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Natural treatment for hepatitis c and hiv


By On 12/11/2020

Hepatitis B and hepatitis C are liver infections caused by a virus. Because these infections can be spread in the same ways as HIV, people with HIV in the United States are often also affected by chronic viral hepatitis. Hence, it is very much possible that you suffer both pathologies at the same time. 

In the case of an HIV infection, it is recommended to also screen for the hepatitis B and C virus because co-infection with these viruses is quite common. The treatment for this type of case is quite delicate and not everyone is eligible for treatment. Hepatitis C reduces the effectiveness of anti-HIV drugs. Treatments for hepatitis C can also increase the toxicity of antiretroviral. With this in mind, Africandoctor offers you its natural treatment against hepatitis C and which will not affect the effectiveness of antiretroviral. In all cases, medical monitoring is compulsory in cases of co-infection.