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Premature ejaculation


By On 22/04/2020



Premature ejaculation is a problem that affects one in five French people and only 15% of them go to the doctor. This is a topic that many men simply prefer not to discuss and, although it is a sexual disorder that directly affects men, it is a two-person problem. For some, it is a real tragedy, because it can pose a threat to the future of sex life. However, if this medical problem is taken with the importance that must be given, there can be a before and an after.
Of course, factors such as the couple's support and patience play an important role because it is essential that the man does not feel ashamed or frustrated by this problem because it is much more common than it seems. The good news is that there are natural remedies for premature ejaculation that can be made available to everyone. If, in your particular case, you want to know a little more about these non-invasive herbs or infusions to treat premature ejaculation, you have come to the right place.

African medicinal plants

The natural treatment to combat premature ejaculation that we offer is composed of herbal teas. Herbal tea is a natural remedy that contains plants whose active ingredients eliminate the anxiety you feel before and during sex. It is this anxiety that prevents you from controlling ejaculation and therefore from staying in bed longer. So this natural remedy will help you maintain great erections for as long as you want to hold. By using our products, you create a powerful synergy, you can remain calm and in control throughout intercourse, and you will be able to stay in bed naturally for much longer. So, this is the quick fix to permanently end premature ejaculation.


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What is premature ejaculation?

Before going into the solutions a bit, we need to better analyze the problem. It is a premature expulsion of semen which can fluctuate before, during and even after penetration. This happens despite minimal sexual stimulation and makes it difficult to enjoy sex. It is considered to be a primary premature ejaculation when it occurs throughout the patient's sexual life and becomes secondary when it is linked to erectile dysfunction.
It should be noted that the problem is not how quickly a man is unable to have a really satisfying sex, but the loss of control he has over his orgasm.

It's more common than it seems


Premature ejaculation can easily cause the patient to feel ashamed and frustrated, and may give the impression that he cannot satisfy his partner. Although this is a topic that few men want to talk about, it is true that over 40% of the world's population suffers from this problem. If you are in this situation, you will do well by looking for information for yourself.

Over the years, men begin to produce less and less testosterone and estrogen begins to occupy a central place in the body, causing hair loss, lack of sexual desire, bad mood and fatigue, as well as the onset of symptoms. Premature ejaculation.

How can I fix premature ejaculation by myself?


If you feel that you are not quite ready to take medical care, you can control this situation on your own by eating healthy and using non-invasive natural remedies.
It should be noted that taking the reins of your sexuality does not always mean stopping to see a specialist, let alone if it can give you more details about what you actually have and the other natural options you can choose from.
The most dear dream of every man is to have impressive dimensions in his penis. The length and thickness of your male member is an aspect of their life, even if you don't believe it, men devote time and effort to it. So much so that they are ready to undergo the most unusual tests to gain a few more centimeters in the length and thickness of their penis.

Herbs and infusions


For thousands of years, we have used herbs and infusions to treat multiple sexual problems. Countries like India, Japan and China have a much healthier sexual health index than in the West.
As there are thousands of testimonies claiming that the consumption of herbs and infusions brings many benefits to male sexuality, we wanted to bring you the six best natural remedies to resolve premature ejaculation and improve your hormonal level.

1. Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Branch - Free photo on Pixabay
This ancient plant is native to China and, in addition to helping people deal with memory loss problems, it is also a great natural alternative to treat premature ejaculation and reduce the onset of this problem over time. 
You will also need to drink an infusion of this herb before intercourse to relax the muscles in the penile region and to make the circulation of blood around the limb much more powerful. This herb also reduces stress levels and helps maintain an erection for longer.

2. Passionflower 

Passion Flower | WhyUseHerbs.com
In addition to its parallel used to fight depression and anxiety problems, passionflower is a herb that reduces stress levels and increases serotonin levels in the brain, which helps men to benefit more from their sexual relationships. This herb is perfect for boosting concentration during sex. Therefore, worrying about not reaching orgasm very quickly will have no place at the moment.

3. Powerful Valerian

How to Grow and Use the Valerian Plant - Southeast AgNET
Valerian has been used for thousands of years to combat premature ejaculation. Stress and anxiety on your part will always determine the success of the sexual relationship and the possible presence of premature ejaculation. That way, any natural remedy to prevent premature ejaculation is good, that's when valerian comes in.
This plant has one of the most powerful relaxing effects in nature. The best way to consume it is to take it in tablets. However, you can start by trying an infusion just before intercourse so that the usual drowsiness effect of the herb does not affect you.

4. Tila Infusion

Herbal Tea The Infusion - Free photo on Pixabay
The properties of the tila infusion always have positive effects on the control of anxiety and nerves. It has sleep and relaxation properties that help you maintain better control of orgasm. It also decreases the levels of sexual anxiety caused by premature ejaculation.

6. Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng

Ashwagandha: a promising natural cure for thyroid issues
This plant has been used for thousands of years in countries such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine as an aphrodisiac and to help reduce episodes of premature ejaculation, it is also used to fight erectile dysfunction problems and improve sexual performance.


7. Garlic

garlic and premature ejaculation

It has aphrodisiac properties and can help you lengthen your intercourse without ejaculating prematurely. The active ingredients in garlic (anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory) improve blood circulation in your body and also warm it to improve copulation. You can combine garlic with cloves, chew them or fry them, then eat them every morning on an empty stomach.


8. HIGHSEX roots

Manchester's sex toy spend hard to beat - The Mancunion

This root mix is ​​primarily for those who want a strong, long-lasting erection without using chemicals. This is the real "African Viagra". It’s the secret of nature to cure premature ejaculation permanently. It is much more powerful than all the drugs most men use to improve their sexual performance. On top of that, it offers you a great advantage: the roots are not dangerous, and they have no side effects. The effect of these roots is definite.

To conclude

As you can see, there are thousands of natural alternatives that are good for your sexual health without having to put yourself at unnecessary risk, like when you take Viagra. Just work to lose some shame and openly talk to someone you trust about what is happening to you and, of course, look for truthful information about premature ejaculation and the solutions available to you.

By using herbal medicines to improve your problem, you will see how they have a positive impact on your sex life in general.

If you know of more natural remedies that help resolve premature ejaculation, you can share them with us freely through the comments. Your opinion always counts and is valid for helping third parties.


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