the spermatic cord.

    With the accumulation of serous fluid in the testicles, the scrotum increases in size, discomfort occurs, which increases with movement. Sometimes body temperature may rise.



    Treatment of testicular hydrocele

    Treatment of dropsy of the testicle without surgery in men includes many methods using traditional medicine. All components can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared independently and, following recipes, get rid of the disease.



    African medicinal plants for hydrocele

    Male infertility
    The home remedy for testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, long-lasting and above all, it will save you from having to have an operation. Is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and ointment is very effective. It results in the efficient absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will be felt very quickly. Consequently, you will notice that gradually your testicles will return to normal. It is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid surgery

    To discover our natural remedy for hydrocele, click here!
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    Hydrocele treatment with decoctions and infusions

    An infusion of sweet clover and colts foot will help to cure the dropsy of the testicle. For cooking, you will need 10 g of each herb and 300 ml of boiled water, which is filled with medicinal plants. Insist until cool. Take 30 g five times a day.



    Juices for the treatment of dropsy of the testicle

    Folk remedies, like vegetable juices, are widely used to treat dropsy of the testicle and to strengthen immunity:

    1. Pumpkin juice and pumpkin help remove excess fluid from the body. Drinking 100 ml of juice daily is recommended.
    2. Onion juice is useful as an anti-inflammatory and decongestant. To obtain it, you need to chop onions and sprinkle with sugar, hold for a day in the refrigerator. Received juice to take 2 tbsp. l in the morning on an empty stomach.
    3. Honey with the addition of radish will help to cope with the disease and is a preventive measure. To prepare the drink you will need a large root vegetable radish and 1 tbsp. l honey. In the radish, you need to make a hole and add honey, put in the refrigerator in a saucepan for a day. Received radish juice with honey is used for 1 tbsp. l before each meal.
    4. Cucumber juice will help relieve puffiness and remove papillary pus. You can add carrot or beet juice.
    5. Viburnum juice. Rinse the berries and squeeze the juice, add honey. Take in a warm form.



    Testicular dropsy massage

    Men, Ice Your Balls To Make Babies—and Other Male Fertility Fixes

    Effective massage with dropsy of the testicle. It is necessary to do it in a warm bath or by immersing the scrotum in a basin with warm water. Use three fingers to massage until the testicle swells. The procedure can be performed several times a day.

    You can massage the testicle with a tincture of Kalanchoe leaves. For the treatment of dropsy of the testis, it is recommended to massage with baby cream and tincture of calendula. Mix the ingredients in equal proportions and rub overnight daily for a month.

    Hydrocele or dropsy of the testis in men can be cured using traditional medicine. To do this, you need to do lotions and massage, drink decoctions, infusions and juices. However, before treatment with folk remedies, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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    Stinging nettle 1

    Miracle solution FOR DROPSY OF THE TESTICLES

    By On 13/07/2020

    What it is?


    Experts call the dropsy of the testicle a disease in which there is an accumulation of fluid in the membranes of the body. Because of this, both sides of the testis can increase. The disease causes a man severe pain, discomfort. The disease leads to weakness, dizziness. However, read to the end to discover how home remedies have helped men with hydrocele.





    What are the reasons behind this ailment?

    比命根子長短更重要,「睪丸大小」影響男人性能力!醫師教你用一個手勢 ...

    The disease appears for the following reasons:

    • Inflammation.
    • Violation of the functioning of the genitals.
    • Scrotal injury.
    • Infections
    • Heart disease.



    African medicinal plants for Hydrocele

    Male infertility
    The home remedy for testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, long-lasting and above all, it will save you from having to have an operation. Is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and ointment is very effective. It results in the efficient absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will be felt very quickly. Consequently, you will notice that gradually your testicles will return to normal. It is the perfect solution for those who want to avoid surgery


    To discover our natural remedy for hydrocele, click here!
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    Hydrocele treatment with decoctions and infusions

    Ayurveda can tackle Dengue


    An infusion of sweet clover and coltsfoot will help to cure the dropsy of the testicle. For cooking, you will need 10 g of each herb and 300 ml of boiling water, which is filled with medicinal plants. Insist until cool. Take 30 g five times a day.


    You can be treated with hydrocele with the help of a herbal decoction of sage, blackcurrant leaves, chamomile, and jaundice. Grind the dried grass of each component and pour boiling water. Need 2 tbsp. tablespoons of grass in 500 ml of water. Drink this broth three times a day before meals for a month. It is recommended to repeat a week after a course of treatment.


    Bearberry leaves are an excellent medicinal herb for preparing a decoction, which should be taken 1 l. every day in five sets. The broth should be drunk warm. For one day of treatment, 1 liter is required. cold water and 100 g of leaves that are infused at night.



    Another traditional way to get rid of the dropsy of the testicles is a decoction of the elderberry bark. For harvesting, you will need a young bark (20 g), which must be crushed and filled with 1 liter. boiling water. After placing in the oven and simmer for 5-6 hours. Drink broth every 30 minutes for 100 g. Elderberry bark will turn out to be an effective remedy if you insist on alcohol.

    50 g horseradish pour juice of one lemon, insist and drink daily for 2 tsp. on an empty stomach. Also useful is the infusion of birch leaves and buds, which are taken in a ratio of 2: 1. Pour the mixture with 500 ml of boiling water, insist. Take 100 ml twice a day.


    There is another recipe that means treatment with chamomile flowers. It is advisable to collect the plants yourself. Rinse the flowers with cold water and grind with a blender. Next, the resulting mass is laid out on a gauze bandage, which is applied to the affected area several times a day.



    Another recipe involves the purchase of baby cream and tincture of calendula. You need to mix them in equal proportions. The resulting ointment is rubbed into the affected area once a day before bedtime. The treatment takes at least a month.


    Another remedy involves the use of peas as the main ingredient, but it also has something that may seem strange to those who adhere to the methods of traditional medicine in the treatment. You should take half a large spoon and fill it with half a liter of quality beer, mostly light. Such a tool needs to be insisted for several hours. The container is then put on slow fire, where it must be kept for at least half an hour. When the broth cools down, you can start treatment. Having moistened a gauze bandage in it, you need to attach it to the place where dropsy develops. It is important to fix the bandage on the affected area. The procedure is shown to be repeated twice a day, after waking up and before bedtime. It is necessary to be treated with such lotions for at least a month.



    Patient Testimonials


    Couple African Happy - Free photo on Pixabay

    Maxim, 35 years old: “Recently I began to notice that the scrotum has increased. There was pain, a burning sensation. I did not know how to deal with this, so I turned to a specialist. The doctor said that I have dropsy of the testicle.

    He advised a folk remedy from blueberry leaves. At first, I did not believe that this would help me, but after five days the inflammation disappeared. It has been several days and health has recovered. I am very grateful for this medicine. ”


    African American Couple Kissing Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

    Dimitry, 30 years old: “I was very scared when the scrotum increased in size. I felt pain, burning. I realized that something needs to be done, so I went to the doctor's. He said that I have dropsy of testicles. I was recommended to use parsley medicine. Prepared and applied, as stated in the instructions. It recovered in ten days. "


    Mixed Race Couple Stock Photos And Images - 123RF

    Muslan, 34 years old: “For pain in the scrotum, I immediately went to the doctor. It turned out that I had dropsy of the testicles. The pain was unbearable, the discomfort did not allow to work normally.

    At the hospital, I was advised to use a pea compress. Used the medicine, as stated in the instructions. The pains passed after three days, a few days later I managed to recover.

    I am very grateful for this medicine. Nature has blessed me with an amazing gift, a chance to a peaceful home ” 



    If you found this article useful, drop a comment below.





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    Ol 1

    Herbal Remedies To Treat Oligospermia

    By On 13/07/2020

    How can I improve my sperm quality? 

    Many men ask themselves. The question becomes particularly pressing when there is an unfulfilled desire to have children, when no, too few, too slow, or malformed sperm can be found in the semen. But can you really improve sperm quality? Read here what harms sperm quality, how you can possibly stimulate sperm production and why sometimes only one operation helps.

    How to increase your sperm count and keep it up: lots of great sex ...



    What is wrong with the sperm?

    If you want to improve sperm quality, you should first know where your sperm is failing. Based on the vitality, mobility (motility) and appearance (morphology) of the sperm, doctors can assess the sperm quality and ultimately the fertility (fertility) of the man.

    They should be fast, get on well, be well-formed and swim around in sufficient numbers. With less than 20 million sperm cells per milliliter of seminal fluid, male fertility is considered to be restricted (oligospermia). Slow sperm is an asthenozoospermia, malformed one is a teratozoospermia. If a combination of the three criteria lies, doctors speak of oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT). With azoospermia, no sperm are found in the ejaculate.


    What harms sperm quality?

    Numerous external factors are suspected of affecting male fertility: for example sauna, cycling, cell phone radiation or seat heating in the car? The data situation is inconsistent and the influence of each individual factor cannot be assessed beyond doubt. The following points may stand in the way of improving sperm quality.


    The best production temperature for sperm is a few degrees below body temperature. The veins of the testicles provide cooling. If the testicles are stuck in tight pants or through a lot of sitting, the cooling system may no longer work optimally. Even after a febrile illness, the spermiogram can be worse.

    Way of life

    An unhealthy lifestyle can affect the spermiogram: excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol or drugs (marijuana) reduces the number of sperm. Stress may also harm: If the stress hormone prolactin increases, this can disrupt sperm production. Also, obesity and a poor diet are suspected restrict the functionality of the sperm.

    Environmental influences and pollutants

    Fertility-damaging chemicals and pollutants include plasticizers and pesticides (pesticides) as well as polychlorinated biphenyls, plant substances and hormones enriched in the environment.


    Taking anabolic steroids to build muscle, but also antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure and gastrointestinal agents have a negative impact on sperm quality.


    Mumps ( mumps orchitis), infection with chlamydia, bacteria in the ejaculate, congenital malformation (e.g. undescended testicles ), hormone deficiency, genetic abnormalities (e.g. Klinefelter syndrome ), tumor diseases as well as operations and injuries may result in poor semen quality or block transport routes.


    Age is also a limiting factor for men. From the age of 40 the semen quality slowly decreases, the sperm become slower, less and collect more chromosome damage or genetic defects.


    African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

    Oligospermia remedy

    Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamine E are sometimes prescribed by specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow to have more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

    To get access to our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia click here!
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    Improve sperm quality with maca?

