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You are ready to have kids, you have been trying for years but to no avail. You have been diagnosed with azoospermia (no sperm count). And now you are worried that you might not experience the joy of being a father.

Semen is most likely to be fertile when it contains more than 15 million sperm per milliliter. This number may decrease or disappears when your testicles get too hot, when they are stressed, and when you have an STI that interferes with sperm production. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take to boost your account.





According to the World Health Organization, male infertility is "the inability to impregnate after at least 12 months of regular sexual activity and not protected by any contraceptive method, with a normal fertile partner." There are many situation that may cause infertility to a man and our herbal tea can work amazingly on most of the causes. Are you are suffering from no sperm count, low sperm countlow motility or abnormal shape of spermatozoa? Here is a tisane that will help you regain your fertility so that you experiment the joy to be a father.

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  1. Massage your body with herbal oils. This, along with regular exercise, improves blood flow and overall circulation. Increased circulation means healthier sperm.
  2. Reduce stress levels 

Stress can decrease sexual function, leading to reduced sperm production. If you work 12 hours plus an hour and never give yourself a chance to rest, your zero sperm count may be the end-result. Try practicing relaxation techniques throughout the day to maintain your calm. Keep your mind and body healthy by practicing regular yoga and meditation or taking a run or a swim. Stress hormones block Leydig cells, which are responsible for regulating testosterone production. When your body is under too much stress, it can actually stop the production of sperm altogether. Make sure you get enough sleep every night. Exhaustion can also lead to increased stress and decreased sperm production.

  1. Quit smoking 

Cigarette smoking causes the number of sperm to decrease, causes them to move more slowly, and causes sperm to die. According to a study, men who smoke have 22% fewer sperm than men who do not. Marijuana appears to have a similar effect on sperm. 

  1.  Do regular sports

Discovering a functional exercise regimen is a difficult task in the modern world, but make sure that exercise will help you produce more sperm. Exercise releases testosterone into your body, helping to produce sperm. Use compound exercises and lift heavy weights, but don't ask yourself the same set of muscles the next day. Rest time and muscle reconstruction should help you produce testosterone. Don't practice too much! Excessive exercise causes the release of adrenal steroid hormones that actually cause a testosterone deficiency. So, if you want to put on extra muscle or help your sperm, remember not to stress your body too much. Do not use anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids can help you pack in pounds, but these can contract your testicles and cause infertility. If you try to conceive, stay far, far away.

  1. Eat healthy foods

A diet high in fat, high in protein, vegetables and whole grains is good for your health and for sperm. Eat lots of fish, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables. Peanuts, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and pumpkin are also considered to increase sperm count. Avoid soy foods and high fructose corn syrup. Soy foods have a mild estrogen effect on the body. While this may be good for women, it is not great for sperm care. Corn syrup with high resistance fructose causes insulin resistance, which leads to decreased fertility. Men who drink one liter of Coke regularly have 30% less sperm than men who do not drink Coca-Cola.

  1. Try the supplements

Try supplements that are made from natural herbal ingredients to help the body make more sperm. The research found that men who consumed 5 mg of folic acid and 66 mg of zinc sulphate daily for 26 weeks showed an almost 75% increase in sperm count. Folic acid and zinc sulphate are essential in the formation of DNA. Vitamin C and selenium may also be good supplements that you need to take to increase sperm production.

  1. Use herbs and homeopathy

They help you increase the number of sperm. Homeopathic components include the following: Passiflora Incarnata can restore male sexuality and increase sperm count in men who have low sperm count due to Marijuana smoking etc. , Zincum Metallicum: the homeopathic ingredient increases elemental zinc and contributes to improving the quality of the semen and the number of sperm.  Damiana, Yohinbinum: These homeopathic ingredients have been scientifically studied for their effects in stimulating men's sexuality and improving libido.  Aromatic plants such as Ipomoea digitata, Emblica officinalis, Chlorophytum arundinaceum, Argyreia speciosa, Mucuna pruriens, Onania somnifera, Tinospora cordifolia, Tribulus terrestris, Sida cordifolia and Asparagus racemosus. They increase testosterone levels and also correct erectile dysfunction. Plants, such as slumber, also act as a natural anxiolytic. It reduces physical and psychological stress and can help men with stress as the main causal factor for low sperm count.


  1. Try and treat for STI. Certain sexually transmitted infections, such as chlamydia and gonorrhea, can cause scarring that interferes with the passage of sperm [13]. Check regularly for STI; if you have one, make sure you are getting the right treatment. In most cases, you will be prescribed a course of antibiotics to eliminate the infection.
  2. Determine if you have a chickenpox. This is a swelling of the veins that lead to the testicle. This may increase the temperature of the testicle and decrease the number of sperm. Consult your doctor to find out if this can affect your fertility. If so, a surgical procedure can take care of this problem. [14]
  3. Try hormonal treatments and medicines. Your sperm count may be low because your hormones are out of balance. Hormone replacement treatments and medications can change hormone levels and help you produce more sperm. Talk to your doctor if this option is right for you. Hormone replacement therapy and medications usually take at least 3 months before you start seeing results.

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