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Fallopian tubes are a paired tubular organ located on the sides of the uterus, they help bring mature eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. So tubal obstruction is a syndrome in which the lumen of the fallopian tube is blocked. That is, the movement of the egg and sperm is hampered, which complicates fertilization.

What are antioxidants?

The body is like a large plant. Every second, various physiological processes take place there. An important participant is oxygen. Because of this, the process of oxidation in the tissues begins and the resulting energy provides biological combustion.

Oxidants are responsible for this process. They neutralize harmful toxins, help the body cope with stress and support healthy organs. But as soon as the quantity of such an element reaches a critical point, free radicals appear. They enter cells, begin not to restore, but to destroy them. This leads to the appearance of atherosclerosis, problems in the digestive tract, dysfunctions of the heart muscle, premature aging.

Antioxidants come to the rescue to restore natural balance. They slow the formation of dangerous molecules. However, with constant exposure to negative factors, internal reserves cease to be sufficient. It is also necessary to take foods rich in these compounds.

Antioxidants are natural or synthetic substances that protect cells from free radicals. They reduce the amount of active oxygen, normalizing the work of the organs.

In addition to direct interaction with free radicals, these compounds bind to hydroperoxides. Useful cells destroy them, block the catalysts. Antioxidants:

• help cells recover from injuries;

• protect the body from harmful radiation;

• increase overall resistance to stress;

• strengthen the immune system;

• reduce the risk of cardiovascular, oncological and other diseases. 



This treatment is the best African herbal remedy to unclog the fallopian tubes and get pregnant quickly. These plants are very effective in unclogging the fallopian tubes. They have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to regain their fertility without operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the medicinal plants that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mom. How it works?
Natural therapy is made up of 2 elements: an oil to be applied as a balm and herbal tea. By its vasodilating, depurative and diuretic power, the tea will act to unclog your fallopian tubes. Also, the oil to be applied as a poultice softens the tissues and improves circulation throughout the pelvic region. So the combined action of these two elements will allow you to naturally unclog your fallopian tubes and get pregnant.


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Antioxidant classification

They are synthetic and natural. The first type includes drugs, biologically active additives, various components added to food for more efficient storage. On the one hand, thanks to them, the shelf life of individual dishes and canned food is extended, on the other hand, there is a risk of developing an allergic reaction, an asthma attack or edema.
Antioxidants are divided into:
• Enzymatic: present in all the cells of our body.
• Low molecular weight: flavonoids, certain vitamins and minerals.
• Hormones: steroids and sex.
Enzyme species are of great benefit. Under their influence, the oxidizing product is transformed into hydrogen peroxide, then into water. A similar enzyme is found in almost all aerobic cells. Non-enzymatic cells interrupt the relationship in free radicals. Food products and additives mainly contain this type of antioxidants.
By their ability to dissolve, the compounds are divided into fat and water soluble. The body needs both types to protect the body. Fat-soluble antioxidants protect cell membranes from fat oxidation. Mostly found in cell membranes. An example is vitamins A, E, carotenodines, lipoic acid.
Water-soluble species include the antioxidants found in body fluids. This type includes vitamin C, polyphenols and gutathione.

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