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How To Get Rid Of Diabetes Naturally

By On 07/07/2020

There are many herbs in nature that regulate metabolic processes, helping diabetics. That is why we can cover part of our daily fluid needs for prevention or as adjunctive therapy with herbal teas that affect them.

Did you know?

Overweight leads to diabetes in two ways

Healthy, but overweight? Here's why you should still worry ...
With obesity, metabolism is impaired and the sensitivity of cells to insulin decreases. Acquired insulin resistance is coming. By the way, at this stage of the destruction of the body, a complete person can fall into a real vicious circle.
A healthy pancreas receives a signal from the cells that they lack glucose and begins to work hard. The release of large doses of insulin causes a feeling of hunger, which makes you eat even more. Because of this, body weight, and with it the insensitivity of cells to insulin, grow by leaps and bounds. And the overloaded pancreas is gradually destroyed.

Atherosclerosis of the vessels arising from obesity also contributes to the destruction of the pancreas. Including those that nourish the pancreas. And she, in turn, loses the ability to produce insulin on time and insufficient


Herbs and diabetes

The drinks can be made from a single plant or mixed with each other, as the creators of tea blend mutually enhance each other's healing properties, but they must be formulated with our individual condition, lifestyle, and symptoms in mind. 




herbal tea for diabetes

The herbal tea for diabetes we propose is made from the perfect combination of African herbs that help reduce sugar level. This herbal tea not only reduces sugar but also helps reduce the risk of cancer development. Hence, this is the best cure for you if you have diabetes. 

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Making tea from herbs

To make tea from herbs boil a beaten tablespoon of herb with 2 dl of water, let it stand covered, then we filter it the roots should be cooked over low heat for 3 minutes tea must not come into contact with metal (also in case of a spoon, filter) digestive teas should not be sweetened

To improve digestion and lower blood sugar, it is always recommended to drink one cup of tea a day 15 minutes after the main meal, with two cups a day above 12 mmol / l.


If you have diabetes, eat cinnamon

Does Cinnamon Help with Weight Loss?

Cinnamon is one of the most popular spices in the world. But it is valuable not only because of its special aroma but also because of its effect on health. In addition to having a great reputation for detoxifying and warming, research has shown that it is also worth consuming in diabetes because it lowers blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity.

It also lowers the amount of "bad" cholesterol, but you should be aware that you may be severely allergic!

Suggested Use: Available in tablet and tincture form.



Dandelion is also used for diabetics

The Dandelion - Blog In2English

It is considered by many to be a weed, but this lush flower is actually a very valuable herb, so it is a pity to eradicate! As a tea and for salads and even syrups, it is an excellent choice, so its use is very wide! Before flowering, its leaves contain twice as much vitamin C as lemons!

Due to the high inulin content of the root, it is a natural sweetener, regulates carbohydrate and sugar metabolism, and does not suddenly raise blood sugar levels.

It has a number of beneficial effects such as stimulating digestion, bile production, easing liver function, lowering cholesterol, and being a great diuretic. Also effective for bloating and upset stomach.

Suggested use: boil 1 teaspoon of its root in 4- dl of water for 4-5 minutes, then filter. Boil 1 tablespoon of the whole plant with 2 dl of water and allow to stand for 15 minutes, then filter. After 4 weeks of consumption, take a 2-week break.



With fenugreek seeds against diabetes

Fenugreek Seeds: 5 Ways to Infuse Health into Your Skin, Hair & Body!

Herbs for diabetes and insulin resistance are also referred to as the Holy Grail, as its main effect is to delay the absorption of sugar, thus reducing blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. However, due to its amino acid content of trigonelline, coumarin, and 4-hydroxyisoleucine, it has also been shown to be effective against the complications of diabetes. A special good side is that the taste/smell is especially pleasant!

Suggested use: Soak 1 teaspoon of seeds in 5 dl of cold water for 5 minutes, then cook for 10 minutes. Due to its astringent effect, its consumption is not recommended for expectant mothers! However, it increases milk production after childbirth. Also available in tablet form.



Blackberry leaves can also help diabetics

Blackberry leaf - Wild Harvested BlackBerry Tea – Tame the Spirit

Although blackberry leaves are best known as an effective herb for rheumatic pains and gout (uric acid lowering), it also picks up the fight against diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels.

It is also effective against pre-diabetic conditions, so it is especially recommended for people with insulin resistance and prediabetes. It can also be consumed by expectant mothers, and can be drunk with diabetes even during pregnancy!

Suggested use: Boil 2 teaspoons with 2 dl of water, let stand for 15 minutes, then filter.

Nettle and diabetes

Amazing vegetables #5 Nettle - LYOFOOD

It contains a lot of vitamins and minerals (iron), so its tea has an invigorating, strengthening effect. It is a popular plant for reducing rheumatic complaints and as a diuretic. It is a constant component not only of cleansing teas but also of tea blends that lower blood sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes can also be dangerous to the heart! Let's see.

Suggested use: Boil 1 tablespoon with 3 dl of water, let stand for 15 minutes, then filter. It is recommended to consume one cup a day. It cannot be used for more than 6 weeks, after which a 6-week break must be inserted!


If you have diabetes do not hesitate to take advantage of this herbal tea for diabetes!!  Click here