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6 folk remedies for Uterine Prolapse

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Did you know you could put your womb in place naturally with folk remedies? Any kind of prolapse or prolapse requires quality treatment. There are several ways to treat this pathology. Here is how you cure uterine prolapse definitively.

HERBAL TEA TO Get Your Womb Back in Place Naturally

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Treatment depends on the stage and severity of the prolapse. However, the herbal formulation and medicine we offer contain herbs like equisetum, elecampane, and other secret herbs. Together these herbs work to strengthen muscles and ligaments which support the structures and organs of the pelvis. Trust us! Following the treatment strictly for three months will guarantee a positive change. Furthermore, we have an extra package for you, our experts have healthy tips for you which have proven very effective over the years. Take advantage of this natural treatment for your uterine prolapse.

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  1. Violation of the menstrual cycle;
  2. The appearance of a different type of discharge. Such discharge is very abundant;
  3. Often, with a loss, urinary and fecal incontinence is observed;
  4. The presence of pulling pain in the lower abdomen, which also affects the lumbar region, indicates a prolapse of the uterus or its cervix. The pain can take on an aching character. It intensifies with a long sitting in one place and subsides only after a change of position;
  5. Difficulty walking
  6. Varicose veins of the lower extremities also indicate the prolapse or prolapse of the uterus in a woman. Varicose veins itself appears due to a violation of the blood supply to the venous blood outflow;
  7. The woman feels the presence of a foreign body in the vagina;
  8. False urge to urinate is possible;
  9. Partial or complete prolapse is also characterized by inflammatory processes occurring in the small pelvis. Such processes often mean urolithiasis, cystitis or pienofelitis.
  10. Severe pain during intercourse.

Folk remedies for uterine prolapse

Phytopreparations are an auxiliary, but not the main type of therapy for prolapse. Herbal decoctions are used for baths, douching, impregnation of tampons, taken orally. Natural remedies can help strengthen muscles, relieve pain, and other symptoms.

An effective remedy for hair loss is to mix crushed shells from five eggs with mashed nine lemons. Remove the mixture in a dark place for 4 days, filter. Take 50 ml 2 times a day, continue treatment until the end of the medication.


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The herbal collection when omitting is prepared from an equal amount of linden blossom, lemon balm and lamb. Pour 220 ml of boiling water with 10 g of the mixture, cool in a closed container. Divide the infusion into 3 servings, drink during the day.


Quince Extract - Cydonia Oblonga Leaf Extract - Cosmacon

Quince is one of the best remedies for improving muscle tone in the rectum and uterus. Pour 10 dried fruits with 100 ml of water, simmer in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Drink it warm instead of tea 4-5 times a day.

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Prolapse is often accompanied by inflammatory processes in the genitals. An anti-inflammatory broth can be prepared from 6 g of viburnum inflorescences and 240 ml of boiling water. Simmer the mixture over the fire for 10 minutes, strain, take 45 ml of medicine three times a day.

Oak bark

Black Walnut Juglans nigra; (Juglandaceae)

Oak broth helps to improve muscle tone, eliminates inflammation. Grind 70 g of oak bark, pour 2 liters of water, simmer over low heat for 2 hours - this amount is enough for several douching, you need to warm up the broth a little beforehand. The procedure is carried out daily for 3-4 weeks.

Uterine prolapse in elderly women: what is dangerous and how to treat

Pine nuts

A bath of pine nuts helps with prolapse - pour 2 liters of boiling water over 180 g of nuts, cook for an hour on low heat in a closed container, leave for half an hour. Pour into a bath, the duration of the procedure is a quarter of an hour, the water temperature should be within 37-39 degrees during this time.

Uterine prolapse in elderly women: what is dangerous and how to treat


For the treatment and prevention of uterine prolapse, it is necessary to regularly do Kegel exercises, which is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the vagina. Simple exercises will help restore muscles after childbirth, avoid the development of gynecological diseases.

The exercise is based on alternating tension and relaxation of the intimate muscles. When straining them, you need to pull them in, fix the position for 15–20 seconds, slowly relax. Repeat the tension after 5 seconds, you need to do gymnastics three times a day for 10-15 minutes, gradually increasing the duration of the tension.

In addition to Kegel gymnastics, you need to walk more, more often climb the stairs. Bicycle exercises, exercise cycling, swimming strengthens muscles well.

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