    The Benefits of Maca for Male Fertility -

    The maca plant ( Lepidium meyenii ), a medicinal plant from the Andes, is said to promote fertility and libido and improve sperm quality. You can buy them in this country as a tablet or powder. In a Peruvian study, the amount and mobility of sperm increased in men who had taken between 1.5 and 3 grams of MACA daily as a tablet for four months. Due to the limited data available, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment cannot say how much maca-containing dietary supplements you can safely consume.


    Improve sperm quality with these tips

    Especially with a mediocre spermiogram, it is advisable to check the current lifestyle and try a few things. Perhaps you can improve sperm production and increase sperm count until the next examination.

    Improving sperm quality can possibly succeed with the following tips:

    • Moderate alcohol consumption
    • Refrain from nicotine, drugs or anabolic steroids
    • Check medication intake and possibly discontinue after consultation with a doctor
    • Diet rich in vitamins and minerals: lots of fruits, vegetables (from organic cultivation for less pesticide exposure), whole grains, fish, nuts, low-fat foods
    • Reduce overweight and underweight
    • Regular exercise ( jogging, swimming )
    • Reduce stress
    • No testicular overheating
    • Avoid contact with pollutants

    Improving sperm quality also works with sex: about once or twice a week seems optimal. The immune system breaks down the sperm cells at longer intervals, and the amount of ejaculate decreases if the ejaculation is too frequent.




    Natural Herbs For Men To Increase Sperm Quality


    • Bee pollen

    Bee Pollen Health Benefits + Side Effects, Dosage & Reviews ...

    It would also be worth trying (but much cheaper) to take a pollen cure. Many naturopaths recommend this for problems with sperm because pollen contains around 100 biological substances - including a number of the above-mentioned amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, but here in a natural composition.

    • Nettle seeds

    Nettle Seed with Calyx - Oshala Farm

    Many also swear by nettle seeds (2 tablespoons twice a day) - an insider tip from the Alpine countries: the farmers there believe that the tough and fertile herb transfers its powers to humans. Doctors see this somewhat more soberly: The seeds are rich in tocopherols, which are contained in vitamin E, the "fertility vitamin". Therefore, they could help men to produce more sperm.

    • Herbal tea

    Herbal tea: Which is the brew for you? - Adventure Travel Tips ...

    The naturopath Margret Madjeski recommends the following tea to stimulate sperm formation:

    Mix the angelica, nettle and lovage root in equal parts with the male loyalty and parsnip.
    Scald two teaspoons per cup and brew for 10 to 15 minutes; Two cups a day for at least six weeks.

    • Homeopathy:

    How homeopathy helps | Homeopathy UK

    To increase sperm production, homeopaths often give the preparation Testes comp. (Fa. Wala), which is supposed to stimulate the activity of the male gonads (let 2 x 10 globules dissolve under the tongue every day).




    To get access to our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia click here!
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    Oligospermia 1024x1024

    Highly effective tips to get rid of oligospermia naturally

    By On 11/07/2020

    The average sperm concentration in men of childbearing age is decreasing: in fact, it is estimated that 4 in 10 men are affected by poor sperm quality.
    According to what emerges from a study by the European Society of Embryology of Human Reproduction, only 1 in 4 men has a quality of sperm deemed "excellent", in 20/30% of men of reproductive age the quality is discreet "while in 10/15% of cases the quality is judged to be on the verge of infertility.


    African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

    Oligospermia remedy

    Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamin E are sometimes prescribed by a specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow having more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

    To get access to our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia, click here!
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    What is the quality of male semen?

    Semen and sperm quality and male fertility

    According to the parameters of the WHO, the World Health Organization, the normal concentration of sperm is 15 million per milliliter. Under this concentration, we speak of oligospermia.
    But it is not only the quantity that defines the quality of the male costume.

    The spermiogram is the analysis of the seminal fluid and is used to highlight the different components and the different characteristics of the sperm in order to make a judgment on the fertility and the health of the whole genital system. The most commonly measured parameters are:

    •  pH
    •  viscosity
    •  fluidization time
    •  the number of sperm per ml
    •  the percentage of normal shapes
    •  the percentage of motility of the spermatozoa
    •  the concentration of leukocytes

    We are talking about:

    -aspermia: if there is no seminal fluid

    -hypospermia: if the volume of the ejaculate is less than 2 ml

    -hyperspermia: if the volume of ejaculate is greater than 6 ml

    -azoospermia: if there is no semen in the seminal fluid

    -oligospermia: if the number of spermatozoa is less than 15,000,000 per ml of sperm

    -asthenozoospermia: if the motility is less than 50% of the total number of sperm

    -teratozoospermia: when sperm but formed exceeds 50%


    What are the causes of poor seed quality?

    Low Sperm Count: Causes, Signs, Treatment, Pregnancy Chances

    Causes that can affect the quality of male sperm:

    -The use of drugs, alcohol abuse and stress affects the quality of sperm.

    -The increasingly polluted environment and contact with harmful chemicals have effects on fertility: certain types of plastics, pesticides, and nitrates, the so-called endocrine disruptors, can cause fertility problems.

    - Poor lifestyles, such as smoking, lead to a deterioration in the quality of semen. According to a study by the University of Siena and Catania, the sperm of smokers who come into contact with the typical substances that make up cigarettes for 24 hours are immobilized and even their DNA is irreparably compromised and damaged. Even the promiscuous lifestyle, with unprotected sex, leads to the spread of infections, which can harm male fertility.

    - HEAT – Sitting for a long time, taking hot baths or saunas several times, wearing too hot or too tight clothes can cause the scrotum to overheat, which leads to a decrease in the number of sperm and therefore limited fertility.



    The most effective remedies for poor sperm quality

    Must Do Things For Healthy Sexual Life For Men Suggested By ...

    Thanks to new and increasingly specific tests, regaining fertility is within the reach of almost everyone, following targeted treatments recommended infertility centers. Often, it is enough to change habits and acquire a healthier lifestyle to regain complete reproductive health.

    - FREQUENT INTERCOURSE - Dr. David Greening of the Australian Center for Artificial Insemination examined the seminal fluid of 118 men with abnormal sperm DNA, asking them to have sex every day for a week. The quality of seminal fluid has increased significantly. Having a lot of sex in these men has also helped to improve the mobility of their sperm: another key and fundamental factor for fertilization. LESS SPERM BUT MORE MOBILE - Although daily intercourse reduces the amount of sperm produced, it improves their reproductive quality.

    -OMEGA 3 - The presence of this fatty acid in a man's diet increases the presence and amount of sperm of normal form in his sperm by 3% compared to those who do not use it.

    - FERTILITY REGIME - According to Zita West, antioxidants play a key role in ensuring sperm health and the quality of all sperm. Among the foods particularly rich in this sense, there are foods rich in vitamin C such as citrus fruits, berries, and green leafy vegetables, but also those with a selenium subscriber, such as lamb, turkey and Salmon. Nuts and seeds contain vitamin E, while coenzyme Q10 is provided by beef, chicken, trout, and oranges. Lycopene is found in tomatoes, while zinc is found mainly in meat, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and nut dishes.


    The relationship between the father's nutrition and children's health

    Rather, a study by the University of New South Wales in Sydney, published in the journal Nature, suggested the relationship between nutrition and the paternal health of children. And to demonstrate the validity of their thesis, the scientists paired male rats, fed exclusively on foods rich in fat, with healthy females, then by monitoring the health of the female puppies: they discovered that the "girls" developed diabetes before reaching puberty and the blood glucose concentration was double that of children born to other males. Not just that. Insulin production (the hormone that regulates blood sugar) was also altered since the value reached was half the normal value.

    A fertility aid

    It is estimated that about 1/3 of men defined as "infertile", subject to adequate care, manage to conceive a child naturally.

    The remaining cases can resort to assisted fertilization and, by collecting the sperm directly from the testicle and injecting it inside the ovum, it is possible to realize the dream of becoming a parent even for the men once considered completely sterile.

    Only in 3% of infertile men, who are diagnosed with complete azoospermia (lack of sperm production), it will be necessary to resort to heterologous fertilization with sperm donation by an external subject.

    Read also: Oligospermia: causes, symptoms, diagnostic, medical and natural treatments
                          Oligospermia: Lifestyle and 5 natural remedies to regain fertility



    To get access to our natural treatment for oligospermia and oligozoospermia, click here!

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    How Testicular Cancer Affects Fertility

    By On 06/07/2020

    5 things every man should know about testicles

    The testicles are crucial for sexual health and fertility, which is why they need special attention. Here's what you need to know…



    The testicles are oval-shaped organs that produce testosterone, a hormone that is involved in all types of the functioning of the male body. Testosterone plays an important role in the formation of sperm, which is produced in the tube inside the testicles. The epididymis is a tube, which is located on the back of each testicle and transmits and stores sperm cells and is the place where spermatozoa mature. The scrotum is a loose "bag" on the skin that holds the testicles, and their role is to protect the testicles by regulating their temperature and removing them from danger.




    On average, the testicles are about 5 cm long and 2.54 cm wide. It is completely normal for them to be of different dimensions or for one to be lower than the other testicle or for them to be one behind the other. In most men, the right testicle is slightly larger, and the left one hangs lower than the right one.




    There are two conditions that you should pay attention to and consult a doctor immediately. If you feel a sudden, painful swelling in the testicles, you may have torsion of the testicles, ie it is possible that they have twisted. Torsion can occur after some trauma, and some people are simply born with testicles, which rotate more freely. You should definitely consult a doctor because torsion usually requires surgery. Another appeal is inflammation, swelling, or tenderness of your testicles, which can lead to chlamydia.




    As for the overall health of your body, it is important to live a healthy life. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, and increase your intake of food, which is rich in antioxidants. Alcohol use can reduce testosterone levels and sperm production. It can also cause erectile dysfunction. Smoking is also associated with decreased sperm count. Fertility can be affected by both stress and obesity. Also, activities that warm your testicles, such as cycling and frequent use of the sauna, can reduce the number of your sperm.




    The probability that a man will get testicular cancer is 1 in 270. It most often occurs in young and middle-aged men. The probability that cancer will be successfully cured is higher if the disease is detected early, so it is important that you perform a self-examination once a month. While you are in the shower, feel your testicles and if you notice any changes, consult a doctor. Lumps, change in size, shape, swelling, pain is symptoms that you must not ignore. 





    Huge Tree Root High Up In Towards Sky Stock Photo - Download Image ...

    We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.





