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kegel exercise to lengthen the penis


SIMPLE Exercises to enlarge and lengthen the penis at home

By On 12/03/2020

There are a number of exercises to enlarge the penis at home , which you can put yourself into practice and see the results. Be patient ! It is not a matter of two days, but if you do them with a certain periodicity you will see that your penis is gaining millimeters  (and even centimeters ) and how it approaches your ideal size. These are the most recommended exercises :


Penis enlargement

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Methode jelqing

The exercises of the jelqing method or also known as milking , are exercises that serve both to lengthen and to increase the thickness of the penis . It is known as one of the most effective techniques and the only one capable of adding up to 5 centimeters in length and thickness to your penis . It is about increasing the amount of blood inside the penis while increasing the corpora cavernosa, in order to increase the size. These are the steps to perform the jelqing exercise correctly :

  • Lubricant : Before you start lubricate your penis well with a lubricant  (preferably water based).
  • Erection level : You have to have an erection at 50-75%  (you cannot be totally erect). It is necessary for the penis to be a little relaxed so that you can make the blood flow inside each pass of the milking.
  • Grip in the form of OK : The fingers and index of your hand should make the OK sign and hold your penis with this grip.
  • Movement : With a firm and slow pressure begins to make the movement towards the glands . It doesn't have to hurt, but it has to be strong enough to move the blood to the glands .
  • Stop at the glands : Each pass can take between 2-3 seconds if you want to flap the limb (or between 5-10 seconds if you want to work the thickness).
  • Repeat the movement : Repeat the passes until you reach a full session of 20 minutes  (if you do it less time do not get to «accustom the member to the movement of blood).

As if it were an exercise routine to train your  abs , arms ,  legs or buttocks , avoid overtraining . Training more days than necessary or more time than necessary will make your results worse . One of the basic rules of both muscle growth and cell growth is that rest is the period in which cell repair occurs and, therefore, growth  (in short, you have to let the penis rest to grow ). These are some of the variants of the Jelqing exercise :

  • Dry jelqing : Dry or lubricant jelqing  are a little less pleasant. However, some men find it more effective since it is easier to retain blood in the penis when it is dry . In addition, another advantage is that it can be performed more discreetly  (for example under the sheets if you sleep accompanied, which cannot be done with the lubricant).
  • The lateral jelqing : It is fantastic to solve the curvature of the penis , making the movement in the opposite direction to the curvature (in this case it is advisable to have a slightly higher erection level of approximately 75% ).
  • V-jelg : This variant emphasizes the thickness and sides of the penis . It is done by grasping the penis with the index and middle fingers with the palm of the hand facing you (you grab the penis with these two fingers forming a V ).
  • One-hand jelqing: One-hand jelqing is as simple as its name implies. It is done with only one hand , instead of alternating one hand and another (before making each jelg it is advisable to press to the base of the pubis ).

The vacuum pumps do not work alone to enlarge the penis, but they are an ideal tool to have more profit. How? You can use them before and after the jelqings . Before the jelqings to swell the blood penis and prepare it for the exercises and then to bring the penis to its limit  (the corpora cavernosa of the penis will be at its maximum capacity to house blood). A few minutes of vacuum pump after the jelqings will serve to cross your limits and force the penis to grow more .



Exercices de kegel homme

The Kegels were discovered by Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s to help women have a tighter vagina after delivery (to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles or pubococcygeal "PC" muscle ). However, Kegels are not only for women, since any man can perform these exercises . In fact, this muscle is very similar in women and men, and wraps the bone of the tail to the pubic bone creating a kind of hammock composed of muscle tissue.

The Kegel exercises for men are different from any exercise penis enlargement because they are not made with the member in question directly , but and harden directly the muscles of the pelvic floor and can perform them anytime and anywhere place. It's about making rhythmic movements that allow you to contract your pelvic floor muscles .

