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Sperm morphology

Food to treat sperm morphology

By On 14/07/2020

What is sperm morphology?

Men do not like to admit that they may have infertility in marriage. But the statistics are cruel - about 40% of infertile couples who have tried unsuccessfully for three or more years to become pregnant deal with male infertility.

Therefore, if you go to the doctor with complaints that your child is not working, a full and detailed examination is recommended not only of the woman but also of her partner. The main diagnostic method for the stronger sex is the spermogram. This study assesses the number of male heart species, their motility, structural properties and other parameters important for successful fertilization.

Morphological examination of sperm is one of the important components of a complete diagnosis. Without it, the picture of sperm processes is inaccurate and incomplete. Sperm morphology is performed microscopically. Thanks to modern precision equipment, the doctor distributes all living and theoretically able sperm to become normal and pathological. There are several methods for assessing the morphological characteristics of Zinger. The most common is a study of the so-called Kruger strict criteria.



How do you test the sperm?

According to Kruger, sperm are tested for fitness. Breastfeeding, as you know, requires only one healthy and normal sperm, which can penetrate the egg. But when there are more such healthy cells, the chances of having a child increase.

The Krueger scoring system involves selecting cells according to the following parameters:

  • head width and shape;
  • sperm neck width;
  • tail shape and length;
  • tail, middle and head ratio;
  • germ cell cytoplasmic membrane condition;
  • other structural properties.

In summary, the Kruger fertility index is always shown. It is expressed as a percentage, and decoding is not even difficult for people who are far from drugs.

If the cryogenic activity index is shown to be 22%, this means that 22% of the morphologically perfect sperm cathodes were found in the semen sample submitted for analysis. These were the ones who were strictly selected by existing standards and ready for fertilization.

In these cases, the morphology of a single sperm is not sufficient to determine the true causes of male infertility. Survey indicators may be normal and the concept cannot yet be achieved.

In order to make the picture more complete, the man may also recommend a so-called mar test.

This is an immunological study that shows whether these morphologically ideal sperm are exposed to antibodies.

There are other experiments:

  • The EMIS test makes it possible to assess the functional capacity of male heart meat;
  • sperm biochemistry identifies and corrects errors in male metabolism;
  • DNA fragmentation allows you to genetically evaluate sperm.



African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

Oligospermia remedy

Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamin E are sometimes prescribed by a specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow having more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

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Normal indicators of sperm morphology

In general, a man is considered to be naturally capable in its natural state without the intervention of reproductive techniques if:

  • its spermagram contains approximately 20-40 million individuals;
  • the total amount of semen is at least 2 milliliters;
  • sperm which are motile and active, in an amount of at least 25%;
  • if the number of sperm that is not "torn" but moves directly to the target is at least 50% in the straight path.

This is considered a good sign if at least 15% of healthy, morphologically correct sperm are found in the spermogram.

The morphological evaluation includes analysis of the structure of germ cells. The criteria for strict Krüger even take into account boundary parameters, which several other methods call normal variants, such as pathology. Even the smallest discrepancy between sperm and the standard immediately leads to the rejection of that cell.

The ideal sperm must meet several important criteria. Here they are:

  • Head Sperm with normal head morphology always have one head, not two or more. The shape of the head is strictly oval. At least half of the main area should be an acrosome - a small space, an organoid. The normal width of the head is 2.5-3.5 μm, the normal length is considered to be in the range of 4-5.5 μm.
  • Kael. This part of male reproductive cells must not exceed 1 micron in width. The length of the neck should ideally be equal to a value not exceeding the length of one and a half heads. The neck should be at a 90-degree angle to the head, correctly, without visible curves. The neck should be flat.
  • Tail This part of the germ cell should occupy 90% of the total sperm size. The tail should be flat, not convex, not twisted, without tubercles, nodules. It decreases slightly and sharp at the end. In the case of the head, the tail should be 9-10 times larger. The tail of healthy sperm is only one, not two, not three.



What affects sperm quality?

Many factors can affect the functioning of the male reproductive system. The main thing is stress. It is noted that by monitoring the daily regimen, increasing physical activity and minimizing the impact of harmful factors on the body, the quality of semen gradually improves. Doctors associate this with the ability of the human body to heal. To this end, they recommend:

  • Choose a living environment with a normal environmental situation.
  • Keep track of the day mode. 
  • Give up any bad habits.
  • Pay attention to the quality of the food.
  • Active lifestyle and regular exercise.

Following these rules will help to restore sperm indicators in a short period of time, which may include some abnormalities during decoding. If the negative change in sperm was caused by a change in the man's hormonal background, the doctor will order him to take certain medicines that can restore the situation quickly.




