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natural remedies and hepatitis disease

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By On 05/03/2020


Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver that occurs under the influence of toxic, autoimmune or infectious processes. The main clinical signs of the disease are feelings of pain and heaviness in the right hypochondrium, a feeling of bitterness and dry mouth, nausea, lack of appetite.

In severe cases, jaundice develops, a rash appears on the skin, the patient loses weight. Complications of hepatitis can be the transition from the disease to a chronic form, cirrhosis, hepatic coma and liver cancer

Here is the best natural remedy to cure hepatitis B and C

Hepatitis remedy

The hepatitis virus is very vicious, it is a tough virus that spreads and duplicates especially in the liver creating disturbances. If you have hepatitis B or C, but find conventional treatments too expensive, ineffective, or you are worried about the side effects of all of these chemical drugs, then this natural treatment is great for you.

Our natural remedy for hepatitis is much more effective than the drugs commonly used to fight hepatitis.

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Causes of hepatitis

The main causes of the development of the disease are:

• Use of untreated water and contaminated products;

• Living in unfavorable conditions;

• Unprotected sex;

• Transfusion of infected blood or use of non-sterile equipment during transfusion and other medical procedures;

• Alcohol abuse

• Uncontrolled consumption of certain drugs;

• Non-compliance with basic hygiene rules and standards;

• Certain autoimmune diseases;

• The use of common hygiene tools in patients with hepatitis (for example, a shaving stick).


Hepatitis symptoms

The clinical picture with different forms of hepatitis can vary. The main clinical signs of the disease are:

• A feeling of bitterness in the mouth;

• Headache, dizziness, general weakness;

• Increase in body temperature;

• Bad breath;

• Yellowing of the skin, mucous membranes, eye proteins;

• Itchy skin;

• Decreased appetite;

• Dyspeptic syndrome (constipation, diarrhea, vomiting);

• Dark color of urine.

If one or more of the above symptoms occur, you should immediately seek medical advice and have an examination. It should be remembered that at an early stage, hepatitis is often asymptomatic, which greatly complicates the diagnosis. In the absence of prompt treatment, hepatitis passes to the chronic stage, which is difficult to treat.


Home and natural remedies for hepatitis

Medicinal plants contain a considerable amount of nutrients which are essential in the fight against various diseases.


1.Carrots for liver disease


A universal remedy for various liver pathologies is freshly squeezed carrot juice. It is a safe and affordable medicine. Vitamin A, present in large quantities in this vegetable, has a beneficial effect on the liver, cleans and restores it. Drinking fresh carrot juice in sufficient doses can naturally improve the liver.



This product contains trace elements important for the liver. Honey helps to eliminate bile, prevents the appearance of inflammatory processes in the liver. Honey has a high beneficial effect in the chronic form of the disease. Before using the product, the level of gastric juice should be considered. So with chronic hepatitis honey, take 1 tablespoon three times during the day 3 hours before a meal.

3.Corn silk

Corn silk

It is an effective plant not only for acute and chronic hepatitis, but also for other organ diseases:

•Liver cirrhosis ;

• Pathology of the gallbladder;

• Cholecystitis, etc.

To prepare a potion, you can use one of the following methods:

• Infusion. Put 1 tablespoon of the chopped plant in boiling water, let it sit for several hours. Take in 30 minutes before meals up to 2-3 tablespoons.

• Decoction. For 0.5 l of water, 1 teaspoon of corn silk will be necessary. Soak in the water bath for about half an hour, let stand for 1 hour. Drink 0.5 tablespoon. In four doses.

The duration of treatment with corn silk is until recovery.

4.Hepatitis juice therapy

Lemon honey

An effective hepatitis drink is lemon juice and honey. To do this, you need the juice of half a lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey. It is useful to take 1 tablespoon. Several times a day, freshly squeezed cabbage juice, carrots. Still in moderation, beet juice can be used - a quarter of a cup.

Herbs for hepatitis

In the treatment of hepatitis, the following herbs have been proven:

• Burdock root.

Burdock root

Very effective tool that allows you to completely get rid of hepatitis in 2-3 months. The root of this plant is used for tumors, cirrhosis of the liver, helps fight cholecystitis, kidney disease and is useful for kidney stones and gallstones.


• Milk thistle.

Milk thistle flower 1296x728

For treatment, the seeds, roots and leaves of the plant are used. For the preparation of broth seeds are excellent. To cook 3 tablespoons. The seeds are poured into a coffee grinder, chopped, pour 0.5 l of boiling water, boil in a double boiler until the infusion is 2 times more, filtered. Take 1 tablespoon before meals. l in three doses. The duration of treatment is one to two months.


Hepatitis prevention

The main methods of disease prevention are:

• Vaccination, which must be carried out;

• Good nutrition, the introduction of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, useful trace elements and vitamins in the diet;

• Respect for hygiene rules (wash your hands before eating, after each street visit, toilets);

• Avoid using the personal hygiene items of others;

• The use of personal protective equipment when working in dangerous industries;

• Standardization of work and rest;

• Regular ventilation of the room, wet cleaning;

• Avoid a sedentary lifestyle - physical activity, hiking;

• Strengthen the body's immune defenses;

• Rapid treatment of somatic diseases;

• Uncontrolled use of drugs, all drugs should be prescribed only by the attending physician;

• Avoid sexual promiscuity with frequent change of partner;

• Give up bad habits (drugs, smoking, alcohol abuse);

• Regular prophylactic examination - this will help identify hidden forms of hepatitis and start timely treatment, which will significantly improve the prognosis and reduce the likelihood of complications.

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