    One in six couples has problems with pregnancy, or with maintaining pregnancy. The same percentage of reasons can be in men and women. Specifically, in one-third of cases, the reasons lie infertility problems in men; in one-third in women; in the remaining cases (also one third) the reasons lie in a combination of factors in both partners - or there is simply no medical explanation.

    If after a year of regular sexual intercourse (2-4 times a month) you are still not pregnant, it is recommended that you visit a gynecologist who will advise you whether you and your partner need to do tests.

    Most (two thirds) couples who have a problem with conception will be able to conceive after appropriate analyzes and treatments - which can be very simple (change of diet, for example) but of course, can also require interventions such as artificial insemination.

    So just be patient and brave! In this article, we will deal with potential infertility problems in men. Remember that the word "infertility" does not mean "complete inability to remain pregnant", but is defined as "absence of pregnancy after one year of sexual intercourse without the use of contraception". Only in a very, very small number of cases is a man completely sterile or a woman has a problem that completely prevents her from remaining pregnant. "Infertility" is not the same as "sterility"!




    Diagnosis, treatment, and survival

    Diagnosing testicular cancer usually involves both a scan and a blood test. The presence of a mass in or on the testis can be determined by ultrasound examination, while blood tests look for various tumor markers (including alpha-fetoprotein, human chorionic gonadotropin, and lactate dehydrogenase).

    Other screening methods such as chest X-rays and CT scans are used to determine the stage (or rate of spread) of cancer, and the stage then determines what treatment is needed. If the cancer is found only in the testicle, then removal of the testicle (called orchidectomy) is often the only necessary treatment. If cancer has spread beyond the testicles, to lymph nodes or organs (such as the lungs, liver or brain), then chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy may be necessary. Removal of a single testicle does not affect fertility or the production of male hormones, but chemotherapy and radiotherapy can temporarily or permanently reduce sperm count.




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    How To Stop Testicular Cancer Very Fast With Amazing Plants

    By On 06/07/2020

    What is it all about?

    The testicles or testicles are two glands inside the scrotum (scrotum, a loose skin sac under the penis). Sperm and the hormone testosterone are produced in the testicles.

    Testicular cancer is the most common cancer in men aged 15 to 34. The two main types of testicular tumors are seminomas and nonseminomas. Nonseminomas tend to grow and spread faster than seminomas.



    The most common symptoms of testicular cancer

    Often a clear symptom is any change in the testicle that can be felt. "If you notice any abnormality on the testicle, it is good to contact a family doctor and then a urologist," said Dr. Gamulin, adding: "The second most common symptom is back pain, I emphasize this because a testicular tumor can be small and unrecognized. , and the nodules in the back can grow to a size that puts pressure on the nerve joints and thus creates pain. Unfortunately, often such patients wander around the surgeries 3-4 months before they are diagnosed which in turn gives the tumor enough time to expand to the lungs, and then there is no cure. "

    The most common sign of testicular cancer is a nodule or swelling in the testicle. Most testicular cancer can be cured, even if it is diagnosed at an advanced stage.

    Treating testicular cancer can cause infertility, reducing the amount of sperm that builds up in the testicles. Men who want to have children can store sperm in a "sperm bank" before starting treatment.





    After testicular cancer is diagnosed, tests are performed to determine if the cancer cells have spread inside the testicles or to other parts of the body.

    The process used to detect the spread of cancer inside the testicles or to other parts of the body is called staging. Information gathered from the grading process determines the degree or stage of the disease. It is important to know the stage in order to plan treatment.

    The following tests and procedures can be used in the process of determining the stage of testicular cancer:

    Chest X-ray:  X-ray image of organs and bones inside the chest. An X-ray is a type of energy ray that can pass through the body and onto a film, creating an image of an area inside the body.

    CT scan-computed tomography: A  procedure that makes a series of detailed images of the body, obtained from different angles. The images were taken using computers connected to an X-ray machine. A contrast agent or "dye" can also be given to the patient, which can be injected into a vein or swallowed to show the organs or tissues more clearly. CT is also called computed axial tomography (CAT).

    PET scan - a  procedure for finding malignant tumor cells in the body. A small amount of radioactive glucose (sugar) is injected into a vein. The PET scanner rotates around the body and creates an image where glucose is used in the body. Malignant tumor cells show a brighter picture because they are more active and consume more glucose than normal cells. PET scan and CT scan can be done at the same time. This is called PET-CT.

    MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): A  procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to obtain a series of detailed images of areas within the body. This procedure is also called nuclear magnetic resonance (NMRI).

    Abdominal lymph node dissection: A  surgical procedure in which the lymph nodes in the abdomen are removed and a tissue sample is checked under a microscope for signs of cancer. This procedure is also called a lymphadenectomy. For patients with nonseminoma, removal of the lymph nodes can help stop the spread of the disease. Cancer cells in the lymph nodes of patients with seminoma can be treated with radiation.

    Serum tumor marker test: A  procedure in which a blood sample is tested to measure amounts of certain substances, such as CA 19-9, and carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA), that are released into the blood by organs, tissues, or tumor cells in the body. Certain substances are associated with certain types of cancer when they are found in increased levels in the blood. They are called tumor markers. The following tumor markers are used to determine the stage of testicular cancer:

    • Alfa-fetoprotein (AFP)
    • Beta- HCG (humani korionski gonadotropin)
    • Lactate dehydrogenase (LDH).

    The level of tumor markers is measured before therapy and after inguinal orchidectomy and biopsy, which helps determine the stage of cancer. If the markers are elevated even after that, they are an indication that the cancer is still present in the body and that additional therapies are needed. Tumor marker levels are also measured during follow-up of patients after therapy as a way to check for cancer recurrence.




    Huge Tree Root High Up In Towards Sky Stock Photo - Download Image ...

    We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.



    What is important to know about testicular cancer?

    "It is a disease that is biologically well curable if detected at an early stage, by palpation of the testicles, especially in the younger population. Testicular cancer is a rare tumor and accounts for 1 percent of tumors in all men but is common at a younger age. The good news is that is, although malignant if detected at an early stage, testicular cancer is curable in more than 95 percent of cases. "




    Do you know the herbs that help to fight testicular cancer?


    Graviola - nutrientes, benefícios - Frutas - InfoEscola

    Graviola (Annona muricata) is an evergreen plant native to Central and South America that has a sweet fruit from which juice is often made. Recently, it has been talked about more and more because of a series of scientific evidence about its effectiveness in the fight against cancer.



    Kissed under the mistletoe? Gross! The not-so romantic origins of ...

    Mistletoe is a semi-parasitic plant that has been used for centuries in the treatment of various diseases and is also one of the most researched KAM therapies for cancer. In cancer therapy, mistletoe has shown a number of beneficial effects - immune stimulation, heat regulation, improving general condition and workability, improving appetite and sleep, relieving tumor pain, stimulating bone marrow function, and better toleration of chemotherapy.


    Beta-glucan (immunoglucan)

    Beta glucan: Why it's benefits are not to be missed

    Beta-glucan is a polysaccharide that has an amazing ability to activate the immune system. Oyster mushrooms are a natural source of beta-glucan, but in order for it to be active in the human body, it must be isolated from the fungus and purified. As long as it is bound in the cell walls of the fungus to other saccharides, proteins, and fatty acids, its ability to activate immune system cells is reduced. Glucan works by stimulating several immune system cells: macrophages (destroyers of foreign bodies such as viruses, bacteria, molds, and toxins), leukocytes, and NK cells that kill cancer cells.


    Aloe vera

    7 Amazing Uses for Aloe Vera

    In addition to numerous health benefits, aloe vera has recently been increasingly mentioned in the context of cancer treatment, although there is no solid scientific evidence for this. There are promising research results: for example, one study showed that aloe vera extract - emodin can block the growth of cancer cells on the head and neck in test tubes, and another that aneroid - a compound found in aloe vera juice - in test tubes can stimulate the immune system to produce cancer-killing chemicals. One compound from aloe vera has been shown to be effective in test tubes in stopping the development of leukemia cells. Some studies have shown a positive effect of this plant in the treatment of skin cancer in mice, but in one study, some aloe products increased the number of skin cancer cells in mice.


    Apricot seeds

    Kitchen Garden Apricot Kernels: Raw, Local, Organic & Non-GM ...

    In recent years, apricot seeds have often been recommended as an anti-cancer drug because they contain vitamin B17 (amygdalin), which attacks cancer cells, but there is no scientific evidence for this. On the other hand, consuming apricot kernels can be dangerous and cause potentially fatal cyanide poisoning. This has been confirmed by the European Food Safety Authority, which warns that due to the chemical compound amygdalin, which turns into cyanide after contact with stomach acid, a single consumption of more than half of one large or three small raw apricot kernels can exceed the safety limit for adults. while for children the limit is one small stone. And those who promote them as an aid in the fight against cancer recommend an intake of 10 to 60 seeds a day for sufferers.



    Household treasures: Papayas, antioxidants and nourishments

    Dried papaya leaf extract has been proven to have an anti-cancer effect, against a wide range of tumors, including cervical, breast, liver, lung, and pancreatic cancers. A study published a few years ago in the journal Journal of Ethnopharmacology found that papaya leaf extract increases the production of Th1 cytokine molecules, which help regulate the immune system, so it is thought that using papaya can help the body overcome cancer with its own immune system.


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    Testicular Cancer- Stages and Herbal Treatment

    By On 06/07/2020

    What is the Testicle?

    The testicles (also called rats) are part of the male reproductive system. These two organs are located in a skin pouch called the scrotum, slightly smaller than the golf ball in adult men. The scrotum hangs on both sides of the penis.

    The testicles produce the male hormone testosterone and sperm. Sperm cells carry the fluid produced by the prostate gland to the semen through the sperm canal. During ejaculation, sperm cells, sperm sac fluid, and prostatic fluid enter the urinary tract. Both urine and sperm are excreted through the canal located in the center of the penis.

    The testicles consist of several different cells. Each can develop different types of cancer. It is important to differentiate these cancer types from each other because of the course of cancer and the way of treatment.  




    What are the signs and symptoms of testicular cancer?

    • One mass or swelling in both testicles
    • A feeling of heaviness in the scrotum (testicle bag)
    • Mild pain in the abdomen or groin
    • Sudden fluid collection in the scrotum
    • Pain or discomfort in a testicle or scrotum
    • Swelling or tenderness of the breasts
    • Back pain.


    What are the risk factors for testicular cancer?

