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By On 25/03/2020

Testicular dropsy is a disease in which there is excessive formation and retention of fluid in the shells of the testicle.                                                                                                 

Why is this happening and what is happening? Testicular dropsy can be congenital or acquired.

Until the early 20th century, gonorrhea was the most common cause of acquired hydrocele. Nowadays, hydrocele manifests itself more often after injuries, but generally so minor that a person does not pay attention to it. 2-3 weeks after such an injury, a painless tumor grows in one of the halves of the scrotum, which grows slowly. The process can take several years, without pain and without troubles - such dropsy of the testicle is called chronic. It is only after reaching a large hydrocele (up to the size of the baby's head) that you experience difficulty urinating and sexual problems.

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A testicular dropsy can occur as a complication, for example, after a kidney transplant or treatment for varicocele.

Acute (reactive) dropsy of the testicle often manifests against the background of another, more serious disease: inflammation of the epididymis.

Thanks to the experts of African doctor we were able to discover, after many years of research, the best African medicinal plant to help you get rid of testicular hydrocele once and for all without side effects. 

African medicinal plant against testicular hydrocele

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The natural remedy for testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, long-lasting and above all it will save you from having an operation. This is without a doubt the quick fix for curing testicular hydrocele.

Our products are natural and herbal and herbal. So our herbal teas have no side effects, either on the body or on health. Our treatment is therefore not dangerous. So, You will be able to treat testicular hydrocele without operation and without fear of the appearance of side effects.

The use of herbal products to treat testicular hydrocele usually gives excellent results and avoids surgery. Generally, with the exception of too late diagnosis, our natural treatment makes it possible to treat hydrocele easily. It therefore leaves no sequelae. This natural remedy is a natural secret for those who want a cure for the testicular hydrocele without surgery. Hence, the solution is often found in nature! 
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Nature has more to offer than just beauty!!!! We present another wonderful creation of nature at the service of your health.

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Chamomile flowers are delicate flowers with a pleasant aroma of one of the most famous medicinal plants. Chamomile pharmacy is an annual plant with a branched stem and green leaves. Chamomile flowers in yellow and white flowers, harvested in small baskets. Chamomile flowers are known in traditional medicine, as well as in cosmetology. As a medicine, chamomile used Avicenna as a sedative and antiseptic. In ancient times, doctors used a pharmacy chamomile instead of many drugs.


Useful properties of chamomile

The beneficial properties of chamomile are due to the presence of essential oil. Thanks to this oil, the flowers have a pleasant aroma. Chamomile essential oil is obtained by steam distillation.

  • Chamomile is useful for tired and irritated eyes, for this purpose, make lotions of chamomile broth. This procedure restores radiance to the eyes, relaxes the muscles and relieves swelling. For eye diseases, it is also recommended to wash with a weak decoction of chamomile. For a decoction, a teaspoon of dried flowers will be enough; in the resulting broth, a cotton swab is moistened and several drops of decoction are instilled into each eye. This procedure relieves inflammation and fatigue.
  • The oil relieves inflammation after insect bites, sunburn, as well as inflammation caused by rashes. Chamomile is very popular in the manufacture of cosmetics for skin care. Extracts of this plant are added to face and body creams. 
  • Rinsing with a decoction of chamomile flowers will make your hair shiny and well-groomed.
  • Chamomile essential oil is good for pustules, acne and teenage skin problems. The oil is simply essential for dry and inflamed skin. With regular use, the oil whitens the skin and removes blemishes, prolonged use helps with rosacea and allergic reactions.


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In cooking, chamomile flowers are used to prepare an aromatic herbal tea. The drink has a pleasant smell and taste. In order to have a drink, a handful of dried flowers is poured with hot water, but not boiling water, and insisted for 15 minutes. Tea can be brewed in a glass teapot, enjoying not only the drink itself, but also the process of its preparation. If desired, a slice of lemon and a little honey can be added to the drink.

Try this recipe from nibbles§feast


  • 6 bags Tadin Chamomile Honey Tea
  • 4 cups boiling water
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • 1 ½ inch piece fresh ginger, peeled
  • 3 large Bosc pears, peeled, cored and halved
  • vanilla ice cream, to serve
  • red walnuts, chopped to garnish


  1. Place tea bags in a large heat-proof container. Add boiling water, cover and set aside to steep for 5 minutes. Remove tea bags and discard. Add sugar and stir until it dissolves.
  2. Pour tea mixture into a large saucepan. Add ginger. Heat over medium-high heat. Carefully add pears, cut side down and bring to a simmer. Reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer for 18-20 minutes or until pears are tender. Remove ginger. Set aside to cool.
  3. Transfer pears to a serving bowl using a slotted spoon. Pour syrup over pears. Serve with vanilla ice cream and sprinkle with walnuts.


The benefits of chamomile flowers and treatment

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The benefits of chamomile are evident with the external and internal use of funds based on this plant.

  • Chamomile oil is effective for skin damage, it has hemostatic and antiseptic properties. Chamomile disinfects perfectly, there is evidence that during the Great Patriotic War, decoctions of chamomile were used to clean wounds
  • With internal use, chamomile broth has a positive effect on the condition of the patient with gastric diseases, this effect is obtained due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the plant.
  • Women will be interested to know that chamomile normalizes the menstrual cycle. Herbalists advise women to use chamomile decoctions for infertile women.
  • Chamomile flowers are known for their soothing and relaxing effect. Infusion has long been used to fight insomnia
  • Chamomile infusion is used for liver disease, chronic colitis, kidney disease, bladder

Damage to chamomile flowers and contraindications

Chamomile can harm the body with individual intolerance, which is most often manifested by itching and rashes. Pregnant women before taking a decoction of chamomile, it is best to consult your doctor. Excessive use of chamomile can harm the mother and baby. This plant stimulates the production of estrogen, which can lead to premature birth. The norm for an average person is considered to be 2 cups of chamomile tea a day, this sedative drink when consumed in large doses acts in the opposite direction, causing dizziness.


The particularly freshly picked chamomile flowers help to eliminate signs of hydrocele at the start of application.

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The plant should pass through a meat grinder and the resulting suspension should be applied to the swollen testicles. It is enough to carry out such treatment for 20 minutes at a time 3 times a day. The plant's anti-inflammatory and deodorant substances help to get rid of dropsy dropsy in 10 days.

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