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stephany By On 12/03/2020 at 17:11

In Female Infertility

Women often have one or both ovaries, a normal process, very common in the female reproductive system. However, the alarm signal jumps in women when they think that they suffer from an ovarian cyst. This is a more serious pathology that develops around between 6 and 10 percent of women age fertile.

What symptoms allow us to identify it?


Most ovarian are asymptomatic and are usually located casually. They can be associated with painful ovulation and irregular periods. The polycystic ovary is a normal process.

However, an ovarian cyst is a more serious pathology that is associated with anovulatory periods (absence of menstruation) and metabolic syndrome-related to cardiovascular disease or the development of diabetes.

Why is the ovarian cyst produced?


The polycystic ovary occurs more frequently in young women who have many follicles in the ovaries. This indicates that they are very fertile, but sometimes this number of follicles produces more pain and cysts in ovulation.

Is it hereditary?


It is not an inherited condition, however, there is a greater predisposition in daughters with mothers who have suffered similarly to other conditions such as adenomyosis or fibroids.

How does it affect me physically and emotionally?


Women with an ovarian cyst experience ovulation with more discomfort, although most are asymptomatic. There may be emotional variations because the ovaries produce many hormones. In women and girls with polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, acne, or hair loss may appear, although it is not frequent.

Can obesity result in an ovarian cyst?


Yes. Some cysts are hormone-secreting cysts, which can impact several parts of your health including your weight

Does it reduce fertility?


Cysts that become infected and cause a pelvic infection may cause scarring in the fallopian tubes, which could cause infertility because women suffer from anovulatory periods, irregular ovulation, and amenorrhea, which reduces the chances of pregnancy. 


African Tisane for ovarian cyst

This natural treatment with herbal remedies for ovarian cysts has proven its effectiveness with dozens of cases resolved. This herbal tea is the miracle solution to permanently cure ovarian cysts.
Indeed, it contains several plants that will mimic the action of estrogen in your body. The herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate hormone levels and the size of your cysts. Thus this natural remedy will help you to relieve the pains of the menstrual cycle and to regulate your cycle.
It is the best natural remedy for curing ovarian cysts. However, the herbal tea will also expel the waste from your uterus. Generally, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment can cure ovarian cysts without side effects. When you are in a relationship and pregnancy is slow in coming, know that it is totally justified to treat your ovarian cysts because they can cause very serious fertility problems (lack of ovulation).

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Marilyn Cejas

A close friend recommended that I take natural medicine so that I could cleanse my body first, and then find another specialist. It turns out that, with great faith, I went to the place indicated to me and they sent me five bottles of a preparation that the person makes, took out a book on medicinal plants and listened to my problem when I explained it to him, he told me that I would prepare it and that I would I will pick it up in the afternoon, so I did it and started taking it, of course, the taste is bad but if you are reading this and you have an infertility problem, you know very well that this may taste very and very bad, but the desire to be moms, outweigh the bad taste.

I remember that in 2012 (when I was diagnosed with ovarian cyst), the doctor who started treating me told me that I should take a pill every day (without fail) of Metformin; After a few years of trying after trying, they switched me to Glisulin which is the same but softer because it hit my stomach, but they indicated that it was 800mg., so they still gave me many side effects and one day, I even passed out in work and then I find out that my blood sugar had dropped (hypoglycemia).

Now, I tell you that the natural medicine bottles that I was prescribed, I finished taking them almost at the end of November of last year (2016), but the day I started taking it, I stopped taking the Glisulin pill, completely, today I don't take it. I let the month of December pass and last week, I went to see myself at the Infertile Couple Management Clinic, located in the Santo Tomás Hospital.

When I was undergoing the transvaginal ultrasound, I was surprised but also somewhat confused. It is that the doctors did not see any cysts in my ovaries, they began to ask me several questions and they said that it seemed that I did not have this pathology, after analyzing a few minutes the image that they saw in the machine that was used for that purpose. They saw quite the contrary to what the doctors told me before taking I took the natural medicine, which had cysts on both ovaries.


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