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Herbal Treatment on Endometriosis: Blocked Fallopian Tube

By On 14/07/2020 at 09:26

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Lethal menstrual cramps - is it endometriosis?15 Reasons For Cramping Without Period

Have you ever felt such a deadly abdominal pain that it turns black in front of your eyes? Would you like to shout and cry or sink into a deep hibernation instead? Nothing helps anymore! You've already given yourself some of the painkillers, and you don't want to call an ambulance again so that they drip a miracle cure directly into your vein. Is this really normal or should you be worried about your health? And how to play away this pain with domestic means? I was in exactly this situation yesterday and shouted for help from IG stories! The holy storm that women's power immediately appeared behind me.



My days through the years

I was always the girl who didn't understand when the days were waiting at the door or they were already starting. No abdominal pain, breast tenderness, mood swings… even the blood flow was non-existent. The days were so minimal that when the tampon was forgotten, nothing happened! Now for the last six months, I have everything the other way around! Abdominal pains start as a "warning" a few days earlier, breasts are so sensitive that Roomet can only dream of seeing them, nausea runs to the pot, moods fluctuate up and down, the sense of smell is extremely sharp and the blood flow during the days is almost endless.

Causes of Abdominal Pain - Gastroenterologist in Livonia, MI




What are the best tips for women to fight menstrual cramps?

As mentioned, I got a lot of good and some very "peculiar" tricks from you on how to scare away stomach pain and end this nightmare. I will share them all with you, because not everyone is affected by the same thing, and I would like to hope that everyone will find something for themselves here. Keep in mind that not everything here is medical science. Some are funny. So take everything with salt:

  • hot water bag  - sold in pharmacies. In case of emergency, you can also use a thermostat or let the kittens swallow your stomach
  • seat heating in the car  - quite a few swore to it, but I was still immobile and sick and did not tend to try. Do you work?
  • hot tub or shower
  • Paracetamol with codeine
  • Dolmen  - a powerful painkiller. Especially good for muscle and menstrual pain
  • Solpadeine water-soluble tablets
  • rectal candle - if the pain is so severe that it causes vomiting and you vomit the tablet out
  • Ambulance analgesic injections  - Some people survive so cruelly that they have no choice but to call an ambulance who injects painkillers directly into a vein. Some wrote that making them yourself at home
  • drinking herbal tea - St. John's wort, rose flower, rosehip, iron grass, chamomile, linden flower, mung pepper, wild strawberry leaf
  • eating pickled cucumber or drinking liquid - not sure if it wasn’t confused with a cucumber, hehe
  • "Little sex and a man will end up in you"  - the last thing I want to do with abdominal pain and a bleeding uterus, but well - everyone has their own ways
  • movement  - menstruation, back cycling, running, walking, stretching, hanging
  • "Polymer film"  means a polymeric film in which an electrical charge of one thousandth of a pound per square centimeter is applied by special technology. In the electrostatic field of the film, the orientation of bipolar molecules of biofabrics takes place, which activates physiological processes in the field of influence and accelerates tissue regeneration, fracture aggregation, has a local analgesic effect, etc. Polymers increase the body's internal resources and have no side effects. I had never heard of it before. Does anyone have experience?
  • Livia  - Once you've done a Google Search for menorrhagics, you'll still be promoted. I myself have not used and do not plan to order. Does anyone have experience?
  • essential oils  - tea tree, lavender, sage, cinnamon, ginger,  clary common
  • stretching  - even though many recommend that curled just pull you seizure should straighten it. It also helped me insanely!
  • acupuncture
  • Sleep  - indeed the best medicine for any illness and anxiety. However, if the pain does not let you fall asleep, it is still useless. However, more sleep can reduce the intensity of the pain



If you are looking for the solution to your problem, below is the best African herbal tea that helps to shrink Endometriosis. 




This herbal tea is a decoction of African medicinal plants. This is the best natural solution very effective in unblocking the fallopian tube and getting pregnant.
Our tisane helps to kill bacteria like yeast, which are often the cause of infertility. This herbal tea enhances the transportation of spermatozoa and fertilization which will eventually improve fertility. It is also rich in antioxidants, antioxidants are advisable in the treatment of clogged fallopian tubes while taking this treatment our experts will be with you every step of the way to monitor the progress of the treatment and give advice where needed.






But what is it all about?   It is a very common disease among women and many are not even aware of it. How to recognize it? What are the consequences of the disease? How to treat and prevent it at all? The following text is a summary of reliable scientific information found on inimene.ee.

Endometriosis is a disease in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is located outside the uterus and, like the uterus, goes through all menstrual cycles. The most common sites of endometriosis are in the pelvis and  ovaries , but also in other organs  (eg the gut). Regardless of its location, the lesion of enometriosis may function similarly to normal uterine mucosal tissue in the uterus, i.e., go through the same stages of the menstrual cycle. In young women, endometriosis usually causes infertility,  painful menstruation,  and bleeding. In menopause, endometriosis disappears as the uterine lining stops functioning.




What could be the Symptoms?

In some cases, the symptoms are completely absent.
Typically (approximately 80% of patients), abdominal pain occurs during menstruation, due to substances released by endometrial detachment (including prostaglandins), which irritate the surrounding tissues and uterine contractions during menstruation. Less commonly, pain may also occur in the middle of the cycle during ovulation or continuously throughout the menstrual cycle.
Endometriosis may be accompanied by painful intercourse (dyspareunia), pain when urinating (dysuria), painful bowel movements and defecation, especially during menstruation. A common problem is infertility due to joints caused by endometriosis - the fallopian tubes are wilted and impassable; hormonal shifts, changes in the composition of the fluid in the abdominal cavity, etc. Many women who are being studied for the causes of infertility are diagnosed with endometriosis, but not all women with endometriosis are childless.
Mood swings are usually associated with pain syndrome, as knowledge of recurrent pain affects the psyche, creating the conditions for depression, fear, increased irritability, helplessness, etc. Depending on the location and extent of the endometriosis, the symptoms vary.


Folk natural medicine to shrink endometriosis

You can try to treat folk remedies.

The useful remedies of some plants are well known. They can reduce inflammatory symptoms and pain, as well as normalize hormones that cause the cyst to break down.

  • Cabbage;
  • Borovera uterus;
  • Bar juice;
  • Kummel and akaatsiaõied;
  • Kalina;
  • Oak bark;
  • Geraniumid;



7 Diet Tips to Help Fight Endometriosis

8 Diet Tips to Help Fight Endometriosis

  1. Increase Your Intake of Omega-3 Fats. Share on Pinterest. 
  2. Avoid Trans Fats. 
  3. Cut Down on Red Meat. 
  4. Eat Plenty of Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains. 
  5. Limit Caffeine and Alcohol. 
  6. Cut down on Processed Foods. 
  7. Soy May Be Beneficial.




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