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In some cases, the ovarian cyst in the child passes independently, and the gynecologist recommends observing asymptomatic and small formations for at least 3 months. Nevertheless, many patients need medical attention, surgical intervention and traditional treatment. 



Traditional medicine is the oldest form of health care in the world and is used in the prevention, and treatment of physical and mental illnesses. Different societies historically developed various useful healing methods to combat a variety of health- and life-threatening diseases. This form of medicine is from nature itself and has proven to be more effective. It is also known to have no side effect except in cases of allergy. This method supersedes that of conventional medicine or surgical intervention




This natural treatment with herbal remedies for ovarian cysts has proven its effectiveness with dozens of cases resolved. This herbal tea is the miracle solution to permanently cure ovarian cysts.
Indeed, it contains several plants that will mimic the action of estrogen in your body. The herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate hormone levels and the size of your cysts. Thus this natural remedy, will help you to relieve the pains of the menstrual cycle and to regulate your cycle.
It is the best natural remedy for curing ovarian cysts. However, the herbal tea will also expel the waste from your uterus. Generally, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment can cure ovarian cysts without side effects. When you are in a relationship and a pregnancy is slow in coming, know that it is totally justified to treat your ovarian cysts because they can cause very serious fertility problems (lack of ovulation).

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Drug therapy

In the case of active growth of the cyst, doctors prescribe therapy to get rid of the formation. The treatment regimen is carefully selected based on the age, personal characteristics of the girl’s body and chronic diseases, thanks to this it is possible to maintain the fully reproductive function of the ovaries.

Experts choose a suitable hormonal drug, during therapy, young girls undergo complex treatment with an ovarian cyst, observe bed rest or refuse physical activity.


Surgical intervention

If a teenage girl has a torsion of the legs of a cyst, then doctors resort to surgical treatment - laparoscopy, this method allows you to maintain reproductive function. Most often, the formation is removed, and healthy tissues and the ovary itself remain intact, less often an ovariectomy is performed, implying the removal of the cystic formation along with the ovary.


Alternative methods 

Tincture of peony

Reception of folk remedies should be agreed with the doctor. The body of a teenage girl is characterized by increased sensitivity to drugs, so treatment methods must be safe and effective. So, it helps to stop the growth of ovarian cyst. Tincture of peony should be taken for 10 days, 1 teaspoon with the addition of water 2 times a day.


Juice of viburnum and honey

A follicular cyst at home is treated with the help of juice of viburnum and honey, a useful mixture of these products strengthens the immune system and promotes the resorption of ovarian formation. To obtain a therapeutic effect, 1 tablespoon of berry juice is mixed with a similar amount of honey and taken for 30 days.


Burdock juice

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Burdock is a plant that can also be used as food and is also used as medicine. It increases urine flow, kills germs, reduce fever, and regulates hormonal balance. A juice made from burdock has a therapeutic effect on follicular cyst. Drink this juice everyday for 60 DAYS.


Decoction of dandelion

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Dandelion is also known as Taraxacum officinale, it is highly nutritious and it contains antioxidants which are very important in the function of the woman reproductive organs. 

These drugs help to accelerate the resorption of cystic formations, strengthen immunity. Before taking them, you should definitely consult with your doctor.



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