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natural methods to increase the size of the penis

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By On 19/11/2020

Knowing how to make the penis grow naturally is something that may be simpler than we think, in fact, the most difficult thing is to get the right method. It is difficult to find any man who is fully satisfied with his body, especially with his penis. Even those who look good are always looking to improve their physique.

In addition, it is common for men to seek to have the largest penis, with the help of devices and extenders, even if the limb is defined as "normal". And there are several myths and truths surrounding the penis. See some of the most common ones below! Also read till the end to discover the most amazing means to grow your penis naturally. 


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By On 10/03/2020

As paradoxical as it may be, however, the vast majority of men are dissatisfied with the size of their fertile body and are ready to do much to increase it at least a little. Doctors are going to meet such men. Consider real ways and methods of increasing penis size.

So how to increase the size of the penis of 5 cm? Could it be possible?


As of today, the following methods of penis enlargement are available.

  • Herbal method ;
  • surgeries ;
  • using special devices (expanders, vacuum pumps);
  • performing exercises;
  • massage;
  • use of pharmaceutical preparations.

Consider these methods with more details for the increase in size penis.


Penis enlargement

The herbal treatment will enlarge your penis naturally, sustainably, and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). Then trust us! This natural treatment is, therefore, the secret of many men to naturally enlarge their magic wand. It doesn't matter if you have a tiny penis, our natural treatment will make it grow and grow to your desired size. At the end of natural treatment, the length of the penis generally increases by at least 6 centimeters in length and 3 centimeters in circumference. This is why our natural treatment is widely used all over the world to naturally enlarge the penis. Unlike other treatments to enlarge the penis, it works quickly. With your partner, you can finally share moments of very intense pleasures. You will be very satisfied with your sexual performance. Even if you have a "normal" size penis, this treatment will make your penis grow bigger.


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Surgery to increase the size of the penis is included.

  • ligamentum;
  • adipem ideas;
  • transplantation of the muscle tissue.
  • penile prosthesis;
  • injection of hyaluronic acid.

Ligamentum - is a safe way to increase the length of the member at the expense of tearing of the suspensory ligaments, and consequently release the "spare part" penis. Immediately after surgery, the member justifies its size by 1-2 centimeters.

Adipem ideas - it's a pen-based methodology for defining fatty tissue fibers. Fat is then absorbed into other parts of the body, cleansed, and entered into the sexual organ through special needles. This action allows the body to be about 1 centimeter thick. The procedure is absolutely safe but requires regular repetition.

For transplantation of muscle tissue - it is a complex operation consisting of the seizure of muscle ground rags from the abdominal wall or axillary fascia of the sexual member As a result, the volume of the penis increases of 3-4 centimeters in diameter.

penile prosthesis - is a methodology for penile implantation to implant a cartilage tissue or special elastic material. The optimal option, in this case, is to implant the penis with a bouncy mechanism that allows the person to independently handle the assembly.

Enhance penis synthesis by injecting gels and fillers in the fibers shown. In order to achieve a sustainable result, this procedure requires periodic repetition. With the help of hyaluronic acidum acid some centimeters will be added to the length of the penis.


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The main devices that allow the growth without surgery of the penis are :

  • expanders;
  • pumps.

The expander is a device that allows the penis to grow by stretching its tissues. As a result of wearing the expander for a long time, new growth of the cells occurs. By the way, in that case, the penis grows both length and in diameter;

Pump (vacuum pump) - a device that allows achieving a temporary increase in the penis length and diameter. Achieving lasting results is only possible if there is long-term use of the device. The device is simple to use, however, there is a need to apply it properly. Otherwise, there is a high risk of serious injury and complications.


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Although there are tremendous techniques and methods available. Methods without surgery are the most common.

  • Taoist methodology of augmentation;
  • jelq;
  • kegel exercise.

By doing these exercises, every day, men usually get good results.



Medical remediation member includes using the following remedies:

  • creams;
  • oils;
  • hormonal preparations.


Hormones for penile growth - these are primarily growth hormone and testosterone, which are prescribed exclusively by the doctor and can increase the reproductive organ by a few inches under certain conditions. However, when undergoing hormone therapy, it should be remembered that the use of such preparations can lead to the development of severe side effects.


Essential Oil for increasing the size of the penis - it is a natural plant-based remedy that allows increasing the sexual organ's ability to grow bigger. It penetrates deep into the capillaries, improves blood supply to the small pelvic organs, and protrude the penis.

The overwhelming incidence of penis enlargement is made using the following oils:

  • Peppermint;
  • cinnamon;
  • amaranthi;
  • anise.

However, it must be remembered that rapid growth is not possible with the help of patience.


Lubricant - augmentation of the penis - is the external means that allow the body to achieve a short-lasting effect and are divided into the following.

  • short-acting drugs (up to 2 hours);
  • long-term effects of drugs (5 hours);
  • drugs that have ancillary action.

Although most of the methods considered are absolutely safe for health, the decision to increase the bodyweight should be balanced and attentive.


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