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By On 02/03/2020

At least 5% of people around the world have had an epilepsy attack at least once in their life. Unfortunately, even a properly selected treatment does not stop seizures in at least 30% of cases, which is why the questions of therapy using alternative medicine remain topical. What possibilities does the treatment of epilepsy offer to folk remedies?


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According to the World Health Organization, around 50 million people worldwide suffer from epilepsy. This chronic brain disease affects people of all ages, but often manifests in childhood. In the United States alone, it has been detected in 300,000 children under the age of 14. Some of them, in all probability, can "overcome" this disorder, but most will be forced to fight the disease throughout their lives.

The exact cause of the development of the disease is not always possible to establish: in half of the patients, it remains unknown. It is known that one or more genes are responsible for the onset of seizures. However, genetic diagnosis is a complex process, not available in all regions, and all variants of genetic epilepsy are not yet open.

In about 30% of patients, changes in the structure of the brain are detected that are associated with the onset of seizures, and they can be congenital. However, most often the disease develops due to various diseases, including:

• Congenital metabolic disorders

• Intracranial hemorrhage

• Oxygen deficiency during childbirth

• Brain tumor

• Infections

• Congenital genetic syndromes

• Head injury

• Stroke

• Alzheimer's disease, etc.


The main goal of therapy is to stop attacks with minimal adverse drug reactions. The basic principle of therapy, which is declared by the main international organizations to fight against this disease, is "No seizures, no side effects".

The therapy is complete. First, the factors associated with the onset of seizures is excluded (lack of sleep, physical or mental stress, etc.). The main role in successful crisis management is played by correctly selected drug therapy. It is based on prescription drugs. In most cases, antiepileptic therapy allows you to control the condition of patients, but sometimes this does not happen. In addition, some consumers are gravely concerned about the long-term safety of anticonvulsant drugs. In this regard, in recent years, the interest of patients has increased (however, specialists are less inclined to treatment with folk remedies) in the alternative and alternative treatment of epilepsy.


Herbal medicines are widely used in medicine: more than 80% of the population uses them as first-line treatment for various diseases. Medicines used on the basis of plant materials and for the treatment of epilepsy. A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of complex herbal remedies for severe epilepsy.

Herbal remedies are generally used as part of complex treatment. A number of herbal remedies, for example chamomile, passionflower, valerian, due to the sedative effect, can increase the effectiveness of the main therapy. According to some reports, St. John's wort extract helps reduce the frequency of seizures. However, one should be careful when using herbal remedies and consult a doctor.


Vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin B6, can contribute to the development of seizures. As part of the complex treatment of seizures, multivitamin preparations containing vitamin B6, vitamin E, magnesium, folic acid and other nutrients are often used.

According to the Cochrane review, long-term administration of anticonvulsant can contribute to a decrease in the plasma levels of various vitamins, including vitamins D, E and others. In this regard, multivitamin supplements and medications may be recommended for patients receiving antiepileptic therapy. However, the feasibility and effectiveness of including vitamin therapy in the treatment regimen for epilepsy needs to be further investigated and confirmed.


Correction of diet is attributed to alternative methods of treating seizures. To improve the condition and reduce convulsive activity, the so-called ketogenic diet, or keto diet, is used. Its characteristic is that it is low in carbohydrates, high in fat and moderate in protein. The consumption of these foods promotes the production of ketones, an increase in the level of which results in a decrease in the frequency of epilepsy attacks. The ketogenic diet shows optimal results when used in children and youth with severe forms of the disease who cannot be treated with anticonvulsant. In almost half of the cases, patients notice a decrease in the number of attacks, at least by half, and the effect persists even after switching to a standard diet.

The classic ketogenic diet is unbalanced. It contains very small portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and calcium-rich foods. It is also recommended introducing B vitamins, calcium and vitamin D in the diet as part of multivitamins.


The Atkins diet also shows positive results in people with epileptic seizures, where foods high in protein and carbohydrates predominate. The most common side effect of this diet is constipation - about 30% of people report deterioration in digestion with an Atkins diet. This is due to a decrease in the volume of fluid.

With the Atkins diet, meat, including pork and beef, as well as oily fish, seafood, eggs, fatty dairy products, nuts, olive oil, are allowed. Prohibited foods include sugar, including drinks, cakes, candy, cereals (wheat, rice), low-fat foods, and legumes. The Atkins dieters are not recommended for carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables - bananas, apples, grapes, carrots.


It is known that stress and anxiety increase convulsive activity, therefore, a number of alternative methods of treating epilepsy aim to improve emotional state. There are many practices that help patients relax, calm down, normalize sleep. One of the most popular methods is yoga, based on breathing exercises, using various postures and meditation methods. You can use other individually selected relaxation methods.


Studies have proven the effectiveness of correcting epilepsy using hypnosis in combination with aromatherapy. More than a third of the 100 experiment participants who received such alternative therapy for 12 months got rid of the attacks. However, the treatment was quite laborious. Keep in mind that certain essential oils can cause seizures, for example eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary oils. Therefore, before proceeding with aromatherapy, it is important to consult a doctor.

Another popular method of treating seizures is acupuncture. Its effectiveness has been studied in a number of clinical studies involving patients who have not responded to antiepileptic drug therapy. Unfortunately, the experimental results have not confirmed the effectiveness of acupuncture: patients who have undergone sessions have always experienced seizures. However, many people with seizures believe that acupuncture still helps them feel better.

Folk remedies are not a method of treatment. Treatment is only prescribed by the attending physician, who may decide to use either remedy for the main therapy in addition.

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