    • Undescended testicle (cryptorchidism ). The testicles form in the abdomen during development in the fetal state and usually descend into the scrotum before birth. Men with an undescended testicle are at higher risk of testicular cancer than men who normally descend. Although the testicle is surgically placed in the scrotum, the risk is high.

    However, the majority of men with testicular cancer do not have an undescended testicle history.

    • Abnormal testicle development. Conditions that cause abnormal development of testicles, such as Klinefelter syndrome, may increase your risk of testicular cancer
    • Family history. If family members get testicular cancer, you're at higher risk.
    • Age.  It affects adolescents and young men, especially those aged 15 to 35. However, it can occur at any age.
    • It is more common in white race members than black people.



    How is testicular cancer diagnosed?

    In some cases, men discover involuntarily the tumor with the testicle themselves while men involuntarily or manually examine it. In other cases, your doctor may detect a mass during a routine physical exam.

    To determine if a mass is a cancer, your doctor may recommend the following:

    • The testicle ultrasound test creates an image of the scrotum and testicles using sound waves. During the ultrasound, you lie on your back and open your legs. Your doctor will then apply a clear gel to your scrotum. A hand-held probe is moved over your scrotum to get an ultrasound image.

    An ultrasound test can help your doctor determine the nature of testicular masses by providing information such as whether the masses are solid or liquid-filled. Ultrasound also shows your doctor whether the masses are inside or outside the testicle.

    • Blood tests. Your doctor may order tests to determine the levels of tumor markers in your blood. Tumor markers are substances that are found under normal conditions in the blood, but in some cases, including testicular cancer, their levels may increase. Having a high tumor marker in your blood doesn't mean you have cancer, but it can help your doctor determine your diagnosis.
    • Surgery of the testicle removal (radical inguinal orchiectomy) If it is determined that the mass in your testicle may be cancerous, surgical intervention may be recommended to remove the testicle. Your testicle will be analyzed to determine if the lump is cancerous, and if so, what type of cancer it is.





    Huge Tree Root High Up In Towards Sky Stock Photo - Download Image ...

    We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.





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    Do You Know The Amazing Nutrients For Testicular Cancer?

    By On 04/07/2020


    Testicular cancer is a rare disease that accounts for about 1% of all malignancies in men. Despite the low overall incidence of testicular cancer, it is the most common type of cancer among young men. Its frequency has been increasing since 1970 in many Western countries, including Bulgaria. Higher frequencies have been found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe - especially in Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Norway.

    Enlargement of one of the testicles is one of the common symptoms of cancer. In the early stages, symptoms of pain and discomfort are usually absent.




    What are the risk factors for testicular cancer?

    High maternal body weight and increased estrogen exposure in the womb have been reported as predisposing factors for the development of testicular cancer. Some studies show that men whose mothers give birth at an older age have an increased risk of testicular cancer, which is probably due to increased maternal estrogen levels during pregnancy.

    Lifestyle and occupational exposure that occur later in life may also play a role in promoting the disease.


    The mother's overweight leads to higher estrogen levels, which affect the fetus through the placenta. Other risk factors may include:

    • White race
    • family history of testicular cancer
    • cryptorchidism in early childhood
    • family history of testicular cancer
    • a viral infection affecting the testicles (mumps)
    • injury to the scrotum

    Treatment for testicular cancer usually involves a combination of chemotherapy and surgery (inguinal orchiectomy), with therapy largely determined by the stage and type of malignancy.





    Huge Tree Root High Up In Towards Sky Stock Photo - Download Image ...

    We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.




    What can you do to reduce the risk of testicular cancer?

    One cannot change the fact that one has had cancer. Many people faced with this diagnosis focus on their health in a way they have not thought of in the past. Most people want to know if specific changes and measures can reduce the risk of relapse. Unfortunately, for most cancers, there is little solid evidence to point people to specific tools and methods. This does not mean that nothing will help - it's just an area that continues to be studied on a daily basis.

    What everyone can change is their lifestyle and diet - a solution that will help them feel good and be healthier. Some people start during cancer treatment.




    Nutrition helps to fight against testicular cancer

    One of the best things you can do after cancer treatment is to put your eating habits in place. You may be surprised at the long-term benefits of some simple changes, such as increasing the proportion of healthy foods you eat.

    Proper nutrition, in fact, can be a difficult endeavor, especially during or after cancer treatment, when taste sensations may be altered, and sometimes there may be nausea. If you have such problems, it may be helpful to eat every 2-3 hours in small portions until improvement occurs.

    Let's look at the nutrients that helps to fight against testicular cancer

    Garlic Onions and Chives

    The Wonderful World of Alliums - The FruitGuys

    These contain allyl sulfides, which have antibiotic, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties. Because some scientists suggest the involvement of an infectious agent in the development of cancer, this makes these products an appropriate remedy.


    TikTok videos show how to remove worms from strawberries with salt ...

    It contains ellagic acid, which protects the body's genetic material from damage by carcinogens.

    Green and black tea

    Primary Differences between Darjeeling Green Tea & Black Tea ...

    They contain polyphenols (natural plant ingredients), which have powerful antioxidant and anti-cancer effects. Flavonoids (a type of polyphenols) are also found in apples and onions, which have similar anti-cancer effects. Adequate daily intake of polyphenols and flavonoids for this purpose will be about 4 cups of tea, apple, and 1/8 of an onion.


    Health Benefits of Turmeric

    Is a spice containing curcumin - a compound with powerful anti-inflammatory action. Curcumin can be effective in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. It has powerful antioxidant effects and protects the liver from damage by drugs and chemicals. Cumin also has similar properties.

    Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower.

    The Cruciferous Advantage |

    These vegetables are high in indole, sulfoxide, and 5-methyl-methionine, which have powerful anti-cancer effects. In addition, the consumption of these foods helps to improve liver detoxification. Broccoli has an anti-cancer effect through its sulforaphane, which has been shown to inhibit tumor growth in mice. Green foods are also rich in folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

    Citrus fruits.

    7 Citrus Fruits You Must Try This Summer: From Blood Orange to ...

    They contain not only a lot of vitamin C, but also many bioflavonoids, including quercetin and limonoids. High doses of vitamin C and bioflavonoids have antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and anti-cancer effects. Red grapefruit is a citrus rich in lycopene - an antioxidant similar to beta-carotene, which has powerful anti-cancer properties.

    Flaxseed, hemp seed oil, and oily fish (salmon, catfish, mackerel, and trout) are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as soluble fiber with anti-inflammatory effect and, can counteract the carcinogenic effects of some substances.

    Tomatoes are rich in lycopene.

    Tomatoes 101: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

    A recent study in Italy found that people who ate seven or more servings a week of raw tomatoes had a 60% lower risk of developing cancer of the stomach, colon, and rectum than those who ate two. or fewer servings per week.

    Carrots and carrot juice

    Carrots Nutrition, Health Benefits, Recipes and Carrot Juice - Dr. Axe

    They are rich in beta-carotene - an antioxidant with powerful anti-cancer effects.

    Sweet red peppers

    Red Bell Pepper: Sweet Classic Flavor & Color

    They are useful in the fight against cancer because they are high in lycopene. Hot peppers, on the other hand, contain capsaicin, which is a phytochemical capable of neutralizing certain carcinogenic chemicals such as nitrosamines.


    Rosemary - Wikipedia

    This is an aromatic herb with strong protective properties. Animal studies show that consuming small amounts of rosemary reduces the risk of cancer. An easy way to include it in your daily menu is to add it to your food.






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    Testicular Cancer- Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Natural Treatment

    By On 04/07/2020


    Testicular cancer starts in the testicles and can spread to other parts of the body. It is a rare type of cancer that is the most common malignancy in the United States in men between the ages of XNUMX and XNUMX. The testicles in the testicle under the penis produce a variety of male hormones and sperm. However, testicular cancer is very treatable even if it metastasizes to other organs. This article focuses on the information you need about testicular cancer, its risk factors, cause, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.




    How common is testicular cancer?

    According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 2020 men will die of testicular cancer in the United States in 440. Similarly, there are 9,610 new cases this year. Approximately one in 1 person develops the disease at some point in their lives. Most people get diagnosed at an average age of 250. The risk of dying from testicular cancer is 33 to 1.




    What is the cause of testicular cancer?

    Researchers do not know the exact cause of testicular cancer, except that some cells begin to grow and multiply out of control, forming a tumor. The disease can also spread to other tissues. Most types of testicular cancer originate in the germ cells, which are responsible for the production of immature sperm. It is not clear why some of them are getting out of control. However, risk factors for testicular cancer appear to increase a person's chances of developing the disease.




    Can you diagnose testicular cancer early?

    Yes. Testicular cancer usually causes early symptoms that make men seek medical attention and attention early on. It usually manifests as swelling in the testicle or testicles. Although some types of testicular cancer are asymptomatic until later stages, they are usually highly treatable even at a higher stage. Most doctors recommend that testicular screening for testicular cancer be used in all clinical trials.






    Huge Tree Root High Up In Towards Sky Stock Photo - Download Image ...

    We offer here a mixture of seeds, roots, and bark from Africa which prevent and cure all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, cancer of the liver, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, cervical cancer uterus, kidney cancer, ovarian cancer) and cardiovascular disease. These plants are very little known to scientists and they have extraordinary qualities against cancer. Their use of cancer is much more effective than chemotherapy.





    Diagnosis of testicular cancer

    Most people have symptoms that suggest testicular cancer. When they consult their doctor, they take a physical exam and ask questions to learn more about the person's history and risk factors. During the clinical examination, your doctor will examine your testicles to check for lumps or swelling. Your doctor will also check your lymph nodes and abdomen to check for signs of metastasis. Based on the above results, he recommends further testing. Some of the studies used to diagnose testicular cancer include:

    • Testicular ultrasound
    • Blood tests to check for tumor markers
    • Biopsy for tissue sampling and microscopic examination
    • Surgery and testicular extraction to determine if it is a cancer
    • Image tests for metastasis and tumor stage



    What is the treatment for testicular cancer?

    Treatment for testicular cancer depends on many factors, including the patient's general health, age, history, type, and stage of testicular cancer. The disease is highly treatable and responds well to therapeutic interventions even in the presence of metastases. There are three standard treatments for testicular cancer, which are:

    • Surgery
    • Radiation therapy
    • Chemotherapy





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    How To Beat Erectile Dysfunction Naturally

    By On 20/06/2020

    Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile dysfunction is a disorder of reproductive function in men, characterized by difficulty in achieving and maintaining an erection, leading to inability to have sexual intercourse. In fact, erectile dysfunction is not so much a simple problem as the inability to get an erection during arousal, but a complex multi-systemic dysfunction.

