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In Female Infertility

You might be wondering what adenomyosis is ? Adenomyosis is an uterus disease that causes infertility. It occurs when the endometrial tissue exists within and grows into the muscular wall of the uterus. It is known for causing abdominal pain. So, if you are a woman who suffers pain and discomfort in your reproductive region adenomyosis may be a reason why.  

Nonethless, African doctor’s specialists have found the very best mixture of african plants to get rid of the symptoms of this disturbing ailment.


Our herbal tea contains plants that reduce the estrogen level in the blood. This helps block the proliferation and bleeding of adenomyosis lesions. These herbal medicines are rich in antioxidants that inhibit the enzymes that lead to pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. These are nutrients with a high anti-inflammatory dose. This will definitively end the pain you experience during your period. We know that many of you have had adenomyosis treated or operated on, but the pain returned years later. Don't panic! With us, no recurrence, no side effects. You are going to cure adenomyosis permanently. This natural herbal tea also facilitates cell multiplications relating to fertility, growth, scarring, immunity; to the synthesis and secretion of many hormones.

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  1. Yoga

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Yoga can be used to re-center your body and moderate hormonal balance. It can reduce cramping and discomfort during menstruation, and lower the impact of the symptoms of Adenomyosis. Yoga also helps to stretch your body, eliminate toxins boost the metabolism, and naturally lower the pain and inflammation of adenomyosis.

  1. Tumeric

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The curcumin in turmeric can help reduce the inflammation in the uterus and regulate menstrual bleeding. Mix turmeric into a glass of milk is a great way to reduce inflammation that occurs in adenomyosis.

  1. Calcium and Magnesium

Food rich in these two essential minerals balance the menstrual process, which can help to eliminate the symptoms or reduce the severity of adenomyosis

  1. Shepherd’s purse

This herb is used to treat Adenomyosis in certain cases because it is known to cause uterine contractions. Sherpherd’s purse also significantly constricts the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow during menstruation as well as peripheral bleeding that occurs in adenomyosis.

This herb should not be used during pregnancy.

  1. Reduce your intake of red meat and fatty foods.
  2. Increase your intake of leafy green vegetables like lettuce, kale, celery. Also, take more anti-inflammatories like beets, broccoli that help out the liver balance hormones.
  3. Eat high fiber content foods such as quinoa, coconut, brown rice and fruits
  4. Take supplements : supplements like pycnogenol are beneficial to the reproductive region of a woman.
  5. Chamomille :

Chamomille tea helps to relieve the sufferer from nausea, fatigue and pain associated with adenomyosis. Applying it to the pelvic area for 15 to 20 minutes several times a day can be helpful to relief from pain.

  1. Grushanka : This plant is commonly known as female grass. It is recommended to use for adenomyosis. Due to its rich composition and multifaceted properties, the round-leaved pear is used in almost all diseases of the reproductive system. It is common for a plant to influence the functioning of the reproductive system.

An infusion is prepared from it. Take 30 grams of dry leaves. This is the norm per ml of boiling water. Insist in warmth or a thermos for at least two hours. Then filter, the entire infusion is divided into four servings and drunk throughout the day. An anti-inflammatory, analgesic and absorbable effect on the endometrium of the uterus will also have an infusion of the anus. A teaspoon of grass is brewed with a cup of hot boiling water and insisted. It is advisable to do this in a thermos. Take the drug in milliliters three times a day.

  1. Grass of a saberfish

A daily intake of a decoction of a grass of a saberfish should be taken after a meal and a decoction of a ramisia; it is taken one-sided before meals. To prepare each broth, you should take one tablespoon of raw materials per ml of water. Decoctions are boiled for 15 minutes in a water bath, filter and use in three doses each according to the recommendations. Uterine adenomyosis responds well to treatment with douching with this herbal collection.

  1. Clay therapy is also used in the treatment of adenomyosis. First, it is diluted with water and allowed to infuse. Then the excess liquid is drained and heated in a water bath. Thick mass spread on a dense napkin, evenly smooth and apply to the lower abdomen. Treatment is carried out daily for 10 days. For each clay treatment session, only a fresh portion of clay is taken. It is quite possible to cure uterine adenomyosis with folk remedies. However, such treatment requires a lot of time and responsibility. The fight against the disease with the help of modern, traditional and folk methods will certainly lead to a quick and complete cure.

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