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get rid of adenomyosis with Sabelink

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By On 05/03/2020

Adenomyosis is a disease characterized by overproduction of the endometrium, which causes pain during menstruation and has a high risk of infertility. The symptoms of the disease are not specific, so only one obstetrician-gynecologist can detect the disease after a thorough examination.

Only after the real symptoms of the pathology - hormonal imbalance, inflammatory processes - will the doctor start treatment. Often plant-based phytopreparations become part of the therapeutic system: sabelnik, boron bee, birch, sage. Their use has a positive effect on the woman's hormonal balance and the level of inflammatory reactions.

Nonethless, Here is a mixture of African's best medicinal plant to help you get rid of this disease once and for all.


-African medicinal plants against adenomyosis

If you have adenomyosis and want to avoid the operation, you have come to the right place. Here is a very effective natural remedy to cure adenomyosis permanently. It is specially designed for patients who do not want to have surgery, who want to get pregnant and have a normal pregnancy. This natural herbal treatment for adenomyosis will remove the pain you experience during your period and allow you to live normal cycles. It surpasses conventional treatments that relieve pain, but do not address the root of the problem. How does it work?

Our herbal tea contains plants that reduce estrogen levels in the blood. This helps to block the proliferation and bleeding of adenomyotic lesions. These medicinal plants are rich in antioxidants that inhibit the enzymes that lead to pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. These are nutrients with a high anti-inflammatory dose. This will definitely put an end to the pain you feel during your period. We know that many of you have had adenomyosis treatment or surgery, but the pain came back years later. Don't panic, ladies! With us, no recurrence, no side effects. You will definitely recover from adenomyosis.

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1. Wintergreen

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When the plant uses adenomyosis - wintergreen. This is an infusion. Take 30 grams of dry leaves. This applies to 300 ml of hot water. Hold on to heat or thermos for at least two hours. It is then filtered, the whole infusion is divided into four portions and drunk throughout the day.

2. Red brush root

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You can use the plant - the root of the red brush - to treat the disease. One tablespoon of crushed raw material is poured into 250 ml of hot water. Steam in water bath for 20 minutes. You are ready to take 60 milliliters three times a day. After cooking, you should pause for 30 minutes before eating. We recommend treatment for one month.

3. Borovaya bee 

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It helps to cure adenomyosis of such a herb as a boron bee. Infusions and tinctures alleviate inflammation and pain, stop excessive growth of the endometrium, and normalize the menstrual cycle. We recommend that you drink this tincture from the flowers of the plant. We pour 100 grams of dry raw material into half a liter of vodka. Leave to cook for at least 30 days. Then we filter and squeeze the grass. The finished product is diluted with 25 drops of water in the morning and evening.

Treatment method: 3 weeks - regular tincture intake, one month - break. He then repeats the course. You must also prepare an aqueous extract of boron bee. Cook a tablespoon of crushed dried plants in 260 ml of boiling water. In case of a low fire, let us boil for up to 7 minutes or heat for a few minutes to 10 minutes. After that, we still hold on for an hour. The procedures involved a warm tense infusion before bed.

It gives good results in the treatment of adenomyosis, daily intake of herbs (taken after a meal) and one-sided ramish food (before a meal). To prepare, each decoction must take one tablespoon of raw material to 200 ml of water. Boil the media for 15 minutes in a water bath, filter and apply in three steps as recommended.

4. Sabelink

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Another effective national drug in the fight against adenomyosis is infusion of sabelnik.To obtain the active ingredient, you will need 50 grams of grass, which should be poured into 1 liter of water and set over low heat. The contents are cooked for 10 minutes and after cooling add strain. The medicine you receive is used twice a day at 1 reception per reception. According to many evaluations, the first signs of stabilization can be observed after two weeks of continuous treatment with Sabelnik.
Decoction can be used in the douching process, which speeds up the healing process.

5. Viburnum berry infusion 

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This is an excellent tool in the treatment of the disease Adenomyosis reduced folk treatment remedies to bring back to normal hormonal balance and strengthen the immune system. There are several homeopathic remedies that allow to cure ademiosis in the early stages of development, while strengthening the sick body. The selection of medicines should be performed exclusively homeopathically taking into account the individual characteristics of a person, or they can be applied only badly instead of well.

6. Nettle

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Nettles help to stop heavy bleeding, stimulate metabolism and healing. It needs to be prepared with boiled water at the rate of 1 cup of hot water at 2 tablespoons. l. plant. Drink a quarter cup 4-5 times a day.

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