    Sexual arousal in men involves many systems in the body, including the brain, nervous system, blood vessels, muscles, hormones and emotions. Often, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of a primary disorder or disease affecting one or more of these elements.

    Erectile dysfunction can occur in any man, but most often it occurs after the age of 40 or 50 years.

    Treating the root cause is the best way to deal with erectile dysfunction. In addition to medicines horse wreaths rity medical procedures and changes in lifestyle, alternative medicine offers some useful opportunities for men with erectile dysfunction.





    How to quickly increase potency at home

    It's no secret that all the time for men of all ages, the issue of sexual activity has always come first. But it happens that in three out of ten men for a number of reasons there is a decline in this activity. At this point it is very important not to panic, but to try to understand what led to the pathology. It is necessary to conduct a full examination and decide for yourself how to increase efficiency at home. And not only to increase, but also to restore male strength.


    Causes of impotence

    To date, the first place has been a psychological issue in the emergence of impotence. But according to recent studies, other factors play a role in the onset of erectile dysfunction:

    • Sensitivity to stress and depression;
    • Damaged intervertebral discs, the presence of multiple sclerosis, alcoholism;
    • High blood pressure;
    • Diabetes;
    • Drugs for the treatment of hypertension, antidepressants;
    • Age after 50 years.

    In some cases, the treatment of erectile dysfunction is to eliminate the root cause of its occurrence. For example, if the pathology is caused by stress or depression, then to permanently get rid of potency disorders, you need to complete a full course of treatment with a psychotherapist. Treat male disorders only in connection with the underlying disease.   





    Herbal Tea For Erectile Dysfunction 


    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 

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    Folk remedies for impotence

    8 Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction | Everyday Health

    Among men popular folk remedies to increase potency. The infusions are easy to prepare and the raw materials can be purchased at any pharmacy.

    1. Five tablespoons of dry Dubrovnik grass are poured into a glass of boiling water, covered and left to stand for about 40 minutes. Drink 3-4 times a day 4 tablespoons at the reception. Course duration 14 days.
    2. Aerum root 20 grams, boiling water 250 ml. Insist in a thermos for about eight hours. Drink three times daily before meals, 2 tbsp. To prolong the result of the treatment, you can chew the roots of the aerum for a few small pieces during the day.
    3. Another way to treat a potency disorder is to use nettle in fresh or dried form. This can be a vitamin salad based on nettle feathers and green onions. You can also add a boiled egg. And if you mix crushed nettle seeds with a tablespoon of honey and 250 ml of grape wine, you get a great way to improve potency. It should be taken half an hour before bedtime daily.

    Only folk remedies for impotence may not have the right result if the disorders are expressed or only one method is used. It is advisable to use different methods that increase efficiency.





    Quick action tools for men

    If you are firmly convinced that there are no diseases, then you can use traditional, undoubtedly medical methods to quickly increase or increase potency. Some of them are valid for 2-3 hours.

    The pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of drugs that can increase effectiveness almost immediately. However, be careful, read the instructions and think about contraindications.



    Vardenafil for men

    Better known under the trade name "Levitra" (Levitra). It affects the smooth muscles of the penis by relaxing them. It is prescribed by doctors to treat erectile dysfunction, acts quickly enough. Within 15-25 minutes after ingestion you will notice an increase in potency.

    Levitra has a number of contraindications:

    • Hypersensitivity to the drug;
    • Deformities of the penis (curvature, Peyronie's disease, etc.);
    • Blood diseases (anemia, leukemia, etc.);
    • Kidney and liver disorders (Levitru is prescribed by a doctor with the calculation of the individual dose);
    • Stroke or myocardial infarction;
    • Unstable angina;
    • Hereditary diseases of the retina;
    • Hypotension;
    • Poor blood clotting;
    • Exacerbation of peptic ulcer;
    • Aortic stenosis.

    Levitra is prohibited for young people under the age of 16. For older men, especially the elderly, due to the large number of contraindications, it is better to consult a doctor about the safety of the drug.






    Rules for a healthy lifestyle

    This is primarily a good night's sleep (7-8 hours a day), and the best time to sleep since ancient times is the interval from 21-22 hours to 4-6 hours in the morning. This is an active lifestyle with daily presence in the open air for at least one hour and mandatory physical activity during the day (walking, refusing to use the elevator, performing micro-exercises: stretching, muscle tension every 2-3 hours) . In the morning it is very desirable to take a contrast shower.


    "Male" food

    Food that Boosts Male Fertility

    Diet. There are products that increase sexual function and inhibit it. How to cure a potency disorder by changing your diet? To do this, you need to give up high-protein foods, especially when it comes to pork fat, and get amino acids mainly from seafood (crabs, sea fish, mussels, squid, shrimp), as well as walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

    The daily diet should include more vegetables and fruits (including dried fruits), and fried potatoes and pasta should be replaced with oatmeal and buckwheat. You should not drink coffee because it lowers testosterone levels, but green tea and fresh juices have a positive effect on sexual function.




    Exercises to Eliminate Erectile Dysfunction

    Therapeutic exercises. The easiest way to increase energy is to walk normally. Walking improves blood circulation in the genital area, removes metabolic products removed in the intercellular space, stimulates testicular function and improves overall health. To get positive results, it is necessary to walk daily at a fast pace, without stopping for at least 3-5 kilometers for 30-50 minutes. In addition to walking, you can use slow movement. It is important to walk and walk outdoors, away from highways and industrial emissions.

    It is necessary to perform daily and simple gymnastic exercises aimed at activating blood circulation in the pelvic organs. These are kicks, walking to a place with high knees and squats, retracting the anus with simultaneous tension of the buttocks and muscles of the perineum. Such exercises can be performed in a sitting position and lying on your back.




    15 Traits of Confident Men - The Real Masculine

    A big role in the normalization of efficiency is played by a positive attitude, self-confidence and faith in overcoming existing disorders as soon as possible. Various positive attitudes will be welcomed here, positive affirmations that must be repeated at least twice a day, 20-30 times. One example of such a statement is: "I am completely healthy, confident in my abilities, my masculine strength is growing every day." There are also specially developed attitudes used in sexual dysfunction. 





    How to treat impotence

    8 Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction | Everyday Health

    Impotence is a disease characterized by erectile dysfunction. In most cases, this is a male pathology, but not an exception - female impotence, which is diagnosed in 25% of cases of genital diseases. To understand how to treat impotence, you need to understand what contributed to its development: other diseases that occur in the body, or psychogenic disorders.







    How to treat potency in men at home

    HEALTH: Impotence In Men: Is This A Growing Problem In The Gambia ...

    For many years, unsuccessfully fighting the prostate and potency?

    The head of the Institute: "You will be amazed at how easy it is to treat the prostate every day.

    No person is immune to such an unpleasant phenomenon as impotence. Most often, this disease affects those over 50 years of age. But due to poor living conditions, poor nutrition and the environment, younger people of the stronger sex also suffer from impotence. Patients do not always have the opportunity and desire to visit a specialist, so in our article we will consider the treatment of impotence at home.




    Proper nutrition

    A balanced diet for men | BBC Good Food

    To improve efficiency, our readers successfully use the M-16. Seeing the popularity of this tool, we decided to offer it to your attention.
    Read more here ...

    Many people do not pay attention to diet, but in vain. To get rid of erectile dysfunction at home, you need to start with this. There are many products that increase libido, erection and improve sex life. For example, it is necessary to give preference to seafood rather than food of animal origin. Fish, mussels, crabs, shrimp and squid are perfect for this.

    Walnuts, pumpkin seeds and parsley improve erections, which should not be forgotten. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet will help you get rid of impotence as soon as possible.

    • Cafe;
    • fried foods;
    • too fatty foods.

    This does not mean that you should completely eliminate such foods from your diet. Try to give them the least preference, ie. once a week you can pamper yourself. What specific recipes traditional medicine offers us will be discussed in the next section.





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    Erectile Dysfunction, Natural Remedies That Improve Sex Life

    By On 19/06/2020

    Meaning Of Erectile Dysfunction 

    The erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects the male world and shared by many, regardless of age. It can occur both occasionally and habitually. The reasons could be many such as: stress , cardiovascular problems, alcoholism, hypertension, performance anxiety, operations and more ...

    But regardless of the problems that could cause this impotence, thanks to studies and research, it has been discovered that, finally, the famous blue tablet, used by many men and boys to help their sex life to make it more serene and free of anxieties, no longer needed! Well, now you can also throw the box containing these pills and rely on completely natural remedies , maintaining not only a fulfilling sex life, but also a healthy life.



    Changing lifestyle: we start from the body


    Changing lifestyle is the first path that must be taken not only for a healthy life, but also to try not to suffer from this problem anymore and have a satisfying sex life. Starting activities like yoga , for example, could be really helpful in removing all the anxiety and stress accumulated during the day.

    But not only that, performing physical exercises increases blood flow; this is also an excellent method not only to chase away stress, but also to manage erection.





    Herbal Tea For Erectile Dysfunction 

    Male infertility 2

    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 



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    Erectile dysfunction is already in itself a symptom that can come forward suddenly or gradually, during a period of more or less satisfactory sexual intercourse and can be expressed as a difficulty in achieving an erection during sexual intercourse or as a difficulty maintaining it.




     Some of the predominant causes hidden behind erectile dysfunction are the decrease in sexual desire, disorders related to ejaculation, neurological and hormonal pathologies or even psychological reasons, such as depression, guilt, anxiety and stress. And for each patient it is important to identify what the underlying reason is and how severe the dysfunction is to understand which type of therapeutic strategy is most appropriate.




    Other risk factors. 

    The first preventive factor - underlines Salonia - is not to grow old that although it is impossible to implement from a biological point of view, it can somehow be obtained by modifying those risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and diet. There is one physiology study that can give an idea of ​​how much smoking, for example, can affect this problem: a group of boys who had never smoked was confronted with a video that stimulated their sexuality. these had been administered a nicotine gum, the other a placebo gum. The study showed that the consumption of nicotine has important effects, even in the short term, on sexual life, resulting in this specific case a very poor possibility of erection.




