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using the jelqing method to enlarge the penis in a natural way


Jelqing reviews: does it really work? Look at these testimonials

By On 12/03/2020

Looking for opinions on Jelqing? Do you want to read testimonials from other men who have tried this method to enlarge the penis?

In this article we will try to answer all your questions in detail.

The first question that will have crossed your mind is why is it so difficult to get information on the subject?

There are many men looking for information to increase the size of their member, but it is a very delicate argument. Not for nothing all related products found online guarantee confidentiality and the most absolute discretion at the time of delivery.

Many men who tried the method, even if they have had results, will not give a testimony using their data, for fear of being judged.

That is why we toured different websites, forums and communities to bring you today the opinions of different men who tried this technique, and their opinion on it.


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Reviews on Jelqing


Here is a summary of some testimonials from users who tried the Jelqing exercises 

Newbiess (Thunder Forum):

I have been testing the Jelqing method for over 6 months. In the last two months I have gained approximately 2 and a half centimeters. What I discovered is that performing exercises with a fully erect penis is not only dangerous, but also ineffective. At first I was practicing the Jelqing exercises for two months with the penis erect, and I did not notice any type of result. The worst piece of advice I've ever heard is to do Jelqing exercises with your erect limb as an advanced technique. It is an advanced technique for idiots, never do the exercises with your penis fully erect.

Jeff FF (Quora):

Jelqing exercises are one of the best known methods to enlarge the penis. What not many men know is that this is not really the main objective of this technique. The following are proven benefits that the Jelqing method can bring:

  • It can increase the size of the girth of your penis.
  • You can achieve better erections and that they last longer.
  • It favors the circulation of blood in the penis (essential to obtain the two previous benefits).

What I mean is that the original Jelqing is not enough to increase the length of the penis, but the majority of programs and exercises that are promoted today with this name also include exercise routines to increase the size of the penis.

MesBIGner77 (Bodybuilding Forum):

The technique works but if not done correctly you can end up injured. Also, like all exercise, if you stop training for a long time you may lose part of the benefits.

David Carreras (Quora):

I was able to add almost 4 centimeters in length, but it was not easy. Jelqing is very useful to increase the thickness of the penis and the power of erections. Anyway, a good complete exercise routine will increase your length, but it requires time and dedication.

lio SEA Vegas (Yahoo Answers):

I used the Jelqing method for a period of three months nothing more. I consider that I already had a fairly large penis by nature but I was very curious to know if it really worked or it was all a lie. I was able to increase the size of the penis by 2 centimeters, and I did not lose the results when I stopped doing the exercises.

MasterofTOYS (Thunder Forum):

Welcome, I would recommend starting with routines for newbies to avoid possible injury. As you can see from the testimonies in our community, growth is a fact if you dedicate time to it.

FernandITOo90 (Thunder Forum):

Jelqing exercises are one of the safest methods of increasing size. I have been practicing these exercises for 4 months and I have achieved an increase of 1.6 centimeters in length and one and a half centimeters in thickness. Don't forget to do the warm-up session.


So is Jelqing a scam?


No, it is not a scam. Based on all the information we have collected about Jelqing and the testimonies of different users, we can guarantee that the Jelqing method has been on the market for many years , as well as a large number of related products, and almost none of them have been reported or tagged as a scam.

There are large communities of men who practice these exercises daily. Even if you are not able to increase the length of your penis immediately, Jelqing can provide you with other benefits, among which:

  • Increased thickness of the penis.
  • Better blood circulation.
  • Rock hard erections.

Most of the negative comments that we have been able to find about the Jelqing method are made by users who have never actually performed the exercises and judge without knowledge. Many of them are satisfied with their size and brand ridiculous to all those who want to try to improve or are obsessed with size.


Is Jelqing dangerous?


Failure to do the exercises correctly or using too much force could cause injury and tears to your penis. A very common mistake is trying to do the exercises with the penis fully erect.


Is Jelqing permanent?


Regarding length, the results are permanent.

But if you stop doing the exercises you can lose other benefits such as increased thickness and power of erections. In the end, if you stopped training in the gym, you would also lose muscle mass.


Is it normal to ejaculate during exercises?

If you followed the instructions to the letter, you will know that ejaculating during a Jelqing session is not normal.

First of all you shouldn't do the routine with your penis fully erect. Secondly, the rhythm you are using is probably not correct and therefore you feel too much excitement and cannot focus on the exercise.


Does Jelqing work at any age?

There is no evidence to indicate that Jelqing exercises are counterproductive after a certain age.

Jelqing practitioners' ages range from 16 to 65 years.

The advantage of those who start earlier is of course to obtain even more benefits and to be able to enjoy them for a longer time. 


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