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In Female Infertility

Change the frequency and style of lovemaking

To increase the likelihood of a pregnant woman, sexual intercourse should be done every three days. This makes the sperm produced healthier and anticipates the missed fertility, thus increasing the chances of conception. In addition, choose a missionary sex position with the pelvis tilted slightly. Avoid kamasutra positions if possible. For couples who want to make contact with a lubricant, double check the product used. Because the lubricant contains spermicide which can hamper the effort to get pregnant.

Consumption of iron and herbal tea

Research shows if iron deficiency can cause anovulation, a condition in which a woman does not ovulate. To avoid this, consume foods high in iron such as red meat and fish. Not only iron, omega 3 acids are also needed to support sperm mobility and motility and female hormonal balance. Foods that can be consumed include mackerel, sardines, salted fish, salmon, trout, oysters, and oysters. If you are a vegetarian, it is important to check for iron levels. Besides food, there are also drinks that help, herbal tea. Don't consume too much high-caffeine drinks like coffee because it can prevent ovulation.

Doing housework

According to one study, women who were more active in doing housework such as gardening and using a vacuum cleaner were three times more likely to get pregnant through IVF. That is because when the body's activity stops producing excessive insulin. Because excessive insulin levels can affect the development of healthy eggs. But also do not work too hard because the mind can be under pressure so that it slows or kills the reproductive organs temporarily. Other activities that can be done are yoga, pilates, and swimming.

Perform alternative medicine

Try to overcome fertility problems by doing acupuncture. This traditional treatment can help control ovulation and increase blood flow to the uterus thereby increasing the possibility of implanting fertilized eggs into the uterus. Conversely, avoid consuming certain drugs such as paracetamol and ibuprofen around the time of ovulation because it affects fertilization because it reduces the amount of hormones that help release eggs into the uterus after fertilization.

Vacation to warm climates

Exposure to sunlight and vitamin D can increase the chances of fertilization. In addition, sperm are twice as active in July and August.

Warms the stomach

Believe it or not, the uterus can become cold, making it difficult to get pregnant. The way that can be done is to wear warm clothes that help warm the stomach including the uterus.

Control your weight

For obese women, excess body fat can reduce the chance of pregnancy because it can cause excess production of certain hormones that interfere with ovulation. Meanwhile, too thin is also not good because it can interfere with the menstrual cycle so ovulation is less common

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