    Food is our ally

    Eating fruits and vegetables for healthier digestion - Half Your Plate

    The best advice to be given in cases of impotence is to eat lightly, especially in the evening, so as not to weigh down your stomach. But there are many tips to try to solve the problem; such as eating foods full of bioflavonoids such as spinach, kiwis, blueberries or prefer aphrodisiac foods , such as shellfish, avocado, chili pepper, to help increase sexual desire.

    But it is also possible to rely on something else; in fact, herbs can also help to eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction. There are many in the world, with various characteristics and properties. Some herbs are recommended to promote the right circulation in the body, specifically for the penis; others promote relaxation of the mind; still others help compensate for sex hormones. Some names below: Ginkgo biloba, Pausinystalia yohimbe, Ptychopetalum olacoides.

    But not only that, there are many home remedies for everyone, including:

    • Serenoa : its fruits restore balance on the hormonal system, especially male.
    • Maca from the Andes : this plant is rich in vitamins A, C, B, calcium, iron and zinc; it gives many benefits and is also recommended in aphrodisiac diets, in fact it is also called "Peruvian Viagra" thanks to its properties, such as alkaloids and sterols, which work well on male fertility.
    • The Ginseng : Ginseng root, among the many benefits it offers, it is also recommended to stimulate the desire and sexual functions. Daily use is recommended.
    • The Pomegranate : The pomegranate juice is a great ally due to oxidants which make up 40% of this fruit, favoring thus the blood flow.
    • Garlic : Yes, garlic is also among the allies against the problem of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, among all, it is one of the best natural medicines, to help boost blood flow; and it is an excellent aphrodisiac food together with onion.
    • Ginger : ginger not only helps to improve erection, but also stimulates sexual need.
    • Oats : oats, a healthy and nutritious cereal, in addition to being a healthy food for the body, is also a stimulant for an erection thanks to the many proteins it contains.





    Erectile dysfunction and natural remedies

    There are numerous solutions on the market for erectile dysfunction , but not all of them work in the same way, on the contrary, most prove to be bankrupt and disappointing, ensuring benefits that do not actually stabilize over time. Vigrax , on the contrary, is a natural and organic solution , to be taken twice a day, strictly after the main meal, without the need to take it before sexual intercourse, as happens instead with similar products. Regular intake of Vigrax guarantees the lengthening of the average times of sexual intercourse by at least 30 minutes more, time after time. Precisely for this reason it is recognized as the official natural viagra.
    Vigraxit is a natural and organic solution, free of contraindications and side effects , because it consists of 100% natural ingredients , extracted from uncontaminated environments and territories, never chemically treated, which work in synergy and which, specifically, are:

    • the L-Arginine , an amino acid are able to increase the average duration of erection;
    • The ginseng , an extract that in Oriental medicine is best known for its ability to improve and facilitate blood circulation;
    • the Tribulus terrestris , a herb known for its ability to increase testosterone levels in the blood, sexual desire and the ability to complete sexual intercourse;
    • the Erect Proprietary Blend , the only and true essence of Vigrax that stimulates sexual power and performance.






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    What Causes rectile Dysfunction In Males? See therapy and Remedy.

    By On 19/06/2020

    What's this?

    Erectile dysfunction, which in the past was called impotence , is a disorder characterized by the inability to obtain and maintain adequate rigidity of the penis during penetration, so as to prevent a complete and satisfactory sexual relationship.

    The Erectile Dysfunction , often improperly indicated with the term "impotence" , is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficiently valid to allow a satisfactory sexual intercourse. The term erectile dysfunction is more correct than the term impotence, precisely because it defines more precisely the nature of this sexual dysfunction. A normal erection implies a correct integrated function of the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems. Therefore erectile dysfunction can originate not only from psychological conditions, but also from organic factors of a vascular, neurological or hormonal nature.





    Symptoms and complications


    The typical symptomatic picture of erectile dysfunction includes: difficulty in getting an erection, difficulty in maintaining an erection, decrease in sexual desire and lack of the so-called phenomenon of nocturnal penile tumescence .
    Sometimes, depending on the triggering causes, these symptoms are added: problems of ejaculation and difficulty in orgasm .


    If incurable or not treated appropriately, erectile dysfunction can have an extremely negative effect on the life of the men concerned; in fact, it can be a reason for:

    • Unsatisfactory sex life;
    • Stress , anxiety and / or panic ;
    • Strong embarrassment and / or low self-esteem ;
    • Relationship problems;
    • Inability to impregnate the partner, to have a child.





    Herbal Tea For Erectile Dysfunction 

    Male infertility 3

    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 

    CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE OR CONTACT US Contact/Whatsapp: +22990431725






    Causes of erectile dysfunction 

    The causes of erectile dysfunction are numerous; in fact, a more or less marked incapacity for penile erection can depend on some medical conditions (physical causes), on the use of certain medicines, on specific psychic conditions (psychological causes) and on other further circumstances (other causes).


    Doctors distinguish five types of physical causes:

    • The traumatic physical causes . They include all circumstances in which penile trauma causes erection failure .
      • Erectile dysfunction following penile trauma is also called post-traumatic erectile dysfunction .
    • The vascular physical causes . They include all medical conditions that impair blood supply to the penis.
      • Erectile dysfunction due to these conditions is called vasculogenic erectile dysfunction .
    • The neurological physical causes . They contain all the medical conditions that compromise the health of the nervous system and its control action on the penis.
      • Erectile dysfunction resulting from these conditions is called neurogenic erectile dysfunction .
    • The hormonal physical causes . All the medical conditions that alter the production of hormones involved in the phenomenon of penile erection belong to this type of cause .
      • Erectile dysfunction due to these conditions is also called hormonal erectile dysfunction .
    • The anatomical physical causes . They include all medical conditions that involve an anatomical alteration of the penis.
      • Erectile dysfunction dependent on these conditions is better known as anatomical erectile dysfunction .


    According to some statistical surveys, 15-25% of men suffering from severe head trauma to the penis develop erectile dysfunction.
    Doctors also consider erectile dysfunction resulting from damage to the penis post-traumatic, which can inadvertently occur during surgery on the genitals.


    Examples of vascular conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction are: cardiovascular diseases (eg, atherosclerosis , heart diseases etc.), L ' hypertension and the diabetes with its complications .


    Among the neurological causes of erectile dysfunction include: the multiple sclerosis , the Parkinson's disease , the injury to the spinal cord and the ' stroke and its complications.


    Typical examples of hormonal conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction are: hypogonadism , hyperthyroidism , hypothyroidism and Cushing 's syndrome .


    The best known anatomical anomaly capable of causing erectile dysfunction is the so-called Peyronie's disease .




    Medicines that can cause erectile dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Drugs

    Among the drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction , they include:

    • The diuretics . They are used to increase urine production; they are indicated in the treatment of conditions, such as hypertension, heart failure and kidney disease ;
    • The antihypertensives (eg beta-blockers ). They are used to treat hypertension ;
    • The fibrates . Belonging to the category of lipid-lowering drugs (drugs that lower blood lipid levels ), they are used in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia (i.e. the presence of triglycerides in the blood );
    • The antipsychotics . They are used to treat some mental illnesses, primarily schizophrenia ;
    • The antidepressants . They are mainly indicated for the treatment of depression and secondarily for the treatment of certain types of pain ;
    • The corticosteroids . Based on cortisol , corticosteroids are mainly used as anti-inflammatory and immune system suppressors ;
    • The H2 blockers or histamine H2 receptor . Through a particular biocellular mechanism, they reduce the production of acid digestive juices by the stomach . Doctors prescribe H2 blockers to treat conditions such as gastritis (e.g. chronic gastritis ), peptic ulcer , gastroesophageal reflux etc;
    • The anticonvulsants . They are used to treat epilepsy ;
    • The antihistamines . They are used in the treatment of symptoms induced by allergic reactions (eg seasonal allergies, etc.);
    • The anti-androgens . They are drugs that have the function of preventing or inhibiting the biological effects of androgens, male sex hormones . Anti-androgens are used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia , hirsutism , male androgenic baldness, etc .;
    • The cytotoxics . They are a category of chemotherapy drugs . Chemotherapy drugs, or more simply chemotherapy drugs, are medicines indicated in the treatment of tumors .

    Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

    As stated in the initial premise, mechanisms of an emotional nature also act on erection. Therefore, the possibility of having a good erection or not also depends, to a certain extent, on the psyche.
    Having specified this, doctors consider psychological causes of erectile dysfunction:

    • The Depression . Prolonged periods of low mood, sadness etc. they can affect erection capacity even in a profound way;
    • L ' anxiety . Uncomfortable, worried, fearful situations are potential causes of anxiety
    • Emotional problems or trauma , which can arise from:
      • Relationship problems;
      • History of one or more sexual abuses;
      • Sexual inexperience;
      • History of sexual ailments or dysfunctions
      • Start of a new relationship.




    Risk factors

    Multivariate analysis of risk factors of erectile dysfunction ...

    The risk factors for erectile dysfunction include:

    • The ' aging ;
    • Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; to learn more, read: Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction »
    • The cigarette smoking and tobacco use in general;
    • The overweight and the ' obesity ;
    • Some medical treatments, including prostate surgery and radiation therapy ;
    • Traumatic injuries to the penis;
    • The use of those drugs, reported in a previous subchapter, capable of causing erectile dysfunction;
    • The presence of depression, anxiety and other psycho-emotional problems;
    • Alcohol abuse;
    • The use of drugs.







    Impotence treatment involves a causal therapy , i.e. a therapy aimed at contrasting the cause triggering erection disorders, and sometimes a symptomatic therapy , i.e. a treatment aimed at facilitating an erection and improving the quality of the patient's sexual life. .


    Causal therapy

    The causal therapy of impotence varies according to the triggering cause , therefore it differs from patient to patient.
    Here are some examples of causal therapy of impotence of particular interest:

    • If impotence depends on a deficiency of the testosterone hormone (hypogonadism), the causal treatment consists of a hormone replacement therapy based on synthetic testosterone.
    • If impotence arises from the presence of diabetes, the causal therapy consists in the accurate control, with all the appropriate drugs, of the blood sugar .
    • If impotence is the result of a heart disease, the causal treatment involves the treatment of this disease (in this case, the therapeutic options are numerous and vary according to the cardiac pathology present).
    • If impotence is related to smoking, alcohol abuse and / or drug use, causal therapy is to correct these habits, in favor of a healthier lifestyle.
    • If impotence has psychological causes, the causal treatment may consist of a form of sexual therapy (e.g. the so-called sensory focus) and / or the so - called cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy .


