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Natural treatment for necrozoospermia dead sperm

Necrozoospermia: symptoms, causes and natural treatment

By On 14/11/2020

Many are not familiar with this scientific word 'necrozoospermia' BUT rather are conversant with the term 'dead sperm'. Dead sperm is beyond doubt one of the causes of male infertility. Here, we will bring to your knowledge what you need to know about this pathology and the best natural treatment to treat it. In the end, you will be able to discover how you can bring to life your dream of becoming a father from your bowels. 


By On 26/05/2020

Necrospermia: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatments ...





Is it very difficult to get a natural pregnancy with necrospemria?

If, as we have commented, necrospermia is the appearance of 52% of dead sperm in the ejaculation, so the possibilities of achieving a natural pregnancy are almost completely nullified, although it is necessary to study whether this pathology occurs at a certain moment in time. the life of man or if it is permanently.


Are there causes of necrospermia?

The causes are not very defined. There are factors such as habitual drug use or a poor diet that can be causes of necrospermia. Negative lifestyle influences spermiograms very negatively.


As age increases does necrospermia also increase?

Not in all cases. Age in both men and women is an important factor when looking for pregnancy. Aging of the cells added to oxidative stress may make it necessary to resort to an assisted reproduction treatment.





Male infertility

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  • Control weight and exercise

Weight loss and exercise in overweight or obese individuals can improve or increase sperm count, and a study published in Hospital Nutrition revealed that a 16-week program of moderate aerobic exercise , in sessions of at least 50 minutes, three times a week, it increased sperm volume and concentration in 45 sedentary obese men.​Reduce stress levels


    Reduce stress levels

​The continued stress forces the body to remain on the defensive, so it is more focused on overcoming adversity and less reproduce. Learning to cope with stressful situations helps reduce its negative effects.

  • Give up smoking

Tobacco use significantly reduces semen quality, according to the results of a review of 20 studies carried out in 2016 and published in Science Direct , and in which 5,865 men participated.

  • Avoid alcohol and other drugs

Although not many studies have looked at the relationship between sperm health and drug use, some researchers have associated the use of drugs such as alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine with declining sperm production.

  • ​The amount of antioxidant- rich foods in the daily diet

Antioxidants (such as selenium, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, or glutathione) help eliminate and deactivate free radicals and other substances that damage cells, and numerous studies have associated their consumption with an increased sperm count. 

  • Cut down on unhealthy fats

According to the results of a study published in 2014 in Human reproduction, and in which 209 healthy Spanish men aged between 18 and 23 participated, their sperm count decreased when they increased their consumption of trans fats.

  • Eliminate or limit exposure to toxins and occupational or environmental pollutants

Air pollution and exposure to toxic chemicals have frequently been associated with decreased quality and total sperm count

  • ​Take enough folate and zinc

Some studies have shown that the combined consumption of zinc and folic acid increases sperm quality, including concentration and total sperm count.


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