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Anovulation vs natural remedy

One of the most common causes of infertility is chronic anovulation - this is a pathological condition in which an egg (scientific oocyte) does not mature or does not leave the ovary. It is generally accepted that anovulation in itself is not a disease and, as a symptom, occurs with many pathologies. The trouble is that as a result of anovulation, a woman cannot conceive a child. 

Do you know that the egg is the largest cell in the human body?

Their number is determined genetically when a girl is formed in the womb. And it is impossible to increase the number of data given by the nature of oocytes. Moreover, with each passing month, with each new menstruation, the chances of getting pregnant are becoming less, because menstruation is the rejection of the unfertilized egg by the body, and the body no longer produces new ones.

Did you know?

  • the average girl is born with a stock of 1 million eggs;
  • by the first menstruation in girls, on average, about 400 thousand oocytes remain

But what does “average” mean? As always, in fact, these indicators are strictly individual. For some, by the age of 25, the allotted number of eggs has almost ended, while for someone else, the body is working “like a clock” at 50, and ovulation occurs every month with the maturation of a quality egg.

What exactly is anovulation ?

Anovulation: Symptoms, causes, and treatment

Anovulation is a dishormonal disorder of the menstrual cycle, and a mature egg in it cannot be separated from the ovary. Hormonal dependent changes in the uterus and appendages under the menstrual cycle are expressed step by step, controlled by the central nervous system. Thanks to the menstrual cycle, a woman has a chance to become pregnant


Remède naturel pour guerir de la mycose vaginale avec des plantes

Female infertility can be caused by many gynecological disorders or dysfunctions: endometriosis, anovulation (absence of ovulation), uterine polyps, uterine fibroids, miscarriages, blocked tubes, obesity, ovarian cysts, stress, excessive alcohol consumption. 
For each of the causes of female infertility mentioned above, we offer a specific natural treatment. This is the secret to curing female infertility. However, it is essential that you consult a gynecologist or that you undergo a fertility check-up to know the main cause of your infertility.
The composition of this natural remedy is plant based and has been made available in form of tea. Our natural treatments are only made from plants whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. It contains plants like Chaste Tree Berry,  Lepidium meyenii, Tribulus terrestris which would regulate your cycle and get you pregnant.

So. it is the best natural remedy for annovulation with herbal remedies. They are the quick fix for curing virtually all forms of female infertility.


Causes of anovulation

The most reliable reasons for anovulation are:

- Pathology of the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. 

It develops due to heavy physical exercise, stress, bleeding disorders or traumatic injuries. Significant weight loss due to insufficient diets or starvation causes disruption of the hypothalamic-pituitary system. Excessive secretion of the prolactin hormone leads to the formation of a benign hormonal tumor prolactinoma, which causes steroidogenesis disorder in the ovaries.

- Early fatigue of the ovaries. Against the background of an increase in FSH and a decrease in total estrogen production, the follicles do not mature.

- Dysfunction of the ovaries, accompanied by a violation of blood supply to the pelvic organs, after surgery or on the background of diseases. Tumor and ovarian cysts are also accompanied by a violation of normal steroidogenesis and cause anovulation.

- Polycystic ovary 

The excessive development of androgens in polycystic disease leads to the dense and thick outer shell of the ovaries (with follicles and egg maturation). As a result, the egg cannot leave the follicle and ovulation does not occur.

- Diseases of the thyroid glands, adrenal glands, severe endocrine pathologies cause a violation of steroidogenesis in the ovaries and thus anovulation.

- Since adipose tissue can produce its own estrogens, anovulation is often found in women who show severe obesity against the background of excessive estrogenism .

-Congenital malformation of the adrenal gland or ovaries.

Anovulation symptoms and signs

Period calendar with drawn heart shapes and woman | Free Photo

Anovulation symptoms are determined by the accompanying disease.

