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In Female Infertility

With age, the female genitals change under the influence of various factors. This is due to the low amount of estrogen in the ovaries, also, these changes can occur after childbirth. As a result, blood flow to the vagina slows down, dryness occurs, secretion decreases, the level of lactobacilli and pH. 


What is painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia)?


Dyspareunia is pain that occurs in sexual intercourse. It is seen in women. It manifests itself with symptoms such as pain, burning, stinging and restlessness in the groin areas. It is a common problem in our society. It is a disease that is often not consulted to the doctor, because the woman sees sexuality as a duty and does not attach importance to her on pleasure. However, Its treatment is possible, so it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and obstetrician without wasting time. It should not be confused with vaginismus. While the woman can not have sexual intercourse in vaginismus, sexual intercourse may occur in dysparenuia but pain occurs during intercourse. Dyspareunia has 2 types, superficial and deep. Before the fusion of superficial dyspareunia occurred completely, pain begins to occur at the intervention of the male genitalia. Deep dyspareunia is pain in the later stage of sexual intercourse, where the man's sexual organ touches the back of the uterus.


What are the reasons?


There are many factors that cause dyspareunia. If we look at the reasons; structure of the hymen, menopause, starting sexual intercourse before it is ready and irritation due to it, incisions at birth, infections, mass or tumors in the uterus, uterine prolapse, congenital problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, urinary tract disorders, dry vagina or psychological causes are the most common pain why they are.


How is dyspareunia treatment performed?


There are different treatment methods in painful sexual intercourse. These are; medication, laser treatment, surgical methods, psychiatry and sexual therapy. The method of treatment is determined by the condition of the patient. 


In this article, we are going to focus on natural methods vs laser therapy



This natural treatment that we offer you contains natural anti-depressants, alkaloids and other properties that helps to fight against pain during sex. This herbal tea, is the perfect cure to your unsatisfied sexual relationship, It is reported to be an aphrodisiac, stimulant, mood enhancer, and a tonic as well as sexual stimulant. Be rest assured, it has worked for many. This natural remedy is 100% made from plants. The plants we use have proven to be effective. They even enter into the composition of certain drugs. We offer you a definite advantage: the absence of undesirable effects and contraindications. 


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