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hydrosalpinx treatment without surgery

Blocked fallopian tube


By On 21/02/2020

Are you suffering from a blocked fallopian tube and looking for a natural remedy? You have come to the right place.                                              ​




Fallopian tubes are two fine tubes on either side of the uterus which carries mature eggs and motile sperms. Whereas, fallopian tube blockage is any obstruction in the tubes that prevents the egg from traveling down the uterus and prevents the sperm from getting to the egg, thus affecting fertilization and therafter pregnancy. In some cases, a tube can be partially blocked allowing the egg to pass through which can lead to fertilization but this can bring about complications like blocked ectopic pregnancy since the fertilized egg might get stuck in the tube.



The power and existence of herbs cannot be ignored, in South Africa native herbs seems to be saving lives and fertility is not an exception. According to research, these herbs have cured several infertility problems around the world, they are very accessible and affordable compared to modern medicine,  more so they have no side effect.
Here is a combination of African finest plants, very effective in unblocking the fallopian tube without having to go through surgery. This herbal tea helps your body to function properly like it was designed to, this treatment last for just two months.

Our natural remedy helps to kill bacteria like yeast, which are often the cause of infertility. It enhances the transportation of spermatozoa and fertilization which will eventually improve fertility. It is also rich in antioxidants, antioxidants are advisable in the treatment of clogged fallopian tubes while taking this treatment our experts will be with you every step of the way to monitor the progress of the treatment and give advice where needed.

Would you like to unclog your blocked fallopian tubes naturally, permanently with no side effects, and get pregnant rapidly? If yes, then you are in the right place!!!

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There are two types of obstruction:

  • organic - adhesions, fluid accumulation, narrowing due to past inflammation, polyps;
  • functional - as a result of hormonal disruptions.




blocked fallopian tube, natural remedy

A blocked fallopian tube rarely causes any symptoms. Most women are not aware they have it until they decide to get pregnant and get disappointed due to infertility. But a blocked fallopian tube due to infection known as hydrosalpinx causes the tube to swell with infected fluid and may cause lower abdominal pain and unusual vaginal discharge.

Also, patients may experience:

  • painful, irregular periods.
  • Soreness during intercourse
  • fever;
  • pelvic pain;

If the tubal lumen is preserved at least partially, with obstruction of the fallopian tubes, you can get pregnant, but there is a risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. Its main symptoms:

  • in the early stages - the absence of menstruation, pulling pains in the lower abdomen;
  • during pregnancy 5-6 weeks - acute abdominal pain due to excessive stretching, and then rupture of the tube, severe bleeding, a significant deterioration up to collapse, and fainting.






The main causes of tubal infertility:

  • Infections: transferred and chronic inflammatory diseases of the organs of the reproductive system - gonorrhea, chlamydia, and other STDs lead to adhesions;
  •  Postoperative: gynecological operations and manipulations - abortion, removal of ovarian neoplasms and others;
  • Endometriosis: This frequent gynecological disease, which is manifested by the presence of small fragments of the endometrium (pieces of the uterine lining) on ​​the fallopian tubes and in the ovaries, or even on other organs, can damage the quality of the tubes or even block them.
  • prolonged wearing of an intrauterine device, its improper installation;
  • tumors, cysts, polyps in the reproductive or neighboring organs that compress the tube from the outside;
  • congenital pathology.




It all starts with a gynecologist's consultation on complaints and anamnesis of diseases and operations. To make a diagnosis, determine the degree of obstruction, carry out:

  • analysis of blood and vaginal discharge;
  • Ultrasound patency of the fallopian tubes (with a contrast medium) to visualize the condition of the tubes, the presence of fluids, adhesions, constrictions in them;
  • hysterosalpingography - a series of x-rays with a contrast fluid with a small time interval between them;
  • laparoscopy is a less traumatic operation that allows you to insert an optical system into the uterus to examine and take tissue samples for analysis.




Modern treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes is carried out through:

  • physiotherapy;
  • medicines - anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, hormonal drugs that relieve inflammation and causes obstruction;
  • Surgery - removal of adhesions during laparoscopic surgery. A salpingectomy is another surgery you can undergo. This operation consists in the removal of a part of the fallopian tube, which is carried out in the case of hydrosalpinx, that is, an accumulation of liquid in the tube itself. The operation is done before attempting an in vitro fertilization.

In the case when treatment of obstruction of the fallopian tubes in women is carried out to overcome infertility, the doctor may recommend IVF. In this case, the embryo is transplanted directly into the uterine cavity, bypassing a complex area. If pathology is not treated, then the main danger is an ectopic pregnancy, which threatens to rupture and remove the tube

  • Rinsing the fallopian tubes (cannulation)
    This is carried out by rinsing the fallopian tubes with a catheter and thus exposed again. This therapy is not possible in cases where the fallopian tubes are completely closed.
    There are, of course, different success rates and risks for each surgery, which you can discuss with your doctor.





First, for this, it is necessary to regularly undergo a gynecologist's examination and timely and adequately treat emerging inflammatory processes, infections of the genital tract, prevent accidental sexual intercourse, avoid abortion.

Also, improve your quality of life by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.


This holistic science provides an effective cure with minimal or no side symptoms. In the problem of clogging of the fallopian tubes and infertility, many homeopathic remedies are effective. Here are some plants you can use:


  • Pulsatilla nigrikans (anemone)  

​​Pulsatilla Pratensis (Puls.) | Homeopathy Plus

It is prescribed for the blockage of the fallopian tubes with menstrual irregularities and mood swings. Pulsatilla 30, taken twice daily for 2–3 months, helps regulate the menstrual cycle and eliminate blockage in the fallopian tubes.


  • Thyroidinum

If along with obstruction you have thyroid abnormalities, lethargy, slowness, or a tendency to gain weight, thyroidin 30 can significantly help you.

  • Natrium Muriaticum

​This drug will help women suffering from recurring headaches (especially those caused by exposure to the sun) and increased cravings for salty and acidic foods. Clo​gging of the fallopian tubes due to delayed menstruation, bloating caused by gas formation, and headaches are the signs of the muriaticum natrium (the same type of patient in the homeopathic classification). Take “Natrium Muriaticum 200” twice daily for 2–3 months.


Homeopathic remedies work better when they are prescribed taking into account the constitution, mental state, and physical well-being; therefore, consult our experts for the best results.


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