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i have hepatitis what are the natural solutions i can adopt to cure it


By On 25/02/2020


Viral hepatitis B and hepatitis C are diseases that threaten the well-being of the people, not only in one country but in the whole world. The danger of hepatitis is associated with serious consequences of liver damage that are not compatible with life (cirrhosis and liver cancer), with a catastrophic prevalence and ease of infection.

Modern world medical science provides a quite effective means of combating viral hepatitis, which already made it possible to consider viral hepatitis WITH A CURABLE disease, and with viral hepatitis B, it makes it possible to live long while maintaining a normal quality of life.

These drugs (CHEMICALS) are designed taking into account the mechanisms of action on certain sections of the virus, which blocks the ability for viruses to multiply. Thus, these antiviral drugs not only protect the liver from destruction but also contribute to its recovery, since actively multiplying virus simultaneously destroys this unique ability of the liver to self-regenerate (regenerate).

The effectiveness of these drugs has been proven over years of research on huge numbers of patients in different countries of the world with the participation of prominent scientists. They were preceded by numerous experimental work in laboratories to establish the safety of developed drugs. All these studies were carried out using evidence-based medicine methods, which allow us to precisely state how much the claimed properties of the drug correspond to its real effect. 


Unfortunately, we must admit that modern antiviral drugs have a number of disadvantages: side effects, not a 100% result, they are expensive compared to non-conventional treatments.



Hepatitis herbal remedy

Hepatitis can be a very disturbing disease that affects almost all states of our being (mental, social, and physical). If you are suffering from hepatitis and find conventional medicine too expensive, inefficient and have too many side effects, this is what you need; our herbal treatment for hepatitis.

The conventional drugs bring sides effects such as anemia, loss of appetite, fatigue, impaired concentration, increased heart rate, insomnia, and so on, whereas our herbal treatment gives out the most of its efficiency and without any side effects that could affect your daily activities. Our natural treatment treats the disease to the core and not just reduce symptoms as conventional medicines do. Hepatitis c virus becomes resistant to conventional drugs, this hepatitis herbal treatment has proven very effective over the years.


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Some herbal remedies


In hepatitis herbal treatment, the following herbs have proven themselves as well:


  • Burdock root

Burdock root

A highly effective tool that allows you to completely get rid of hepatitis in 2-3 months. The root of this plant is used for tumors, cirrhosis of the liver helps in the fight against cholecystitis, kidney diseases, and is useful for kidney stones and gallstones.


  • Caucasian hellebore

Hepatitis herbal remedy

Treatment with this plant must begin after a course of basic therapy. This is a poisonous plant that destroys pathogenic fungi, microbes, viruses in the blood, intercellular fluid, lymph, so use it with great caution. To achieve a positive result, the course should be at least a year. Only long-term use allows you to completely recover from infection in the human body. The plant contributes to the normalization of liver activity, restores metabolism. Hellebore infusion is preferably taken before bedtime, as it is at night that it has the most positive result.


  • Shilajit or mumijo

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The tool is used to treat a wide range of diseases with a positive result. Mumiye has a healing, restorative effect on the liver, activates the digestive canal, helps the liver cells to be saturated with oxygen, release carbon dioxide, which leads to the restoration of the respiratory coefficient in the liver and a decrease in blood sugar.


  • Milk thistle 

Milk Thistle Complex 450mg 60 Tablet – Herbologie

For treatment, seeds, roots, and leaves of the plant are used. For the preparation of broth, seeds are excellent. For cooking 3 tbsp. l seeds are poured into a coffee grinder, crushed, pour 0.5 l of boiling water, boil in a water bath until the infusion is 2 times more, filter. Take before meals 1 tbsp. l in three doses. The course of treatment is from one to two months.



Collection of medicinal plants


Hepatitis herbal compounds are a highly effective way to treat pathology. Healing herbal collections restore the function of the body, remove toxins, contribute to the normalization of cell activity.

To prepare the grass collection you will need:

  • tansy ;
  • horsetail ;
  • yarrow ;
  • Sage ;
  • mountaineer ;
  • repeshka ;
  • burdock leaves;
  • St. John's wort (flowers);
  • chamomile (flowers);
  • burdock root;
  • elecampane root;
  • Rosehips .

Take 10 g of each ingredient, mix, steam in 1 liter. boiling water, withstand for 2-3 hours. Drink in three divided doses by half or a third of a glass.


Hepatitis Prevention

Hepatitis B Prevention - Hep

The main methods of disease prevention are :

  • Vaccination, which must be done every 6-10 years;
  • proper nutrition, rejection of fast food and other junk food, the introduction of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in fiber, useful trace elements and vitamins into the diet;
  • Compliance with hygiene rules (washing hands before eating, after each visit to the street, toilet);
  • refusal to use other people's personal hygiene items;
  • The use of personal protective equipment when working in hazardous industries ;
  • normalization of work and rest;
  • refusal to bathe in dirty reservoirs, especially in the presence of cuts and other violations of the integrity of the skin;
  • regular airing of the room, carrying out wet cleaning;
  • refusal of a sedentary lifestyle - physical education, hiking;
  • strengthening the body's immune defenses;
  • timely treatment of somatic diseases;
  • regular rehabilitation of foci of chronic infection in the body;
  • refusal of uncontrolled use of drugs, all drugs should be prescribed only by the attending physician;
  • refusal of promiscuous sex with frequent change of partner;
  • giving up bad habits (drugs, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse);
  • regular prophylactic examination - this will help identify hidden forms of hepatitis and begin timely treatment, which will significantly improve the prognosis and reduce the likelihood of complications.



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