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Uterine Polyps: Treatment of folk remedies

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A polyp in the uterus is a benign tumor that results from the pathological proliferation of endometrial cells. Externally, it is a rounded outgrowth resembling a fungus, burgundy-purple, or yellowish in color with a porous surface. The size of the neoplasm can range from a few millimeters to three centimeters. Polyps are single and multiple and can be localized to different sites (e.g., the anterior and/or posterior wall of the uterus). This pathology is most common in women 40 to 50 years before the onset of menopause, but in some cases, polyps can also form in adolescent girls.



Why do polyps form?

Where do these neoplasms come from? 

The most common cause of uterine polyps is hormonal imbalance, namely an excess of estrogen (a female sex hormone).

For a woman's body, it is only needed during the first two weeks of the menstrual cycle. When estrogen is constantly produced in large quantities, it causes the growth of the endometrium, some parts of which do not rub during menstruation but remain in the uterine cavity.

When this occurs over several cycles, there is an increase at this point in which connective tissue and vascular fibers grow, leading to the formation of polyps. Their active growth is affected by progesterone deficiency.

Uterine polyps have other possible reasons which are listed below and must be taken note of:

  • abortions: Tissue damage during treatment causes an increase in cell growth in certain areas of the uterine cavity.
  • inflammation of the genitals: This can result in pathological proliferation of the endometrium and the formation of polyps.
  • endocrine diseases: Diseases of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands, or diabetes can cause problems in the body and the formation of neoplasms.
  • hereditary predisposition: In some cases, growth potential is inherited.
  • overweight: Adipose tissue has been shown to be a major source of estrogen in older women, and its excessive levels cause hormonal changes and consequent growth.
  • blood stagnation in the pelvic organs:  It most often occurs as a result of a sedentary lifestyle. This is a prerequisite for ovarian dysfunction, which in turn causes hormonal imbalance.
  • diseases that cause circulatory problems:  Oxygen-deficient cells can divide intensively, becoming neoplasms,
  • taking certain medicines (tamoxifen, Dostinex): The drugs block the receptors responsible for sex hormone sensitivity. In some women, polyps begin to grow actively in the uterine cavity during treatment.

A neoplasm of the uterine cavity may be suspected if the following symptoms occur

  • menstrual disorders, heavy uterine bleeding,
  • intermittent lubrication,
  • lower abdominal or lower back pain
  • discharge from the vagina.

Symptoms of polyps in the uterine cavity are very often absent and neoplasms are accidentally detected during ultrasound (s).

Polyps differ in size, structure, and location. They may develop without symptoms but are more likely to occur with pain and bleeding. 

You can see what the polyp looks like in the photo below:

Polyp Pictures: What They Are And What Polyps Look Like

It looks like polyps in the female uterus. It is worth noting that the uterus has three types of polyps - glandular, fibrous and adenomatous. Glandular polyps occur due to high levels of estrogen. They are most common in young patients. The appearance of fibrous polyps is possible due to inflammation.

It mainly occurs in women after the age of 40, when there are strong hormonal changes in the body. Adenomatous polyps are more dangerous because they are able to degenerate into cancer in adulthood.




Remedes traitement tisane naturel contre polypes uterins 600x900

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Do polyps lead to cancer?

Adenomatous-type polyps may present with malignancy (spontaneous degeneration of benign cells into malignancy).

This process not only complicates treatment but also destroys tissues in the immediate vicinity of the growth and increases the risk of uterine bleeding.

Malignancy poses a direct threat not only to a woman's health but also to her life.



Do we know the treatment of folk remedies that helps to shrink uterine polyps?


Below are the folk remedies that help to dissolve uterine polyps  



Lesser Celandine - A Foraging Guide to Its Food, Medicine and ...

This plant is considered one of the most effective in combating various tumor diseases. It grows almost all over our country and is considered almost a weed. But in fact, celandine - is an amazing storehouse of nutrients that can help you solve the problems a wide range of diseases. As for the treatment of polyps in the uterus, then based on it as a means of preparation for home consumption, as well as assemblies for douching.

Take fresh shoots of plants, fold them in a half-liter jar, filling, and pour over only boiled water. Close the lid of the bowl, fill to the top with boiling water and wrap warmly in the structure. Leave infusion for twelve hours. The prepared infusion should be consumed three times a day, starting with one tablespoon and gradually increasing this amount to one hundred milliliters. Therapies as a remedy can last two to three weeks. The same infusion and effective during douching, which should be given once a day just before bedtime.



Golden mustache

Golden Mustache | site

This herbal remedy also enjoys a high degree of popularity among fans and connoisseurs of folk medicine. It is considered almost a cure for many diseases. On the basis of the golden mustache can be cooked and means for removing polyps in the uterine cavity. To prepare a miracle cure you need to take fifty sustavchikov plants and cover them with half a liter of vodka. Insist on funds for ten days. Prepared funds spend twice a day, at the same time, it is necessary to plant a third of a glass of water. At a time worth taking twenty drops of tincture. Admission must be carried out immediately before a meal. The duration of this treatment is one month, after which it is necessary to take a break - in ten days. Experts advise to conduct five cases receiving infusions, in this case.


Raising Forest Fruit Herbs

Grow your own fruit and low maintenance veggies/herbs with a food ...

The slightly less aggressive effect has a collection composed of rose hips and raspberries, as well as nettle leaves. Combine all these components in a ratio of 2: 3: 2, after a good cut and excitement. Four tablespoons spoon obtained composition should be made only one cup of boiling water and cover with waiting for four hours. The prepared infusion is recommended to be consumed twice a day in the amount of two hundred and fifty milliliters at a time.



Government completes disposal of 35,857 tons of imported onions ...

Some healers are advised to deal with polipovymi formations using garlic. It is recommended to break, wrap it in cheesecloth and tie tightly. Such funds are recommended to enter deep into the inside of the vaginal cavity and leave overnight. It should be borne in mind that this treatment is not for everyone. Garlic is able to break down the microflora of the vagina and cause burns to the mucous membranes. Therefore, the doctor more than skeptical about this treatment.


Borovaya uterus and wintergreen

Borovoy uterus with myoma reviews of doctors and patients

These two herbs are especially effective in treating polyps. Prepare an infusion of these two on the same recipe. A teaspoon of herbal composition should make a glass of just boiled water. Insist for an hour, then strain. Infusion of uterine height should consume about half an hour before a meal and medication based on wintergreen - half an hour after eating.


Sea buckthorn oil

Potential health benefits of Sea buckthorn oil - Phytexence

Some traditional medicine experts say that the removal of polyps in the uterine cavity is possible with the help of sea buckthorn oil. To achieve a positive effect to roll cotton gauze pad soaked in oil and put it in the vaginal cavity for the whole night. Repeat the procedure at intervals of one day for fourteen days. If necessary, repeat after a break of two weeks. We talked about how traditional medicine offers to remove uterine polyps. Treatment of folk remedies is quite different in the choice of funds that are developing simultaneously in different territories and different healers.

Over the years, these methods have improved and improved. It is important to understand that treating polyps in the uterus does not go far. These structures often become the cause of infertility, cause miscarriages, and can become carcinogenic, causing cancer. Timely treatment of polyps does not reflect the state of human health. If you do treatment with traditional medicine - it is not a reason to give up a visit to the doctor.





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