Food that helps to shrink sperm morphology 

Fruits and vegetables

How to rid fruits and vegetables of coronavirus? - The Week

Fruits and vegetables have a profound effect on the health of sperm. Eating omega-3 polyunsaturated fats can improve sperm quality. Parenting is something that not only must the mother prepare for, fathers have an equally important role to play. Infertility is on the rise in modern India. According to statistics, infertility has increased by almost 20 to 30% in the past five years. In men, the quality of the sperm is the main reason for the failure of the impregnation of the partner. Common reasons for male infertility are low sperm count (oligospermia), low sperm motility (asthenospermia), and abnormal sperm morphology (teratospermia). The exact reason for the decline in sperm quality is unclear, but the environmental, nutritional, socio-economic and other factors to appear with recent research.


Stock up on fruits and vegetables

15 Long-Lasting Fresh Fruits And Vegetables You Can Stock Up On
A study by Harvard University found that eating yellow and orange fruits and vegetables had a profound effect on the health of sperm. The yellow and orange color of fruits and vegetables is due to "carotenoids", including beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants. Sweet potatoes and melons improve both the quantity and quality of sperm, while red vegetables, especially tomatoes, which contain lycopene, improve the amount of abnormally shaped sperm by 8-10%. The hero here was the carrot which increased the motility of the sperm, thereby improving his chances of reaching the egg.


Control cholesterol

3 diet changes to help lower cholesterol levels - Harvard Health
Couples with high cholesterol levels take longer to conceive. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism concluded that couples or one of the partners with high cholesterol had difficulty conceiving compared to other couples. Another longitudinal study on fertility and the environment (LIFE) found that possibly high levels of total cholesterol and free cholesterol are associated with a significantly lower percentage of sperm. So, incorporate these whole grain fibers, whole fruits, and lean vegetable proteins into your daily diet and monitor your lipid profile. Whole grain fibers control your lipid profile. 


Cut saturated fat

Eating Right: Cut the saturated fats - Chicago Sun-Times
Saturated fats not only have a detrimental effect on your heart and waist but are also major contributing factors to low sperm counts. A Harvard study linked saturated fat intake to sperm count, suggesting that even a 5% increase in saturated fat intake could lead to a decrease in sperm count. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School have found that while eating large amounts of saturated fat decreases sperm count and concentration, eating omega-3 polyunsaturated fats improves actually the quality of the sperm. So, savor salmon, almonds, nuts, and chia seeds.



Protect yourself against oxidative stress (OS):

OS is directly linked to cell damage caused by free radicals called reactive oxygen species (ROS). Small amounts of ROS are necessary for the functioning of sperm, but when their number increases and our antioxidant defenses are exceeded, the quality of sperm can be seriously affected. Sperm are unable to repair damage from the bone because they lack the necessary repair systems. Vitamins E, C and carotenoids (vitamin A) are known to neutralize ROS, protecting sperm. Although supplements under the guidance of the doctor can be used when needed, prevention of ROS buildup can be achieved by following a healthy lifestyle, including quitting smoking, avoiding alcohol, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day. The World Health Organization and all health advisories recommend five servings of seasonal fruits and vegetables daily.


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Ol 1

Herbal Remedies To Treat Oligospermia

By On 13/07/2020

How can I improve my sperm quality? 

Many men ask themselves. The question becomes particularly pressing when there is an unfulfilled desire to have children, when no, too few, too slow, or malformed sperm can be found in the semen. But can you really improve sperm quality? Read here what harms sperm quality, how you can possibly stimulate sperm production and why sometimes only one operation helps.

How to increase your sperm count and keep it up: lots of great sex ...



What is wrong with the sperm?

If you want to improve sperm quality, you should first know where your sperm is failing. Based on the vitality, mobility (motility) and appearance (morphology) of the sperm, doctors can assess the sperm quality and ultimately the fertility (fertility) of the man.

They should be fast, get on well, be well-formed and swim around in sufficient numbers. With less than 20 million sperm cells per milliliter of seminal fluid, male fertility is considered to be restricted (oligospermia). Slow sperm is an asthenozoospermia, malformed one is a teratozoospermia. If a combination of the three criteria lies, doctors speak of oligoasthenoteratozoospermia (OAT). With azoospermia, no sperm are found in the ejaculate.


What harms sperm quality?

Numerous external factors are suspected of affecting male fertility: for example sauna, cycling, cell phone radiation or seat heating in the car? The data situation is inconsistent and the influence of each individual factor cannot be assessed beyond doubt. The following points may stand in the way of improving sperm quality.


The best production temperature for sperm is a few degrees below body temperature. The veins of the testicles provide cooling. If the testicles are stuck in tight pants or through a lot of sitting, the cooling system may no longer work optimally. Even after a febrile illness, the spermiogram can be worse.

