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Erectile Dysfunction, Natural Remedies That Improve Sex Life

By On 19/06/2020

Meaning Of Erectile Dysfunction 

The erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects the male world and shared by many, regardless of age. It can occur both occasionally and habitually. The reasons could be many such as: stress , cardiovascular problems, alcoholism, hypertension, performance anxiety, operations and more ...

But regardless of the problems that could cause this impotence, thanks to studies and research, it has been discovered that, finally, the famous blue tablet, used by many men and boys to help their sex life to make it more serene and free of anxieties, no longer needed! Well, now you can also throw the box containing these pills and rely on completely natural remedies , maintaining not only a fulfilling sex life, but also a healthy life.



Changing lifestyle: we start from the body


Changing lifestyle is the first path that must be taken not only for a healthy life, but also to try not to suffer from this problem anymore and have a satisfying sex life. Starting activities like yoga , for example, could be really helpful in removing all the anxiety and stress accumulated during the day.

But not only that, performing physical exercises increases blood flow; this is also an excellent method not only to chase away stress, but also to manage erection.





Herbal Tea For Erectile Dysfunction 

Male infertility 2

The natural treatment that we offer to permanently cure sexual weakness is essentially composed of natural herbal teas. It is an effective, fast and lasting natural remedy which makes it possible to obtain and maintain an erection for a long time. Its effect is rapid and permanent, you only have to follow the treatment to end your sexual weakness. 



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Erectile dysfunction is already in itself a symptom that can come forward suddenly or gradually, during a period of more or less satisfactory sexual intercourse and can be expressed as a difficulty in achieving an erection during sexual intercourse or as a difficulty maintaining it.




 Some of the predominant causes hidden behind erectile dysfunction are the decrease in sexual desire, disorders related to ejaculation, neurological and hormonal pathologies or even psychological reasons, such as depression, guilt, anxiety and stress. And for each patient it is important to identify what the underlying reason is and how severe the dysfunction is to understand which type of therapeutic strategy is most appropriate.




Other risk factors. 

The first preventive factor - underlines Salonia - is not to grow old that although it is impossible to implement from a biological point of view, it can somehow be obtained by modifying those risk factors such as smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle and diet. There is one physiology study that can give an idea of ​​how much smoking, for example, can affect this problem: a group of boys who had never smoked was confronted with a video that stimulated their sexuality. these had been administered a nicotine gum, the other a placebo gum. The study showed that the consumption of nicotine has important effects, even in the short term, on sexual life, resulting in this specific case a very poor possibility of erection.




Food is our ally

Eating fruits and vegetables for healthier digestion - Half Your Plate

The best advice to be given in cases of impotence is to eat lightly, especially in the evening, so as not to weigh down your stomach. But there are many tips to try to solve the problem; such as eating foods full of bioflavonoids such as spinach, kiwis, blueberries or prefer aphrodisiac foods , such as shellfish, avocado, chili pepper, to help increase sexual desire.

But it is also possible to rely on something else; in fact, herbs can also help to eliminate the problem of erectile dysfunction. There are many in the world, with various characteristics and properties. Some herbs are recommended to promote the right circulation in the body, specifically for the penis; others promote relaxation of the mind; still others help compensate for sex hormones. Some names below: Ginkgo biloba, Pausinystalia yohimbe, Ptychopetalum olacoides.

But not only that, there are many home remedies for everyone, including:

  • Serenoa : its fruits restore balance on the hormonal system, especially male.
  • Maca from the Andes : this plant is rich in vitamins A, C, B, calcium, iron and zinc; it gives many benefits and is also recommended in aphrodisiac diets, in fact it is also called "Peruvian Viagra" thanks to its properties, such as alkaloids and sterols, which work well on male fertility.
  • The Ginseng : Ginseng root, among the many benefits it offers, it is also recommended to stimulate the desire and sexual functions. Daily use is recommended.
  • The Pomegranate : The pomegranate juice is a great ally due to oxidants which make up 40% of this fruit, favoring thus the blood flow.
  • Garlic : Yes, garlic is also among the allies against the problem of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, among all, it is one of the best natural medicines, to help boost blood flow; and it is an excellent aphrodisiac food together with onion.
  • Ginger : ginger not only helps to improve erection, but also stimulates sexual need.
  • Oats : oats, a healthy and nutritious cereal, in addition to being a healthy food for the body, is also a stimulant for an erection thanks to the many proteins it contains.





Erectile dysfunction and natural remedies

There are numerous solutions on the market for erectile dysfunction , but not all of them work in the same way, on the contrary, most prove to be bankrupt and disappointing, ensuring benefits that do not actually stabilize over time. Vigrax , on the contrary, is a natural and organic solution , to be taken twice a day, strictly after the main meal, without the need to take it before sexual intercourse, as happens instead with similar products. Regular intake of Vigrax guarantees the lengthening of the average times of sexual intercourse by at least 30 minutes more, time after time. Precisely for this reason it is recognized as the official natural viagra.
Vigraxit is a natural and organic solution, free of contraindications and side effects , because it consists of 100% natural ingredients , extracted from uncontaminated environments and territories, never chemically treated, which work in synergy and which, specifically, are:

  • the L-Arginine , an amino acid are able to increase the average duration of erection;
  • The ginseng , an extract that in Oriental medicine is best known for its ability to improve and facilitate blood circulation;
  • the Tribulus terrestris , a herb known for its ability to increase testosterone levels in the blood, sexual desire and the ability to complete sexual intercourse;
  • the Erect Proprietary Blend , the only and true essence of Vigrax that stimulates sexual power and performance.






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