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african medicinal tea to increase testosterone


By On 16/03/2020

One of the reasons why some men experience low testosterone is due to testicular atrophy. Men who suffer from this pathology experience a decrease in production of the hormone called testosterone as result of reduction in the size of testicles. This hormone is responsible for stress resistance, secondary sexual characteristics, determines muscle and fat mass of the body, resistance to physical and psychological stress, male strength and endurance as the ability to long hard physical work, lack of tearfulness and most importantly sexual activity.

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When the testicles shrink it reduces the function of the hormone and this can lead to infertility, the reason being a decrease in sex drive and performance, poor quality, and low quantity of sperm.





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This natural remedy to increase the size of the testicles contains the best plants in the world to boost your libido, manhood, and testosterone. This herbal tea will also improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. Unlike testicular surgery, which can cause a major inflammatory reaction, which leads to loss of the testicle, our herbal tea has no side effects. This will allow you to safely increase your testicle size without side effects. I assure you that as a male sexual health researcher, our herbal tea to make the testes bigger will work for 95% of men with small testicles. It is indeed very simple to boost your testosterone level, and the benefits are numerous. Increasing your hormones, no matter the age, is doable for everyone.
However, in some men, testicular atrophy is strongly linked to a varicocele. We have a very effective natural remedy to cure varicocele with plants. Once your varicocele is healed, your testicles will resume their normal shape.

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Tribulus Terrestris  (Creeping Tribulus) is a plant that grows in some regions with a temperate and tropical climate. Over the centuries, it has played an important role in traditional medicine. The ancient Greeks used tribulus as a diuretic (it actually exhibits diuretic properties, and this is one of its additional advantages) and a mood-enhancer. In India, tribulus was used as a diuretic and antiseptic, while in China this plant was used as one of the drugs for treating a number of diseases of the liver, kidneys, and cardiovascular system.
Tribulus is incredibly saturated with highly active biological substances such as flavonoids, alkaloids and others. Which of the pharmacologically active metabolites and in what quantities are included in the finished supplement depends on what part of the plant is used for its manufacture, but, as a rule, the highest concentration is observed in the leaves and fruits. In this case, the circumstance under which the plant was grown and harvested plays an important role.

It is curious that in Bulgaria and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula, the tribulus is used mainly as an integral part of drugs to increase libido. 

 IT is an herb that causes an increase in your Luteinizing hormone (LH), which in turn signals YOUR TESTES to produce more testosterone.

Tribulus is one of the most powerful herbs to use to combat testicular atrophy, IF

  • Used in the correct form
  • Combined with other synergistic compounds

The end result of this is more positive anti-aging hormones such as testosterone and also reduces stress hormone. Higher sex drive, libido, more muscle mass, less fat and better mood.

This herb varies from specie to specie, not all species are effective, so you might not get the result you need. In this case, the protodioscin concentration which basically tells you how powerful and active the Tribulus may be depends on

Where in the world it was originally harvested?

When (time of the year)
What part of the plant was used

HENCE, It cures Reproductive system diseases in men such as:

- impotence,
-  decreased libido,
-  infertility (since it takes at least 80 days to form mature spermatozoa, the minimum therapeutic effect is achieved in 80-90 days, i.e. equal to the full cycle of spermatogenesis),



  • This drug is used by the best athletes and bodybuilders in the world. Moreover, many athletes now use anabolics (anabolic steroids) under the protection of the drug.  There are recommendations to use the drug in all cases when steroid hormones are used for a long time. Athletes also use the drug because it has a pronounced diuretic effect, and using it 3 days before the competition allows you to get rid of excess water in the body.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is indicated not only for men, but also for women, especially after 30 years, since it normalizes the production of pituitary follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones, thereby restoring the balance of synthesis of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. Reception of Tribulus Terrestris should be stopped 5 days before the onset of menstruation. After the resumption of menstruation, the drug can be continued. Using the drug during menopause can completely relieve all or almost all of the climacteric syndromes.
  • Diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract (pyelonephritis, renal failure).

It is advisable to combine taking the drug with:
1. DHEA: This significantly enhances the production of testosterone, since DHEA, being the main hormone of youth, improves the functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary system, and in addition, DHEA is a biochemical precursor of testosterone. American sports doctors note that under the combined use of DHEA and Tribulus, bodybuilders not only experience significant muscle growth, but also "the frequency and intensity of erections become simply indecent." The drug Tribulus in combination with DHEA is taken for 6 weeks and rest for 6 weeks;
2. Zinc: Zinc stimulates the pituitary gland to produce luteinizing, stimulating the synthesis of testosterone and follicle-stimulating hormone, stimulating spermatogenesis. Zinc deficiency worsens testosterone production. When treated with chelated zinc supplements in a group of men over 60 years old, their testosterone levels doubled. In addition, a lack of zinc leads to the development of prostate adenoma;
3. Arginine: Arginine (AAKG) enhances the production of nitric oxide, which enhances the effect of TT on erection, libido, and spermatogenesis. In addition, under the action of arginine, the production of growth hormone by the pituitary gland increases, which stimulates muscle growth and potency;
combination with hormones that stimulate ovulation leads to a mutual enhancement of therapeutic effects in infertile women. 


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