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Fertility and childbirth are a serious problem for all future parents. Like other health problems, fertility has also attracted much attention, and couples are struggling with various fertility problems. But few know that simple foods, such as garlic, are a magic potion for most fertility problems, whether male or female.

Is garlic good for fertility?

The healing properties of garlic not only improve the quality of sex, but also serve as a remedy for impotence. Garlic is a fertility stimulator for men and women: Garlic and infertility treatments go hand in hand as garlic keeps sperm and eggs healthy. It is rich in nutrients that increase fertility in men and women.

can garlic cure infertility?

 In many men, increased production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a major cause of infertility. This, in turn, creates oxidative stress at such a high rate that the body’s natural antioxidants cannot cope. Garlic is a natural antioxidant that treats impotence in men, reducing the cellular damage caused by this oxidative stress.


How does garlic help improve female fertility?

The link between garlic and female fertilization is strong, as garlic is known to stimulate ovulation and prevent chromosomal defects. Women who regularly include garlic in their diet have a painless period and a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, garlic is recommended for women to conceive. The pungent smell of garlic can be repulsive, but it gives you more reason to include it in your diet, especially for women. Garlic prevents breast cancer and other diseases and helps control weight and yeast problems. It also keeps skin, hair and nails healthy. Healthy Garlic Fertility Recipes So, now we know that garlic is a baby super ingredient for all your food needs. Ideally, 1-2 cloves of raw garlic are recommended daily. Many people drink garlic milk for infertility. But its excessive smell can be a deterrent to many others.

Here are some odorless garlic recipes you can enjoy:

  1. Garlic and honey tea

Add this to your morning fertility routine. Ingredients How to do Peel the garlic pods. Submerge it in boiling water to reveal the essence. Add some honey. Serve it like tea. Garlic is rich in vitamin B6, which helps with ovulation. Garlic improves blood quality and ensures a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy. The nutrients in garlic keep the egg healthy and prevent any chromosomal damage

  1. Garlic infusion

This medicinal infusion may not taste very good, but has all the necessary benets. Ingredients How to do Grind whole garlic and put it in a jar. Boil water and pour into a jar. Close it with a lid and cover the jar with foil. Keep the jar in a dark place for a month. Shake the jar every day. Use one teaspoon of this infusion per day on your own or with a glass of milk

  1. Chesno-vodka infusion

Mixing garlic with a little vodka can work wonders. Ingredients How to do Chop the garlic. Mix it with vodka. Keep it in a dark place for a week. Take one tablespoon three times a day before meals.

  1. Garlic and white wine

White wine and garlic are a great match for your fertility problems. Ingredients How to do Boil chopped garlic clove in white wine. Leave in a glass jar for a day. Take one spoon a day one hour and a quarter before meals. Garlic 1 clove White wine 200ml

  1. Garlic with nuts Another medication that can help you increase your chances of conception. Ingredients How to do Mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Use one tablespoon of this mixture once a day after meals. Boiled Garlic 100 g Ground Walnut 300 g Hazelnuts 100 g Roots of Rhodiola rosea 50 g Honey

Aside from these recipes, you can simply incorporate garlic into your daily meals. Just mix a few cloves with a smoothie or freshly squeezed juice. Or try pasta and pizza with nely chopped garlic cloves. You can also spread some baked garlic on slices of bread, pita bread or kuda. Remember that garlic can not be consumed with epilepsy, as well as with acute inammatory processes in the kidneys during pregnancy. Also do not eat garlic on an empty stomach. If nothing works, garlic supplements are also an option. It is best to consult a doctor. Garlic is the answer to your birth and birth problems. You must be patient with the kindness of garlic in order to produce results. So, increase your fertility and enjoy a healthy pregnancy by adding garlic to your daily diet. a source Folk recipes for infertility! Infertility can be primary and secondary. Infertility is called primary when a woman, despite having a regular sex life without using contraceptives, has never become pregnant; secondary in when a woman became infertile after one or more pregnancies, even ending in childbirth. The causes of the disease are mainly the following: infantilism (underdevelopment), general and genital, husband infertility, ovarian inammation (former or present), severe uterine bend, tubal disease, previous gonorrhea, previous abortions

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