Basically, anovulation does not give a pronounced symptomatology, in other cases it can manifest itself with the following symptoms:

  • Change in the duration of menstrual bleeding.
  • Change in the nature of menstrual bleeding.
  • Change the intervals between menstruation.
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding.
  • Oligomenorrhea, amenorrhea.
  • Hirsutism (male type hair).
  • Hair loss, the appearance of acne (acne).
  • Diseases of the mammary glands.
  • Endometrial hyperplasia and a number of other gynecological diseases.
  • The absence of ovulation 
  • Infertility
  • Under the influence of excessive estrogen in the absence of ovulation, the endometrium cannot completely and properly disintegrate, long acyclic uterine bleeding develops.
  • Dyshormonal diseases of the mammary glands (mastopathy) accompany anovulation on the background of hyperprolactinemia and hyperestrogen.

Types of anovulation

  • Physiological anovulation is observed before puberty, during pregnancy, during breastfeeding, in menopause.
  • Pathological anovulation is accompanied by persistent menstrual irregularities, which can be caused by trauma or congenital ovarian disease, congenital ovarian development, diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, and other endocrine pathologies.

Reasons for anovulation

  • Tumor diseases of the pituitary gland.
  • Hypothalamus dysfunction.
  • High levels of prolactin, hyperprolactinemia.
  • Violation of the blood supply to the brain.
  • Hyperandrogenism, increased levels of male sex hormones.
  • Psycho-emotional stress, stress.
  • Anorexia, sudden weight loss.
  • Obesity, overweight.
  • Early menopause, ovarian exhaustion syndrome.
  • Some gynecological diseases (ovarian cysts, endometriosis).
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Treatment with certain drugs.

Diagnosis of anovulation

  • Gynecological examination, consultation of a gynecologist, history taking.
  • Control of basal temperature (normal temperature rises by 0.2-0.4 degrees (above 37 degrees) in the second phase of the menstrual cycle, when ovulation occurs, with anovulation the temperature curve is smooth, without jumps).
  • Conducting ovulation tests.
  • Laboratory diagnosis of hormonal levels (LH, FSH, 17-OP, prolactin, testosterone, cortisol).
  • X-ray of the skull, Turkish saddle.
  • Ultrasound of the pelvic organs.
  • Ultrasound of the mammary glands.
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, thyroid hormone test.

Treatment of anovulation 

The treatment of anovulation depends on the cause of the disease:

  1. With obesity, measures are taken to reduce weight,
  2. With thyroid diseases they are treated (usually with hormonal therapy), etc. 
  3. When planning pregnancy, in addition to the treatment, ovulation is stimulated with special drugs. In any case, regardless of the cause of the disease, a lifestyle review is recommended, if necessary, a correction of the diet, stabilization of sleep and rest, treatment of existing and prevention of possible diseases.


The iron

High-iron foods: The top ten

Iron is a very important mineral if you are trying to get pregnant. Since a deficit could, among other things, alter your menstrual cycle, and therefore your ovulation. Above all, if in your case, your rules are very abundant or the bleeding lasts for many days, you should request an analysis from your doctor or specialist, to see if there is a deficit. Since in excess bleeding you can lower the iron too much. If that were your case, we would recommend taking accessories to increase it. Meanwhile, you can keep in mind the following iron-rich foods: red meat, chicken, turkey, mussels, oysters, sardines, lentils, spinach, asparagus, eggs and sesame.

The vitamins

9. Brightly Coloured Fruits And Vegetables - InlifeHealthCare

On the subject of vitamin E,  I am sorry to repeat myself, but it is also important for proper ovulation to occur and also helps to improve the quality of the eggs, since it is a powerful antioxidant, for both women and men. . Where we can find it: avocado, almonds, eggs, brown rice, oats, green leafy vegetables and olives.

Vitex Agnus Castus: 

Vitex Agnus Castus - Chaste Tree - Hekma Center

Plant also known as Chasteberry, it is a great help to balance the hormonal system. This wonderful plant has been shown to regulate excess estrogen , lower prolactin naturally and balance male hormones (testosterone), and therefore aids ovulation. I do not recommend taking without consulting the specialist.

And in addition to all that has been said, we must know that we need to eliminate certain foods from our diet, since they can also be affecting our ovulation, such as: exciting agents such as caffeine, glues, sugars, soy, alcohol, all kinds of Toxic, eliminate all refined products (flour, rice, sugar, salt ...) and take them whole. And maintain a healthy weight.

Dear ones, I hope this list of natural remedies to ovulate will help you, from this it is in your hands, so go ahead. And if you need an expert in natural fertility , here you have us!




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