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how to increase the penis in a natural way



By On 25/02/2020


Penis size illustration

The size of the penis varies greatly from one man to another, as well as from one country to another, so it is difficult to determine an interval to assess whether the size of the penis can be considered normal.

For this reason, satisfaction with the size of the sexual organ depends mainly on the man himself and the environment where he grows, since for a man an erect penis of 13 cm can be considered normal, while for another it is not. 

However, for men who want to increase their penis size, there are several forms of treatment from tablets to pumps, herbal treatment, exercises and, ultimately, surgery. In any case, you should always consult a urologist before trying any treatment. 

What is the normal size of a penis ?

There is no defined size to consider a normal penis, however, according to a worldwide study, with more than 15 thousand men the average size of the flaccid penis varies between 7 and 11 cm, while the erect penis varies between 12 and 18 cm. 

In many cases, the size of the flaccid penis does not determine the size it will have during the erection and, therefore, many doctors only consider treatment options when the size during the erection does not satisfy the man. 


7 options to increase the size of the penis

The treatment to increase the size of the penis usually begins with the most natural options such as herbal medication, vacuum pumps, chemical medications, stretching devices, and exercises, but when the results are not satisfactory, or the penis size is very small, the urologist can Indicate the performance of surgery.




Penis enlargement

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2. Exercises to do at home

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Exercises are usually the first treatment option since they have no contraindications or cost and can generate some results. Some of the exercises that offer better results are:

  1. Normal stretching: hold the body of the penis, 1 cm below the glands, and then slightly stretch the penis with enough force to feel that it is pulling forward, but without causing pain. Hold this position for 20 to 30 seconds and relax. Then you must repeat the technique by pulling the penis down, up, and then right and left.
  2. Inverted stretching: place the thumbs of both hands 1 cm below the glands and the other fingers under the penis, to support the organ. Then, gently pull the skin back with the thumbs, but without moving the fingers that are down, until you feel that the skin is stretching, but without causing pain. Hold this position for 20 seconds and relax. Finally, repeat these steps 5 to 7 times, resting 5 seconds between each repetition.
  3. Rotary stretching: grab the penis 1 cm below the glands using only the index finger and the thumb of one hand, then lightly pull the penis forward until a slight pressure is felt. Finally, turn the penis in one direction for 10 to 15 seconds and then in the other direction, as if you were circling. Repeat these steps 5 to 10 times, turning 3 times to each side.

Normally, these exercises should be done with the flaccid or semi-rigid penis, but you should avoid doing the exercises with the erect penis, as it can cause damage to the body of the sexual organ.


3. Stretching devices

In addition to the exercises, there are some devices that help lengthen the penis and can be used at home for a few minutes. This type of treatment usually includes a device or weight that is placed at the base of the glands penis and generates pressure on the body of the penis to lengthen it.

Although the results are not immediate, with continuous use, and after a few months it is possible to observe an increase in the penis during the erection, since the body is lengthening and, therefore, can receive more blood.

However, this type of device should only be used after consulting the urologist, as some purchased in online stores, can create excessive force under the penis, resulting in possible injuries that could end up creating difficulties in erection, for example.

  •  Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are an excellent option to increase penis size quickly, however, their effect is short since they work by increasing the amount of blood in the penis during erection at the time they are used. 

So the pumps are indicated for men who pretend to slightly increase the size or thickness for a short period of time or who need help to maintain the erection for longer than normal. 

To use these types of pumps it is very important to read the manufacturer's instructions or consult the urologist, since the use of excessive pressure can cause injuries to the sexual organ.


4. Medicines to increase the size

The medications used to increase penis size are generally the same used to treat problems in the erection of men such as Sildenafil (Viagra), Tadalafil or Vardenafil.

This type of medication increases the amount of blood in the penis and, therefore, in addition to ensuring a more effective and lasting erection, it can also improve the size and thickness of the penis, but only for the duration of the medication's effect.

Although they are relatively safe, before using them, the urologist should be consulted to identify if there are any health problems that may be affected by the use of these medications. It has side effects. 


5. Penis augmentation surgery

The Benefits of Penis Enlargement Surgery – to-hatch

Surgery to increase penis size should be considered the last treatment option since the result is not always as expected and deformities may arise, which end up making an erection difficult.

So this surgery is usually only performed in cases where the penis has a very small size, usually less than 4 cm.


6. Thickening of the penis

This is one of the most recent techniques that helps increase penis circumference by 1 or 2 cm while flaccid, through the injection of hyaluronic acid below the skin of the penis. This procedure can be performed in the doctor's office without surgery, but the result lasts approximately 18 months.

After the procedure, it is advisable to maintain a rest period of 1 month, where you should not have intimate contact.

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