    Symptomatic therapy

    Especially useful when causal therapy does not resolve root erection disorders, symptomatic therapy for impotence can be pharmacological or surgical .
    Generally, doctors give priority to drugs, as they are effective and quite safe solutions, and reserve the right to resort to surgery only in the event that the aforementioned drugs do not bring any benefit.





    Natural cures and remedies

    5 Home Remedies & Home Remedies & Natural Treatments for ...

    • Anise ( Pimpinella anisum L.) → (presumed) aphrodisiac properties
    • Ginseng ( Panax ginseng ) → improves the state of mental and physical well - being , increases the level of serotonin in the brain structures and increases the levels of ACTH (especially if associated with ginkgo biloba ); the saponosides present induce relaxation of the vessels at the penile level through the induction of NO synthesis , the release of NO at the level of the cavernous body and the decrease in intracellular calcium
    • Eleutherococcus ( Eleutherococcus senticosus ) → adaptogenic , aphrodisiac properties , central nervous system stimulants , antidepressants , general tonics
    • Andean macaque ( Lepidium meyenii Walp.) → aphrodisiac, adaptogenic properties . Known for its ability to stimulate sexual energies
    • Yohimbine ( Corynanthe yohimbe ): alkaloid molecule with aphrodisiac activity
    • Saffron ( Crocus sativus ) → aphrodisiac properties
    • L- Arginine : the substance increases the production of nitric oxide at the neuronal and endothelial levels
    • L- citrulline : the substance is converted into arginine by increasing the production of nitric oxide at the neuronal and endothelial levels






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    Diabetes erectile dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction And Diabetes

    By On 19/06/2020

    The link between erectile dysfunction and diabetes


    Several studies have shown a close relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction. More than half of diabetics tend to develop erectile deficits in the 10 years following diagnosis to reach a prevalence of erection disorders of 95 percent when the patient reaches 70 years of age.

    Diabetes, and in particular the presence in the blood of an excessive amount of glucose, causes damage to the small blood vessels. In fact, the excess sugar binds to the walls of the vessels making them less elastic and therefore preventing the natural extension necessary for the transport of adequate quantities of blood.

    A lower blood flow into the penis means less turgidity and a reduced increase in size during an erection.

    In addition, in diabetes the production of some vasodilating substances, such as nitric oxide (NO), is reduced.

    Finally, according to recent research, the high correlation between diabetes and sexual deficits could also be due to hypogonadism, a dysfunction that causes low testosterone levels in the blood, with a decrease in sexual desire and the ability to get an erection.



    Why does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction?

    As we have seen, the penis is an eminently vascular structure, provided with a particularly rich microcirculation and a corresponding innervation. An equally extensive and equally essential capillary circle for organ function is in the kidney (the renal glomeruli) and in the retina.
    Diabetes, or to put it better, the excess of glucose in the blood that is at the basis of its definition, damages the microvascular structures, in the kidney as in the retina, in the penis and in any other organ and tissue with various mechanisms, but above all with two modes. In fact, the excess glucose binds to the wall of the vessels and to the structural proteins of the tissues, making them less elastic and therefore preventing distensibility. In the penis this leads to a defect in dilation of the arteries and corpora cavernosa with consequent less blood flow and less turgidity. But even before this happens, a release defect occurs in the nerve endings and in the small vessels of the vasodilator substance par excellence, nitroxide, which, as we have said, is the basis of this process.
    The knowledge acquired in recent years of the role played as a chemical mediator by nitroxide, has made it possible to develop drugs capable for the first time to correct erectile dysfunction with a physiological mechanism.





    Sexual weakness herbal treatment

    This treatment is composed of African herbs which offers many health benefits due to its multiple micro and macro nutrients. One of the health benefits of this herbal treatment is that it boosts your energy levels and help you perform well. The presence of fulvic acid and humic acid gives it anti-ageing properties and helps you rejuvenate with your physical activities. Many people lose interest in sex after an age due to many reasons and it leads to poor sexual performance. The aphrodisiac nature of africandoctor's herbal treatment for sexual weakness helps you increase your sexual desire. It has mind calming properties that decrease your stress levels. It strengthens your immune system and enhances strength to improve your sexual performances. 

    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 

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    herbal tea for diabetes

    The herbal tea for diabetes we propose is made from the perfect combination of African herbs that help reduce sugar level. This herbal tea not only reduces sugar but also helps reduce the risk of cancer development. Hence, this is the best herbal tea for diabetes cure for you if you have diabetes. 

    If you have diabetes do not hesitate to take advantage of this herbal tea for diabetes!!  Click here


    Risk factors

    The relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction is a binomial known for some time, confirmed by numerous epidemiological studies. It is precisely the statistical data that tell us that:

    • In diabetic patients, erectile deficit is three times more frequent than in the healthy control population. The prevalence of this disorder in the diabetic population varies from 30% to 60% of subjects and increases:
      • With aging :
      • In case of poor glycemic control expressed by high values ​​of glycated hemoglobin
      • As the duration of diabetic disease increases
      • In case of microvascular complications and neuropathy
      • In case of arterial hypertension associated with diabetes, and taking anti-hypertensive drugs ( beta blockers , methyldopa and in particular diuretics )
      • If the person is a smoker
      • With increasing alcohol consumption
      • In case of obesity associated with sedentary lifestyle
    • Diabetes and erectile dysfunction are so closely related that erection problems represent the onset symptom in 12% of male patients.






    Treatment of diabetes 

    5 Amazing Ayurvedic Remedies To Fight Diabetes - Arogyadham

    Identify the causes of erectile dysfunction in the diabetic is the first step in establishing a suitable treatment to give a satisfactory sex life. For its part, therefore, the diabetic patient with erectile deficit should first seek medical attention, avoiding the spontaneous use of commonly used drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction .

    Beyond the additional risks deriving from a possible supply through channels other than the pharmacy, considering that among diabetics , complications affecting the heart , liver and kidneys are common, which among other things require specific therapies with possible drug interaction, the drugs used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (such as Viagra , Cialis , or Levitra ) may be contraindicated in the presence of diabetes. We therefore recommend that you contact your doctor to determine the nature of this unpleasant sexual problem and remedy it through the numerous medical and pharmacological treatments available.





    Prevention is possible

    Keeping diabetes under control helps prevent all its complications, including erectile dysfunction. First we must act on lifestyles, on daily habits, starting from the table.

    A diet low in fats , especially those of animal origin, and limited in rapidly absorbed sugars, serves to keep blood sugar controlled, also reducing the risk of erection problems.




    Natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetics

    8 Natural Cures for Erectile Dysfunction | Everyday Health

    • Certain foods such as meat, white meats and some wheat products as a natural diet for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in diabetic patients help to stimulate the creation and increase of testosterone to assist the movement of spermatozoa. Turmeric has some aphrodisiac sediments ideal for the treatment of drawbacks that make ejaculation much faster. It is a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction in diabetics.
    • Some of the most effective home remedies derive from the properties that some pumpkin seeds have for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, in diabetics they strengthen the arteries, increase the blood flow and have properties like zinc, the latter is fundamental for sexual life in men, as a beneficial protein in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
    • Some carrots can help improve sexual behavior, so they can be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and as a natural remedy for the treatment of this disease in diabetics. If we mix carrots and honey, using it as a treatment for this pathology we increase sexual pleasure and naturally reduce the problems of erectile dysfunction in the long term.





    How to manage impotence

    As with other complications of diabetes, prevention is always the best cure for erectile dysfunction. Even this complication can and must be prevented with constant and flawless metabolic control as prescribed by specialists, avoiding all conditions that can facilitate the onset of complications.

    Once diagnosed, erectile dysfunction in the diabetic is usually managed with drug therapy, which can only be prescribed by the specialist and tailored to the specific diabetic patient.

    Despite the frequency with which it occurs in diabetics, erectile dysfunction is still a topic that most of the time patients and doctors do not speak serenely.

    For all men with diabetes, however, it is advisable to make an effort and confide in the doctor or diabetologist. A sincere and open dialogue is essential to have all the necessary information on this complication, for an early diagnosis and to immediately adopt the appropriate remedies in case it has already occurred.



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    Infertility On Erectile Dysfunction

    By On 18/06/2020


    What Age Does Erectile Dysfunction Start? - UnityPoint Health

    Erectile dysfunction is a problem that concerns not only the modern man but also the couple. Unfortunately, although it traditionally occurs in old age, many young men even in their 30s have erectile dysfunction. Considering that their problem is not solved, or out of shame, they avoid turning to the specialist to help them overcome their problem.

    Infertility is defined as the inability of a sexually active couple to conceive 12 months after free intercourse. About 15% - 20% of couples do not get pregnant within a year and seek medical treatment. In these couples, the participation of men is 40%, of women 40%, while in 20% the cause is found in both. Idiopathic infertility is characterized by the inability to conceive without it being able to be attributed to a specific pathology.

    Almost 15% of couples are infertile. This means that they cannot conceive, even if they have frequent sexual intercourse, without precautions for a year or more. In about half of these couples, failure to conceive is associated with male infertility.

    Male infertility is associated with low sperm production, immobility, or failure, as well as barriers to sperm ejaculation. Diseases, injuries, chronic health problems, lifestyle choices, and other factors can be involved in the cause of male infertility.

    The fertility specialists of our centers provide a holistic approach to the recognition and treatment of disorders of male reproductive health.

    The diagnostic and therapeutic techniques we use represent the latest technology, including DNA testing and microsurgery. To date, we have offered a solution to 95% of our male patients.



    Does diet affect fertility?

    Here's How Your Diet Can Affect Your Fertility - Brit + Co

    Obesity has been clearly linked to impaired sperm production. Overweight men who want to have children should seriously consider losing weight. Antioxidants, including vitamins E and C, found in most multivitamin preparations, have been found to slightly increase sperm count and motility. Fruits and vegetables are also a natural source of antioxidants and should be an integral part of a healthy and balanced diet.




    How can one improve one's chances of conceiving naturally?

    Eight ways to boost your fertility chances in 2020 | Repromed

    As for the promotion of general health, so for the promotion of reproductive health, it is very important to adopt a healthy lifestyle.
    More specifically, maintaining an ideal weight as well as choosing a diet rich in antioxidants is likely to improve sperm quality. Also, reducing stress and regulating chronic diseases, such as diabetes, can increase a man's chances of fertilizing his partner. It is important to note that any positive lifestyle changes will take almost three months to have good results in sperm quantity and quality. Couples with known chronic medical conditions are advised to consult a specialist in order to enhance their overall health before embarking on their childbearing effort.





