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types of foods to eat to make the penis grow

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By On 10/03/2020

For many men, penis enlargement can be a serious problem, but most people don't know where to start when they want to earn extra inches. There are a number of methods that are commonly used to increase penis size such as penis enlargement surgery, penis enlargement pumps, penis enlargement exercises, when using herbal pills. Some of these methods work, and some do not. Truth be told, the vast majority of men would opt for natural male accessory over surgery or other dangerous methods. Many people are not aware that eating simple, adequate nutrition can have an impact on the size of the penis.


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This article discusses SIX types of foods that will help you get on the right path to penis enlargement and what makes these foods so effective in this regard.

1. Bananas 

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Studies have suggested that men who successfully win centimeters usually have healthy hearts. It has also shown that potassium found in bananas helps in the health of the heart and also helps one with good blood circulation. With this good blood circulation and a healthy heart, penis enlargement is achievable. Consumption of bananas will also help keep your body's sodium low, which helps prevent heart disease and other related heart problems.

2. Salmon 


This fish is rich in essential fatty oils, such as omega 3. These healthy fatty oils help to thin the blood (lower viscosity), which in turn or, aids in the circulation of blood around the body. Research has shown the existence of a healthy blood flow is one of the main factors in achieving strong, stiffer erections.

3. Onion


Well, many do not know, but many of today's top researchers believe that onion is also an essential food for healthy bowel movement. It also helps prevent the formation of blood clots. This has a great advantage for increasing blood flow to the heart, as well as the penis.

4. Red beet


Red beet is not only a delicious garnish but also an excellent vasodilator. Studies have shown that patients who regularly consume red beets benefit from improved blood flow, especially in the penis area. Also, the beetroot nitrite will help you maintain a lasting erection and satisfy your life partner.

5. Nuts


Nuts are high in protein, fiber and healthy fats and are extremely effective against cardiovascular disease. Doctors recommend nut consumption 5 times a week. In addition to increasing potency, it provides blood circulation to the penile tissue.

6. Spinach and other green vegetables


Spinach is also very good for potency, contains a lot of magnesium, minerals that help dilate blood vessels, blood circulation to the penis increases and the state of arousal becomes more intense. For those who want a diversification of nutrition, there are other green vegetables with leaves such as broccoli, cabbage, green salad, all contain folic acid, a substance that prevents blood clotting in the arteries, and possibly erectile problems.

From what we've discussed so far, you could see the trend that having healthy blood flow is a key factor for bigger penis enlargement and stronger erections, stiffer erections. While these foods may help, eating them by themselves is not enough for penis enlargement. In addition to consuming these three main foods, work to include more fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains in your diet. At the same time, eliminate process and junk foods from your diet.

For best results, you may want to use a herbal penis enlargement supplement in combination with a healthy diet. Studies have shown that consuming these key foods and using a herbal penis supplement quality tisane can give you better and faster penis enlargement results.

Some of herbal penis enlargement medicine are perfectly safe to use and include tested and approved by ingredients that are considered by top medical experts to be very effective. 

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