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How Three People With HIV Became Virus-Free Without HIV Drugs

Who doesn't know the HIV? The HIV still exists today. This virus causes a deadly disease, namely AIDS ( Acquired Immuno-deficiency Syndrome d) which causes a stir in the world of health. This rogue virus attacks the center of the host's immune system, precisely on T cells (T lymphocytes). Scientists have actually found a drug to control this HIV. However, the cost of buying this drug is very expensive. This natural cure for HIV/Aids is the miracle solution you have been searching for.

Miracle Solution against HIV/AIDS: Jatropha curcas and cassava extracts

Dawabiogroup - Meilleure boutique Phytothérapie de Cotonou

This new treatment is the new game-changer for HIV / AIDS around the world; red jatropha and cassava to the rescue of humanity. This natural cure for HIV/AIDS has proven very effective to many.
Thanks to these plants, in Africa, AIDS no longer seems to be an incurable disease. The experts of herbal medicine from Africa have these plants to be the cure for AIDS. With the help of this miracle solution, you can say goodbye to AIDS. From the first month, you will notice a significant relief marked the gradual disappearance of the most important symptoms. This treatment is the best natural solution if you want to lead a normal life and grow old despite your HIV positive status. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS NATIVE TREATMENT.

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Therefore, nature has provided natural medicine in the form of plants that are provided free of charge.

These 5 Plants Are Believed to Eradicate and treat the HIV Virus (The Latest Research)

What are these plants?

Gandarusa plant Justicia gendarussa )

medical plant: the benefit of medical plant Gandarusa(Justicia ...
Justicia gendarussa

Maybe this plant sounds strange to our ears. However, we often encounter these plants. These plants often grow wild in the forest or are usually kept as hedges and medicinal plants. A Professor from the University of Chicago (UIC), Doel Soejarto found the substance patentivelorin A in plant extracts. Patentivelorin A can inhibit the reverse transcriptase enzyme derived from the HIV virus.

Patentiflorin substance is more effective to prevent reverse transcription ( reverse transcription ) and replication of viral DNA than other HIV drugs sep.erti azidothymidine (AZT).

Soursop Plant ( Annona muricata )

Soursop Fruit Benefits - How To Grow Soursop Trees
Annona muricata

Soursop ( Annona muricata ) is well known as a natural remedy. Soursop leaves have a lot of substances that are very beneficial for the human body, one of which is acetogenin. Acetogenin is an NADH Dehydrogenase Inhibitors that can suppress HIV infection.

Geranium plants

Cranesbill Geranium Live Plant Purple Flowers Perennial Live | Etsy

Geranium plants are included in ornamental plants originating from South Africa. Geranium flowers are often used as insect repellent.

According to research conducted at the German Research Center for Environmental Health, this Geranium flower extract has the ability to prevent the virus from replicating and also plays a role in protecting immune cells and protecting blood cells from HIV infection.

Apart from flowers, Geranium root extract also has the same effect as Geranium flowers

Rat taro plant ( Thyponium flagelliforme )

Taro Leaves: Nutrition, Benefits, and Uses
Thyponium flagelliforme

Taro Tikus ( Thyponium flagelliforme) is a native Indonesian medicinal plant.

This plant apparently contains Ribosome Inactivating Proteins   (RIPs). RIPs are a type of group of plant enzymes that can inhibit (inhibitor) the elongation of polypeptide chains by inactivating ribosomes.

With the ability of these enzymes, it is believed that rat taro plants can prevent the replication of the HIV virus

Sambiloto Plant ( Andrographic paniculata )

The Beauty Of Healthy: The Benefit of Sambiloto ( Bitter) for ...
Andrographis paniculata

This plant is a typical tropical plant that can grow anywhere. Sambiloto leaves contain andrographolide compounds which have a bitter taste. These compounds can actually increase endurance ( immunostimulator) so that the body is protected from the attack of the HIV.



Imperial Whitetail Ambush - Food Plot Seeds - Whitetail Institute

In any plant concoction such as percolated 'tea', there are 30-40,000 compounds, which would take the scientific community twenty years to isolate one particular ingredient if they knew what they were looking for. This plant has the properties necessary to reduce the HIV virus. 



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