You can locate these muscles when you urinate by interrupting or slowing the flow of urine (the muscles you use to do so are the ones that you will exercise with these exercises). It is about contracting all those muscles noticing the tension from the penis to the anus , keeping this contraction as long as you can, noticing how the testicles rise a little. This is the right way to do them:

  • Locate the pelvic floor muscles : Finding the PC muscle is easy. The next time you go to urinate, it interrupts or slows the flow of urine . The muscles you use to achieve this is the PC muscle. You should not tense your legs, abdomen or buttocks, but you should focus on moving the pelvic floor upwards  (continue breathing while contracting the pelvic floor).
  • Contract your pelvic floor muscles : When you're ready to perform Kegel exercises, the first thing you'll have to do is contract your pelvic floor muscles .
  • Keep the contraction : Keep the contraction as long as you can . Most men cannot keep a kegel for more than 2 seconds and some will not arrive at all (take mental note of the time you endure).
  • Loosen the contraction and repeat : Loosen the contraction, repeat and do 10 repetitions . Increase the intensity gradually until you can hold each contraction for 10 seconds .

When you perform the exercise correctly you should be able to feel your testicles rise slightly . This may take time for some men, but if you practice this routine regularly you should notice an improvement in the strength of the pelvic floor muscles in 4-6 weeks . Best of all, the Kegel doesn't need you to use your hands or legs, so you can do them anywhere, anytime.


Weight system

penis weight

This technique has its origin in the  African and Asian tribes  which used the traction force in order to modify their body, that is, they used prostheses and weights to lengthen the lips, neck and others . It consists of subjecting changes to the reaction volume of the tissues when they are subjected to a tensile power continuously. In this way it triggers a  cellular multiplication  ( tissue growth ), specifically of the corpora cavernosa, the suspensory ligament and the rest of the tissues in the area.

This  traction applied to the penis  is very similar to  penis extenders  based on the use of a medical device or device, in which a plastic ring is connected to two dynamic metal bars where a plastic support or base is inserted which It contains a silicone rubber where the glans is fastened. The disadvantage of that device is that it is not easy to use, since it is difficult to place it, remove it, adjust it, it does not go easily unnoticed and you cannot use it at any time. These are the 2 types of weights that we recommend :

  • Traditional Weights:  It is a silicone or plastic ring (usually purchased with the glans measure). It contains a ball hanging from the ring , it is usually attached to the ring. It is recommended to choose weights that do not exceed 120 grams  (to avoid any future damage).
  • Magnetic weights:  These are silicone bands which can adapt to any type of penis . It fits with a pair of magnetic beads and a steel ball with weight . It has the facility that you can take with you for several hours and they are not noticed, since they are very discreet.

This device is not only intended to  lengthen your penis,  but also to correct the shape of the penis . If your  penis  is crooked, with this device it can be straightened by having it in use in an approximate time of 6 to 7 months .


Stretching routine

The simple penis stretches are exercises penis enlargement different from the previous ones . It involves stretching the penis in different directions to work the flexibility of the limb . Next, we show you an  exercise routine  that you can perform to exercise your penis and make it grow:

  • Exercise 1 : With your index finger and thumb, take the base of the glans and begin to rub back and forth with moderate pressure  (remember that it is that the blood you are bombing flows better and there is a better influx of oxygen ). This exercise should be done 10 times every 3 minutes having a rest period of 1 minute between round and round .
  • Exercise 2 : Sit down, grab your limb and roll it up with a towel  (pulling the tip of the towel inside out). With this exercise you help the muscles around the penis come loose . Just be careful and do not stretch too much, as you can get hurt. Exert the necessary pressure but do not get to feel any pain or discomfort. Repeat 6 times 2 minutes at a time .
  • Exercise 3 : With this exercise you must be careful and not end up turning it into a masturbation . Take your penis (hold your hand to the trunk safely) and then do slow stretches  (steeply). Make sure the movements are slow but prolonged , using enough lubricant to prevent any type of redness. You can do it 10 times with intervals of 10 seconds and repeat 15 times (then, return it after 30 minutes).
  • Exercise 4 : This exercise is a bit more advanced. With the right hand, grab the penis below the glans and pull it out. The left arm is located under the penis and, when you have already stretched it with the other hand (even with the left hand), hold the wrist of the right arm and push up using the arm movement. Hold it for 20 seconds .

For these exercises you do not need more than your hands, a good lubricant and a towel . In addition, if you are still one of those who says “where there are hairs there are joys”, we recommend that for these exercises at least reduce the voluptuousness to your hair a little , since between the lubricant and the constant practice, you can end up hurt. We have a perfect guide for shaving the genitals .

In addition to these exercises to enlarge and lengthen the male member , there are many more that we will be including gradually, but you should know that the results are not immediate. Be patient, take measures every week so you can measure the evolution and always do everything gently (at no time should you suffer pain or discomfort with these exercises).

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