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Leaking Urine In Male- Best Natural Treatment

By On 24/06/2020

Dribbling in men

What is Male Urinary Incontinence? | MidWest Urological Group

Difficulty urinating, weakened urinary tract, and dribbling is common problems among men. Dribbling after urination, in particular, is a common complaint. Unfortunately, there are very few men who see a doctor. Out of embarrassment, they accept this problem longer than necessary. The bladder weakness in men is also not an exception.




Let's see dribbling on prostate problems

A (benign) prostate enlargement can also be a cause of dribbling in men. As the enlarged prostate squeezes the urethra. For this reason, the urine cannot be drained properly and the urine can only drain off after urinating. An enlarged prostate can also cause pain when urinating. And in the long run, it leads to incontinence or unwanted urine loss. In some cases, prostate complaints can indicate prostate cancer. Although the symptoms usually appear harmless, they are still a reason to consult a doctor or a specialist in a good time.







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The causes of dribbling 

When urinating, residual urine is in the urethra. The urethra runs from the bladder to the outside of the body. Accordingly, urine can remain in the urethra for various reasons. The urethra may not empty properly because the muscles or nerves around the urethra are inactive.




Other causes of dribbling

In men, dribbling can also be caused by decreased blood flow. The discomfort may also result from surgery on the bladder. Also as a late consequence at a radiation cancer dribbling may occur. In addition, the dribbling may be a result of a congenital anomaly.

Sometimes women also suffer from dribbling. In most cases, however, there is stress incontinence. Stress incontinence or stress incontinence occurs in men and women with weakened pelvic floor muscles. Because the pelvic floor is weakened, the pressure on the bladder cannot be absorbed properly. The discomfort occurs especially during exercise, lifting or stooping, and other physical exertion. Hence the term stress incontinence.





What are the solutions for dribbling?

Prevention is better than cure. It is therefore important to take enough time to visit the toilet. By repeatedly stretching and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles after urination, the urine stays less in the urethra. Other things to keep an eye on to prevent dribbling are proper posture when urinating. In addition, timely access to the toilet, and healthy drinking and eating habits are important.





Foods you should avoid with an overactive bladder

Citrus fruits -

What's the most awesome citrus fruit? - Quora

Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and even pineapples contain substances that can irritate the bladder. Even if a balanced diet is important, older people affected by bladder weakness should avoid these fruits. These citrus fruits have high acidity. This fruit acid can make the bladder weak. Remember that citrus juices also contain this fruit acid. But instead of completely avoiding juices and fruits, simply choose bananas, apples, berries, and pears. These also have a high nutritional value and fiber content. Dietary fiber can also alleviate the symptoms of bladder weakness: they reduce the likelihood of constipation and thus have a beneficial effect on bladder weakness.



Chocolate -

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This is painful for all chocolate lovers. But the caffeine in chocolate is known for its stimulating effects on the bladder. And hot chocolate is not a better - but even the worse - alternative here, because the chocolate is consumed here in liquid form. If you want chocolate, it's best to choose 25–50 grams of really dark chocolate.



Spicy sauces, chili peppers, and wasabi -

Why Does Wasabi Heat Feel Different to Chilli Heat?

If you like to eat spicily but want to get your incontinence under control, you will not like to hear this information: Spicy foods and dishes of all kinds, from nachos to curries, tend to irritate the lining of the bladder and aggravate incontinence. If you don't want to do without your favorite spicy dish altogether, you should at least consider a less spicy variant. You can continue to use herbs, garlic, and other strong spices instead of the sharpening.




Sugar and Honey -

Differences Between Honey And Sugar
It may be new to you, but sweets can have a significant effect on your bladder. While it can be difficult to completely remove sugar from your diet, at least limiting your sugar intake can improve y
our incontinence symptoms. To begin with, you could simply omit the extra spoons of sugar over your breakfast cereals or in your morning coffee. You should also read all the ingredient lists of the foods before buying them. A lot of it contains hidden sugar. In addition, you should know that artificial sweeteners have the same effect on some people.





The amazing natural treatment of dribbling in men

  1. Men often urinate while standing. To prevent dribbling, it is better to sit. Because correct posture can prevent urination. It is also important to take your time. You can also relax while visiting the toilet. Sit upright with your feet flat on the floor and your legs slightly apart. The urethra is completely emptied by wobbling or bending and tensing up the pelvic floor muscles.
  2. Pelvic floor muscles absorb the pressure on the bladder. Therefore, weakened pelvic floor problems with urination, such as dribbling occurs. With regular pelvic floor exercises, complaints can be prevented and cured. A pelvic floor physiotherapist can help you do the exercises properly and give advice on toilet behavior.
  3. Help from a specialist is always a good idea. Talking to a doctor is a relief. Because there are various solutions for post-urination and other urological problems. A general practitioner or pelvic floor physiotherapist can prescribe medication, refer to urology, or give an indication of incontinence material if necessary.





Incontinence material for dribbling

If it is not possible to remedy the symptoms, incontinence material can offer a solution for post-urination. Abena has special incontinence material for men with slight urine loss: Abena-Man. The Abena Man insoles can be worn in normal underwear. They offer protection against post-urination and incontinence. The incontinence material also helps against the unpleasant smells of urine. Because thanks to the fit and soft inside nobody notices anything.




Why can enlarged prostate cause incontinence?

One of the most common reasons for an overactive bladder in men is an enlarged prostate that constricts the urethra. When urethral pressure rises, symptoms such as frequent toilet visits, the urge to urinate at night, or incomplete emptying of the bladder can occur, and enlarged prostate usually occurs with age as it grows. Most of those affected are 50 years or older.




What can you do to prevent dripping when urinating?

Most men experience uncomfortable urination problems and don't talk about them. These were often easy to treat.

If you are one of the men who feel affected by the dribble, it's best to contact your general practitioner. He offers you various solutions, prescribes medication, or transfers you to the urologist to find out more about the causes of dripping. But you can also use some tricks to prevent dripping when urinating :

  • Urinate while sitting: In an upright sitting position, with your legs slightly apart and both feet on the floor, you can relax better on the toilet and take more time to completely empty your bladder.
  • Laying after urination finger on the underside of the urethra and then glide with light pressure to the penis tip high. This triggers the dripping of urine on the toilet and not in your underwear.
  • Prevention is better than aftercare: pelvic floor training can help you strengthen your muscles and control your bladder better. And the prostate can also be strengthened to prevent problems with it.





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