    How is male fertility assessed?

    The Handmaid's Tale and counting sperm: are fertility rates ...

    The doctor will first take the man's medical history and perform a physical examination. The man will then collect the semen that will be extracted from masturbation in a sterile container, which will be examined for the number, motility and morphology of the sperm it contains. If any abnormalities are found in the results, further examinations will be performed. An illness, or even taking medication, can disrupt the ejaculation product on the day of the test.





    Herbal Tea For Erectile Dysfunction 

    Male infertility 2

    The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 




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    Is erectile dysfunction identical to male infertility?

    It is important to distinguish male infertility from erectile dysfunction, which the barbaric world often calls impotence.

    The latter condition refers to those cases in which the man fails to have an erection sufficient to perform a sexual act satisfactorily. Nevertheless, its sperm can be completely normal and fertile.

    Of course, if erectile dysfunction interferes with normal ejaculation within the vagina or is expressed with ejaculatory disorders (eg premature or absent), it can cause infertility. It is, of course, obvious that many men who have difficulty having a child with their partner have a very normal erection and a successful sex life.





    Are there many pathological conditions that can affect a man's ability to have children?

    There are many diseases that are directly or indirectly related to male infertility.

    They refer to pathological conditions that affect the normal production and maturation of sperm in the testicles or its smooth and uninterrupted transport through the male genital tract. Acute or chronic inflammation of the genitourinary system, sexually transmitted diseases, varicose veins, cryptorchidism, injury or exposure of the genitals to toxic agents (e.g.

    radiation, chemotherapy, drugs, alcohol, tobacco), spinal cord injury, surgery, congenital hereditary and hormonal diseases, obstruction of the continuity of the genital system and immunodeficiency and underlying immune disorders are some of the causes.





    Increase your fertility with simple tips

    Balanced diet: Enrich your diet with omega 3 and omega 6 oils found in nuts, seeds and fatty fish, as well as eating organic foods such as fresh vegetables and wholemeal bread. Also, taking zinc (Zn), selenium (Se) and folic acid helps both sperm enhancement and good fetal health.

    • Beware of obesity: Obese people are at risk for high cholesterol, diabetes, testosterone depletion factors that affect sperm quality.

    • Stop smoking. Toxic substances in tobacco can cause spermatogenic damage, but fortunately this damage is reversible. It is also responsible for lowering the level of testosterone in the blood. Smokers have an average of 13-17% less sperm than non-smokers. In a study conducted in Japan, smokers were examined 5 and 15 months after smoking cessation, the amount of their sperm increased from 50 to 800% !!!

    • Limit alcohol. Alcohol lowers testosterone levels while excessive consumption can reduce sexual desire and sperm motility.

    • Avoid hot baths (saunas) and tight underwear. The temperature in the testicles increases, negatively affecting the quality of the sperm.

    • No cell phones near the testicles: constant radiation affects the morphology, motility and production of sperm.

    • Relax and eliminate stress: among other things, it raises body temperature and is a deterrent to conception.

    • Discontinuation of drugs that affect spermatogenesis.

    • Take regular checkups - watch your health, it's not a given !!!!




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  • Hormones and infertility: Best Herbal Solution

    By On 18/06/2020

    When you and your partner have been trying to conceive for several years, every added year makes it more difficult and painful. You feel your chances of birthing a child becoming slimmer as you grow older. 

    However, no matter old you are getting, there are natural remedies that can boost your fertility process. Read to the end, find out answers you have searching for concerning infertility and the best natural solution to overcome infertility. 



    How relevant is the problem of infertility today? Do couples often face the unfathomable task of having a baby?


    “The number of infertile couples is growing - among spouses planning a pregnancy, they cannot conceive 15–20%, and the reason can equally be found in both women and men,” says the head doctor of the Center for Family Reproduction of the clinic “Mother and Child. 

    Among all the causes of infertility, the most commonly identified are: tubal factor (15%), endometriosis (20%), endocrine (30%), male (25%) and 10% account for infertility of unclear origin, the causes of which can be identified with a deeper examination of a married couple. Often there is a combination of several factors at the same time on the part of a man and a woman (30 - 40%).


    Endocrine infertility is one of the most common causes of female infertility. With endocrine malfunctions, egg formation is impaired, and the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, the pituitary gland of the brain and the pancreas affect the work of the ovaries. These same endocrine glands regulate the functioning of the male reproductive system.

    - Most often, endocrine infertility develops with a violation of the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland, - said the endocrinologist Anastasia Obukhova . - The most common causes: a lack of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) and excessive production of prolactin by the pituitary gland of the brain in the presence of microadenomas . Congenital dysfunction of the adrenal cortex, which can also cause infertility, is less common .



    African herbal tea to boost female fertility

    Traitement naturel pour tomber enceinte après 35 ans​​

    Birthing a child is the dream of every women but at times our uterus develops issues that hinders fertility. However, africandoctor has found the best medicinal plant to help you solve any uterine disease such as adenomyosis, endometriosis, uterine polypssevere abdominal pain, dyspareunia, anovulation, abnormal menstrual cycle and amenorrhea linked to infertility so you can experience the joy of a mother. The constituents of this tisane allow it to regulate your menstrual cycle and dispose any problem that may lead to infertility. Some of the plants that make this possible  are Acridoscarpus smeathmani, quad cissus, afromum melegueta and wild african plum. these are very powerful plants, the mixture of these plants with other secret herbs have made this possible.

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    African plants and roots to treat male infertility

    Male infertility

    According to the World Health Organization, male infertility is "the inability to impregnate after at least 12 months of regular sexual activity and not protected by any contraceptive method, with a normally fertile partner." There are many situation that may cause infertility to a man and our natural can perfectly work on most of the causes. Is it that you are suffering from low sperm count, low motility or abnormal shape of spermatozoa? Here is a tisane that will help you regain your fertility so that you experiment the joy to be a father.

    If you are interested in getting our natural remedy, click here!

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    The menstrual cycle is irregular, a year in marriage, pregnancy does not occur. The doctor said that you need to take tests for hormones. What will they show, and does my husband need to be examined too?

    Having Another Baby After a Miscarriage

    “The cause of the irregular cycle may be a violation of the functions of the endocrine glands,” says Olga Nikolaevna. 

     It is necessary to examine the function of the thyroid gland (in particular, for TSH hormones, T4 free), the level of prolactin, FSH and LH hormones that directly control the ovaries, and hormones with androgenic (male) effect - testosterone and DEAS, 17-hydroxyprogesterone are important. A man needs to examine sperm - if everything is in order and the husband does not have endocrine diseases, there is no need for other tests.



    - When do you need to start worrying about infertility?

    Not Pregnant Yet? When to Seek Help – Health Essentials from ...

    “If the couple have been married for a year or two years, you can diagnose infertility,” says Olga Buldina. If people of older reproductive age (35 plus), then such a diagnosis is made after six months, because ovarian function begins to fade. 



    Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth with endocrine disorders?

    Know the pregnancy risks if you have Graves' Disease - Having ...

    If infertility is caused only by this reason, it goes away against the background of treatment. If pregnancy does not occur against the background of successful treatment of revealed endocrine disorders, other reasons must be sought.

    Read also: HYPOTHYROIDISM: how it affects conception and nature's cure



     How long before the desired pregnancy do I need to stop taking oral contraceptives?

    Folic Acid and Pregnancy: How Much You'll Need

    - With the cancellation of contraceptives, pregnancy can already occur in the next menstrual cycle, says Olga Buldina.



    How to eat in order to get pregnant faster? How to feed her husband? Are there any products that increase the possibility of conception?

    Eat more fruit to get pregnant faster, study suggests - 9Coach

    It’s easier to say what you don’t need to eat. 

    - It is necessary to avoid refined carbohydrates

    - sweets, juices; foods rich in refractory, hidden fats, such as sausage, sausages, mayonnaise, canned food, pastries. All products that contribute to weight gain are best avoided. Enrich your diet with nuts and seafood.

    Men should not drink beer

    - it not only adds weight, but also worsens sperm counts. Also, representatives of the strong half who want to increase their fertility should avoid overheating baths, saunas. 

    But it will be beneficial to increase the dynamic (light) physical activity - walking, running. So eat right, exercise and be healthy!


    1. Ashwagandha

    Ashwagandha Extract, Pack Size: 200 GM, Rs 699 /pack Navchetana ...

    This is a plant widely used in traditional Indian medicine, also known as bufera or Indian ginseng, which seems to provide various health benefits for both women and men.

    Ashwagandha appears to be quite effective in hormonal regulation in women, promoting better functioning of the reproductive organs, being used in many cases by women who have already undergone several natural abortions to strengthen the uterus.

    In the case of men, this plant could improve the formation and quality of sperm, due to its nutritional and antioxidant power.


    2. Peruvian Maca

    The Amazing Health Benefits of the Maca Root

    Peruvian maca is a powerful natural adaptogen that helps fight stress, in addition to balancing hormone production. It also contains many vitamins and nutrients important for pregnancy, it nourishes the woman's body to prepare her for a possible pregnancy.

    In man, the use of this plant seems to increase sperm production and quality, improve sperm mobility and prevent erectile dysfunction.


    3. Shatavari

    Buy Shatavar/Shatavari 250 Grams Natural Herb Online at Low Prices ...

    In addition to being a plant with an aphrodisiac effect, Shatavari, also known as Asparagus racemosus, has adaptogenic power that helps to balance hormone production, regulating the production of higher quality eggs and sperm. At the same time, this plant also nourishes the reproductive organs, especially in women.

    In man, shatavari is a natural tonic and is often used in Ayurvedic medicine to improve the production of healthy sperm.



    4. Chasteberry

    Chasteberry (vitex) 50G - Blue Mountain Tea Company

    Chasteberry or agnus castus is a plant with a long history of its use to treat various types of problems at the level of the reproductive system, being used mainly to increase the production of luteinizing hormone, facilitating ovulation and the production of mature eggs. .

    For this reason, this plant can be used by women who have a disorder in the luteal phase of the menstrual cycle.


    5. Saw Palmetto

    Saw Palmetto Extract

    Saw palmetto, also known as wild heart of palm or serenoa repens , can be used both in being used in both women and men, this because it contains fatty acids and phytoestrogens that promote the functioning of the ovaries, especially in women with syndrome of Polycystic ovaries, in addition to acting on sperm production and testicle health in men.


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