Way of life

An unhealthy lifestyle can affect the spermiogram: excessive consumption of nicotine, alcohol or drugs (marijuana) reduces the number of sperm. Stress may also harm: If the stress hormone prolactin increases, this can disrupt sperm production. Also, obesity and a poor diet are suspected restrict the functionality of the sperm.

Environmental influences and pollutants

Fertility-damaging chemicals and pollutants include plasticizers and pesticides (pesticides) as well as polychlorinated biphenyls, plant substances and hormones enriched in the environment.


Taking anabolic steroids to build muscle, but also antibiotics, antidepressants, blood pressure and gastrointestinal agents have a negative impact on sperm quality.


Mumps ( mumps orchitis), infection with chlamydia, bacteria in the ejaculate, congenital malformation (e.g. undescended testicles ), hormone deficiency, genetic abnormalities (e.g. Klinefelter syndrome ), tumor diseases as well as operations and injuries may result in poor semen quality or block transport routes.


Age is also a limiting factor for men. From the age of 40 the semen quality slowly decreases, the sperm become slower, less and collect more chromosome damage or genetic defects.


African doctor natural remedy for oligospermia and oligozoospermia

Oligospermia remedy

Oligospermia is a disease that is characterized by a reduced number of spermatozoids released during ejaculation. That condition is associated with several cases of infertility. Proviron and vitamine E are sometimes prescribed by specialist to treat oligospermia. It may work for some but not for everybody. Our natural treatment is safe and highly effective. Don't let your couple be devastated by oligospermia anymore. Our remedy is the solution for you to regain your fertility. It is a herb-based treatment that will stimulate spermatogenesis and will allow to have more spermatozoid in the ejaculate.

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Improve sperm quality with maca?

The Benefits of Maca for Male Fertility - FertilityTips.com

The maca plant ( Lepidium meyenii ), a medicinal plant from the Andes, is said to promote fertility and libido and improve sperm quality. You can buy them in this country as a tablet or powder. In a Peruvian study, the amount and mobility of sperm increased in men who had taken between 1.5 and 3 grams of MACA daily as a tablet for four months. Due to the limited data available, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment cannot say how much maca-containing dietary supplements you can safely consume.


Improve sperm quality with these tips

Especially with a mediocre spermiogram, it is advisable to check the current lifestyle and try a few things. Perhaps you can improve sperm production and increase sperm count until the next examination.

Improving sperm quality can possibly succeed with the following tips:

  • Moderate alcohol consumption
  • Refrain from nicotine, drugs or anabolic steroids
  • Check medication intake and possibly discontinue after consultation with a doctor
  • Diet rich in vitamins and minerals: lots of fruits, vegetables (from organic cultivation for less pesticide exposure), whole grains, fish, nuts, low-fat foods
  • Reduce overweight and underweight
  • Regular exercise ( jogging, swimming )
  • Reduce stress
  • No testicular overheating
  • Avoid contact with pollutants

Improving sperm quality also works with sex: about once or twice a week seems optimal. The immune system breaks down the sperm cells at longer intervals, and the amount of ejaculate decreases if the ejaculation is too frequent.




Natural Herbs For Men To Increase Sperm Quality


  • Bee pollen

Bee Pollen Health Benefits + Side Effects, Dosage & Reviews ...

It would also be worth trying (but much cheaper) to take a pollen cure. Many naturopaths recommend this for problems with sperm because pollen contains around 100 biological substances - including a number of the above-mentioned amino acids, vitamins and trace elements, but here in a natural composition.

  • Nettle seeds

Nettle Seed with Calyx - Oshala Farm

Many also swear by nettle seeds (2 tablespoons twice a day) - an insider tip from the Alpine countries: the farmers there believe that the tough and fertile herb transfers its powers to humans. Doctors see this somewhat more soberly: The seeds are rich in tocopherols, which are contained in vitamin E, the "fertility vitamin". Therefore, they could help men to produce more sperm.

  • Herbal tea

Herbal tea: Which is the brew for you? - Adventure Travel Tips ...

The naturopath Margret Madjeski recommends the following tea to stimulate sperm formation:

Mix the angelica, nettle and lovage root in equal parts with the male loyalty and parsnip.
Scald two teaspoons per cup and brew for 10 to 15 minutes; Two cups a day for at least six weeks.

  • Homeopathy:

How homeopathy helps | Homeopathy UK

To increase sperm production, homeopaths often give the preparation Testes comp. (Fa. Wala), which is supposed to stimulate the activity of the male gonads (let 2 x 10 globules dissolve under the tongue every day).




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